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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MISKEBAM   Today at 10:27 am

This is just the short side of what has taken place. I have made the decision to disassociate myself with OOM site. I have made my position clear from day one, that I built this site for a friend, and have tried to maintain the administration of it only, helping the moderators and admins when I can. When you build something through the forums, such as this, you must enter a name and address to register the domain. I never thought a thing of it, when I used my real name and home address, Hold that thought....

There are members out there that will tell you, (when I have noticed) that they registered using their real name or their email address, I would email them and tell them to please select another username for their own security. This site asks only for a username, email and password when you register. It asks other info yes, these are optional, as forumotion is a social platform, such as that used by gamers or people that come together for common interests. I have never pushed for people to use the social information part of this site. I have cautioned members to not detail how much dinar they have either.

I personally do not endorse nor sell anything. I have allowed placements of ads for dinar, and for AJs book, who is a retired lawyer, and business trusts were his expertise when he was working. His book tells how to make sure that your trusts are complete and has no holes with which to fall through. He has done classes for free to the members, so the price of the book, is not much for protecting your money from incomplete trusts. The forums and chat sites cost, and up until October of 2011, I didn’t have ads on any of the sites, I paid for the sites out of my own pocket. I charge a monthly rate for the ads, and am not privy to how much dealers make, by their placement on the site. I do not receive a kickback or percentage of anything.

There is a site that does “reviews” of other sites, and has now put out my name and personal home address, saying member beware of a site that offers advice and services but try so hard to cover their tracks. If I were a business, that was soliciting members for a product or service that I sell, then I could see where this statement would be called for, and if I were in it for this reason. I would have the address to the business and all information pertaining to listed. These are forums and chats, built for members that wish to discuss their common interests. There is no hidden agenda, so to put my personal information and my home address out there is only with malicious intent. I now have to live in fear for the safety of my children.

So, to let everyone know that doesn’t know, why I have these sites, here is a little run down:
After being on several sites throughout my time in the forums, several of us that were tired of the guru speak and the dictator style of some of the leaders of the forums, built a private site, so that our small group could discuss things that we had found in the news articles. This was Bizarre Dinar. I have had that domain registered to me for about 2 years. I use to study the Vietnam Dong… and wanted to be able to discuss the issues there with more people, and at the same time, we had decided to build a forum with which to discuss MORE of these types of things, and we didn’t want DINAR in the title, as we intended to use the site to keep in touch even after the RV that we are all waiting for, so that is where Changesxchange came from. NEWS ONLY, still NO GURU… and NO bashing. (I have since stopped studying the Asian currencies, as time does not allow)

Meantime, I built a site for Bondlady. She was getting slammed at some of the sites she was on for posting NEWS ARTICLES… at these other sites, she had developed a lot of friends that wished to discuss these articles, but she would get banned and unbanned over the whole deal. She and I had developed a friendship, so I offered to build her a site, so that she could post and discuss her articles. She didn’t know how to do this sort of thing, and it was an honor for me to build this for her, so that she could discuss whatever she wanted to without fear of being banned. Although my name is on the domain registration. Its her site, ran the way she wants it. Sambo and I only administrate the back room. Moving people to mod status, and helping with log in issues.

Which brings us to okieoilman. I don’t regret building something for friends, but the time has come for me to part ways with this, as I only built it because Okie is someone that I am friends with, and he was being exploited, taken advantage of and treated badly at the site he was on. I built it because there were plenty of people that had come to love Okie, and were exasperated and appalled at the way he was treated, and it was not for his sharing information. It was for his love of God, Family and Country. The fact that he is very open about some of his beliefs, that some did not agree with. I built the forum and chat for him without his knowledge, and gifted it to him the next day. My intentions were to put admins and mods there to run it. I had my site after all, and I figured this would be all there was to that. I envisioned at the most 5000 members over the full life of the site. I bit more than I could chew here, as there were 5000 within the first 2 weeks.
I have always made my position clear, and always tried to do my part of keeping members grounded. When I am on, and I see that they are upset over something that is said, I try to get them to focus on the news. In the last several months, you will see my postings have become less and less, and mostly they are me posting the news links to my site. Although I have become fond of a lot of the members on OOM… I can not be a part of this anymore.

I am closing the doors of OOM. I will leave the coffee shop open for a time, so that you do not lose contact with members that you have befriended, and I will leave the Holy Land tour, and the prayer link. But as far as being able to obtain any information regarding anything on the dinar, you will have to go anywhere

Here is a list of some places, especially for new people that get directed here. (blog style - montage of daily quotes from all over the net) (blog style - all things guru) (chat & forum; NEWS ONLY - Bondlady and crew pick apart the days articles) (chat & forum; NEWS ONLY – Kaperoni and friends) (blog radio & blog site - chalked full of good info, NO RUMORS, only facts) (blog style – NEWS ONLY)

As for me, I have nothing to hide you can find me at This is a GURU FREE, NEWS ONLY, FACT BASED, BASH FREE site, I will be adding a chat room soon, for my friends that I have made that wish to come there, but only articles with links will be discussed. So if you are looking for rate/date, don’t bother. I have been done with the rumor mill for some time, and I now have a more pressing issue to deal with, and that will involve getting a security system in place for my home, talking with my attorney, and meeting with an agent that I know within the local FBI field office. I love Okie and always will, but I cant do this.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you,


Anonymous said...

what a cry baby pussy and quitter you are. if you actually posted the truth you might of got somewhere.thank god for drake.....

