Monday, April 30, 2012

UFO Spaceship Orbiting the Sun, or a Camera Glitch?

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UFO Spaceship Orbiting the Sun, or a Camera Glitch?
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Date: Monday, 30-Apr-2012 13:59:09

"UFO hunters have spotted a curious object near the sun in a new NASA image. It is, in the words of a blogger for the website Gather, "what looks like a metallic, jointed spaceship with a gigantic extension, perhaps a boom arm, anchored off its lower end." The YouTube video drawing attention to the object has quickly made its way to discussion forums and the tabloid press, and many seasoned UFO believers are calling it a definite "spot."
But does this image, which was taken by a camera on board NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on Tuesday (April 24), really show a spaceship dropping by the sun to harvest some solar energy, as one YouTube commenter suggested?
According to YTuber Atlanticobr's blog participants this is
most probably a Krulian spaceship: " I have recent SOHO images of Krulians doing sun diving missions. They do at least 3 a week."
Solar observers on the other hand argue that this image is an artifact produced by camera's sensor due to cosmic radiation.
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Anonymous said...

I have a 5 inch reflector telescope. The first time I used it I was looking at the easiest space object I could find .. the moon. I was looking at a very bright moon when suddenly something black looked like it raced across the surface. It literally made me jump. I couldn't believe it. What was I seeing ? I focused again until I saw it again and again.

It was a bat that was flying just above the tree tops. It looked like it was circling the moon but it was only 200 feet away. Thru the lens you could not tell that it was a bat.

For those who believe in aliens you are looking at a romulin space craft.