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Message from Montague Keen - April 29, 2012

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Message from Montague Keen - April 29, 2012
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Date: Monday, 30-Apr-2012 00:02:25

Message from Montague Keen - April 29, 2012
My dear Veronica, I am very aware of the depth of pain you are feeling as so many reports of the Great Deception come to you from so many different sources. I know that it is hard to understand how such people have been able to hoodwink so many for so long. The problem is that people only see what they want to see. Unfortunately, the time has come when they have no choice. It is time to see things as they are, not as they would like them to be.
You have been cruelly deceived by the people you had placed your trust in. The Cabal are experts in deception, they have had years of practice. They thought they had covered everything, but they were not able to silence everyone. David Icke, Alex Jones, Gilad Atzmon, Michael Tsarion, and many others; as well as the creators of the web sites which have shown the strength of character to stand up to the abuse and attacks that have been leveled at them, have the courage to reveal the truth. These people have sacrificed their lives to bring you the real truth, to save you from the fate which the Cabal had planned for you.
It is time to find your voice, to come together, TO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. Religions have taken your power also. They forced you to live under their control. You need to understand that they are part of the Cabal. I tell you, you are each responsible for yourself. The Cabal's plans to destroy the lives of so many of you are now in the public domain. Are you going to sit by and do nothing to prevent such atrocities?
The TRUTH must be faced. Believe me, it is better to see it and take action, than to do nothing and see all that you had held dear, destroyed. Time is of the essence. You have no time to waste. Do not waste this precious time on the trivialities that are designed to distract you and so take your minds off the problems you have to deal with. The future of your planet and mankind is in your hands. When you truly take on board that each of you is a powerful Being of Light, and you connect with this, then all will be saved. You - the 99% - have the power; the 1% are nothing without you. It is time to take your power back. Trust your own heart, not your head. Your mind has been tampered with and is under the control of the Cabal. This is the biggest decision you will ever make, so much depends on it. All that you have to lose are the shackles of control that have blighted the lives of mankind for thousands of years because man did nothing to prevent it. You allowed it to happen. To this day, you continue to trust the wrong people. You believe what they say. You still fail to see that they do the exact opposite to what they say. The fairy stories the politicians tell you, are just that - Fairy Stories. Why do you fall for them every time? They have no intention of carrying out these "promises". They all answer to the Cabal, otherwise they would not be in politics.
When John F Kennedy spoke the TRUTH, remember what happened to him! That is the fate in store for anyone who dares to step out of line and demand TRUTH. Think what a very different world it would be today if Kennedy had had his way and the truth had been revealed. He stepped out of line and he paid with his life. He was a man who put his people before himself. He will never be forgotten. The future of mankind and your planet are in your hands. Yes, you - all of you. Are you prepared to do what it takes to rescue them from the dark plans of the Cabal?
The World of Spirit is right beside you and will assist you through the difficult times. Accept that those you had trusted have let you down. Find your own strength. You know you can do it. Together, we will rid the world of the Cabal. There is more than enough of everything in your world to look after all human beings.
I wish I had understood all this when I was on Earth. I was too engrossed in my work to look at what was happening all around me. In Spirit, my dear, one sees everything; nothing can be hidden. In life, it is so easy to get carried away by that which was designed to control and confuse you. Again, I ask that you do not buy into the FEAR that is constantly used to control you, such as the "War on Terror", promoted by the very people who cause the terror. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still. Recognize your enemies. Observe their actions and research their plans.
Your friends are all around you and they are in the same boat as you, so you must all be there for each other. When you come together, irrespective of race or creed, and accept that you are all in this together, then you will succeed. Together, you can have control of your lives, help those in need, and be there for each other as never before. Forget all the enforced divisions that were created to separate you from your fellow beings. Return to the Light from whence you came. Reclaim your planet and become part of the universe again. Experience the LOVE that was tarnished by those who do not choose to know LOVE. Look, with love in your eyes, at all human beings and all creation. Look, once more, with love, at the beautiful planet on which you are privileged to reside.
You chose to be on Earth at this time of great change. You chose to bring about these changes; to restore your planet; to remove the dangerous chemicals that were deliberately used to contaminate it. Nature, and all things NATURAL, will become the order of the day.
I know, my dear, that you dream of a day when all men will live in harmony and peace. That day is drawing near. How soon, is up to all of you. There is no time to waste. Accept that you can do this. It would not have been asked of you, otherwise. Let all that you do, be done with LOVE.
My dear, I know that you are conscious of my love at all times. I am forever your adoring, Monty.
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