Peepster said...

He should of closed down Okie a long time ago!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Miskebam did try to keep the OOM site real. However, the dictator style did reappear in the form of mods who believed that their beliefs were the only ones to be recognized. The mods would not allow any posts such as what we find here on John's site. Just because one declares themselves a Christian, born again or not, does not mean we put blinders on and refuse to understand the concept that the world is NOT FLAT and that we are indeed living in an incredulous time for our country and the global community.

There is a lot going on across the planet right now and I thank God for John's work and commitment here at Nesara News Blogspot. If OOM had embraced some of the far reaching ideas and information that has surfaced over the past year AND allowed their members to discuss these things openly - then they might not have lost so much of their membership.

Anonymous said...

Will be glad when the mean people will be GONE!

Anonymous said...

I also left OOM for the same reasons stated above. I believe that the site would've still been an awesome site if it supported all points of views but it turned out to be sort of another "christrian" site and in the end thousands of people left.

Again I don't remember the site that so called "reviewed" these guru by name, but John had it posted here for a while. I don't think that anybody such as Mishkebam, Okie...etc. etc.. are bad people with suspicious intentions and for that matter the majority of the gurus aren't either IMO, it's just that the "dinar" theme became such a large and genormous hope for millions of people in need, that it just sort of trickled on down to the gurus in a lot of negative ways. People hoping for relief in sight were hopelessly disappointed over and over by false intel or information...., and while I think that, maybe there is a little bit of "pumping" by very small percentage of some, that the majority of gurus of today are simply bringing a daily dose of HOPE to those unfortunate millions that are suffering daily due to the irresponsibility of our government and their clearly dark intentions.


Anonymous said...

Miskebam; Here is what I would do if I was you.... I would go back to where I bought my domain names from, and I would add privacy to them. It doesn't cost much at all, and it WILL keep your name and address out of the public. Just Hurry up and Do This. You can look up any website through whois and if they didn't PAY for privacy, then it will show their name and address. Don't worry about it, It's not like you did something wrong and people are out to get you, you could move after RV if you want, and that would probably smart for you. Listen to some of the good privacy intel, and good luck to you and God Protect his family and him, in Jesus name I pray.

Anonymous said...

Now, now...Be nice.

Anonymous said...

Why you ask? Because unlike spending in Las Vegas people are not being told in chatrooms and message boards things like there has been an in country RV, or that the UST is in lockdown and then the rates will be released, or that the dinar is live on the bank screens and will be soon trading on forex. By making up these blatant lies people believed and bought more dinar out of desperation in hopes of making their lives better. In some cases people were in the process of losing their homes while they were waiting for this to happen. Investing in currency is one thing. Taking advantage of people by giving them a false sense of hope and making a profit from it is entirely different. If these people are so sure that the RV is going to happen and we would all be millionaires beyond our wildest dreams then why bother to hide your identity? Because they are scamming people that's why!! Don't think for one second that they are not making money from all the ad banners on their site. Why do you think that they call it every friday? It draws more traffic to their site on the weekends. Why would they have a discount code on a dealer ad to purchase bulk of dinar? So that they can keep track of how many people they are referring for commission purposes. These scammers have been calling the RV every week for at least the last two years. So you say that they exception with the dinar is that you have something to show for it. Tell me, what exactly do you have to show for it? You probably purchased it from a dealer at a markup and today you would be lucky to sell it for what you bought it for after all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, April 26, 2012. Okie or not Okie? (With apologies to Will Shakespeare).
A few months ago I interviewed a very informed dinarian who goes by the name of Azrael. His website "People's Dinar is a Joke" served as the inspiration for this blog. In that interview he stated his belief that Okie Oilman had departed from the dinar scene a year ago and that the Okie persona was hijacked more or less by members of the current OOM website. (In his opinion the original Okie was well informed and truly connected but his replacement is clueless.) I don't really follow that site too much so I wasn't sure about his claim, but recently I came across a recording of "Okie" from March of this year (starting at about 40 minutes in) and I am now convinced that Azrael is right. The Okie in this call does not sound like the Okie of 2010. Adding to the mystery is the discovery of a cabal whistleblower named Drake who was recently interviewed by David Wilcock. (About 2 hours 10 minutes into the interview he discusses global settlements and the realignment of world currencies.) This guy has Okie's pronunciation and accent to a T, but sounds younger and a little more sophisticated. Is he the same guy who did the Okie character? Is he Okie's younger brother? Did Okie die? Did the men in black take him away? Somethin' strange goin' on here. I'd like to call upon my readers to go through any old posts or recordings they might have of Okie's and see if the writing style or speaking style changed over the past couple of years. I ask this not because I'm an Okie fan or believer, but because I would like to follow up on any leads to see what trail of fraud I might discover. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.
UPDATE!!! I was just getting ready to post this when I heard that Iraqi Dinar Money, had done a review of Okie Oil Man's site, which prompted the owner of the site to announce that it is closing down. I'm sure we'll have more to say about this later, but right now I just don't have enough to go on.***
Here's Miskebam's post in response: This is just the short side of what has taken place. ....(....) ** ...91 comments.....

Anonymous said...

I left OOM about a month or so ago because of the dictatorship of the site. I am a Christian myself, and find it offensive to continually see someone constantly quoting scripture but turn around and brag about how they are going to apply the "red boot" to any poor soul that questions why the "called" RV hasn't taken place, or posts anything with questions or concerns. I respect Miskebam for her actions.