Tuesday, April 24, 2012


You have got to see this! IMAX flyover
Be sure and view it full screen with sound on.

After a year of research and preparation, the giant screen film JERUSALEM advanced into production with an unprecedented aerial shoot throughout Israel and the West Bank . Scheduled for worldwide release in 2013, the film will take audiences on a spectacular tour of the Holy Land and the city once believed to lie at the center of the world.



Anonymous said...

America is the NEW JERUSALEM. jer USA lem

Anonymous said...

This film will be the only thing left of Jerusalem in the near future. Many think that the State of Israel is a fulfilment of prophesy of the return of Israel to the promised land. In a way it is, but not in the way most think.

A hundred year ago it was believed that the Jews would have to repent before returning to the old land.

Paul's says in Romans 11:23.
(23) And they also, if they do not continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in; for God is able to graft them in again.

It was originally assumed that the Jews would have to be converted before God would graft them back into this "Tree." But in 1948 when the Jewish state was established apart from their conversion to Jesus Christ, the common theology was changed. Jews became "chosen" even apart from Christ. Many still believed that Jews had to be converted first, but as time has progressed, a new theology began to arise known as Dual Covenant Theology. They seem to have missed Paul's condition: "if they do not continue in their unbelief [they] will be grafted in."

In this theology, Jews were chosen and already saved by virtue of the Old Covenant, as long as they were religious Jews who followed the Law (actually, the Talmud). Christians were saved in a different manner--by grace through faith. This view accommodated "Jewish sensitivities" about the teaching that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation.

The idea that Jerusalem was the mother of the Kingdom was rooted in the belief that the Jews will all be converted at some point. There are many variations of this belief. I was raised in the belief that there would be a great tribulation in which the Jewish state would be invaded by Russia, and all Jews would be killed except for 144,000. Christ would then come at the last minute to save those 144,000 survivors, and when they saw Him coming in the clouds, they would somehow recognize Him as Jesus and be converted. Then those survivors would become the greatest evangelistic missionaries to the world for the rest of The Great Tribulation.

Before this took place, of course, all non-Jewish believers would be "raptured" to heaven.

I was also taught that the fig tree which Jesus cursed would once again come to life as Jesus said in Matt. 24:32.

"Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near."

And so I was taught that this verse was fulfilled in 1948 when the Jewish state ("fig tree") came back to life. In other words, Jesus' curse was only a temporary curse.

What was ignored completely was the fact that Jesus had cursed the fig tree for its lack of fruit, not for its lack of leaves. Matt. 21:19 says,

(19) And seeing a lone fig tree by the road, He came to it, and found nothing on it except leaves only; and He said to it, "No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you." And at once the fig tree withered.

I do believe, even today, that the fig tree came back to life in 1948. I disagree, however, when they try to turn leaves into fruit. Jesus made it clear that this fig tree would not bring forth the fruit that God requires of those who would be part of His Kingdom. Leaves can put on a great show of righteousness, but one cannot eat fig leaves. In fact, fig leaves have been the problem since Adam and Eve. They are a false covering for sin, based on self-justification and man-made excuses.

Now revealing this prophesy is not out of hatred, but because they need to be warned so that they can repent and avoid the disaster that is to come.

In Jeremiah 19, the prophet was told to take some of the elders in Jerusalem to the valley of the son of Hinnom. There he was to smash an old earthen jar in front of them and prophesy that the city of Jerusalem and its people would be broken in the same way.

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Anonymous said...

Jer. 19:10 and 11 says,

10 Then you are to break the jar in the sight of the men who accompany you 11 and say to them, Thus says the Lord of hosts, Just so shall I break this people and this city, even as one breaks a potter's vessel, which cannot again be repaired.

This prophecy was partially fulfilled in Jeremiah's time, when the Babylonian armies came and destroyed the city and many of the people. However, the city was later repaired and rebuilt and its wall completed in the days of Nehemiah (Neh. 6:15). Thus, the prophecy either failed, or else it yet has a future fulfillment.

In order for Jeremiah's prophecy to be fulfilled, the city must be destroyed in such a way that it is impossible for it to be repaired. I believe that it can only happen if destroyed by a nuclear strike. This seems to be what Isaiah describes in Isaiah 29:

1 Woe, O Ariel, Ariel the city where David once camped! Add year to year, observe your feasts on schedule. 2 And I will bring distress to Ariel, and she shall be a city of lamenting and mourning; and she shall be like an Ariel to me.

One cannot understand this unless one realizes that Ariel is a poetic name for Jerusalem, and that Ariel has a double meaning in the Hebrew language. It means “the lion of God,” reflecting its positive side as the city of David, the “lion of the tribe of Judah.”

But Ariel also means “the hearth of God,” that is, a fireplace. This is the sense in which verse 2 is prophesying. The city would become like a fireplace to God. How? The prophet says that God Himself will fight against the city—that is, He will raise up people to fight against the city.

3 And I [God] will camp against you [Jerusalem] encircling you, and I will set siegeworks against you, and I will raise up battle towers against you. 4 Then you shall be brought low. . . 5 But the multitude of your enemies [i.e., Jeusalem's enemies] shall become like fine dust, and the multitude of the ruthless ones like the chaff which blows away; and it shall happen instantly, suddenly.

Most modern prophecy teachers interpret this mean that God will save the Jews in Jerusalem and will destroy the nations coming against Jerusalem. However, keep in mind that God is the one who is fighting Jerusalem (vs. 2 and 3). God is the One leading theforces against Jerusalem. Verse 6 continues,

6 From the Lord of hosts you [Jerusalem] will be punished with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, with whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a consuming fire.

Verses 5 and 6 clearly describe a nuclear explosion. For this reason, the angel's statement about the second bear takes on great significance. The second bear has been empowered to destroy the city of Jerusalem by nuclear war.

The motive of these nations fighting Jerusalem is quite obvious to those who watch the news. Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam, and the Islamic people want it. The Israelis also want it. Neither is willing to give it up or to divide it between them. So it is of interest to continue reading in Isaiah 29, for it provides us with the final outcome.

7 And the multitude of all the nations who wage war against Ariel, even all who wage war against her and her stronghold, and who distress her, shall be like a dream, a vision of the night. 8 And it will be as when a hungry man dreams—and behold, he is eating; but when he awakens, his hunger is not satisfied, or as when a thirsty man dreams—and behold, he is drinking, but w hen he awakens, behold, he is faint, and his thirst is not quenched. Thus the multitude of all the nations shall be, who wage war against Mount Zion.

Most people do not understand this, so let me paraphrase its meaning. Those who fight against Jerusalem are doing so because they want that city as an Islamic holy city. But when the nuclear strike occurs, they will find that NO ONE WILL GET IT.

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Anonymous said...

Their warfare of “liberation” will be like a dream. Their dream is to eat or drink, but when then they will wake up and find that they are still hungry and thirsty. In other words, at the end of the day, they will come up empty handed. This fits perfectly with the prophecy of Jeremiah, who says that the city will be destroyed in such a way that it cannot be repaired again.

Anonymous said...

If America is the 'new Jerusalem,' how come Father God, Yahweh, the Creator doesn't know about this change? When did the Father change His mind? And where is evidence of that change of mind? Best to consult the Father face to face to find out from Him if He has changed His mind? Man has a habit of putting his own interpretations on Scriptures to suit his own end, and surely this does not please the Father. My God is not double minded as is man. He would not establish a thing for eternity and then change His mind! This change is surely NOT to be found in the Scriptures. I wonder what Matt 5:18 implies? And Rev 22:19? 1 Chron 33:4; 2 Chron 6:6; 2 TH 2:3; 1 Ki 11:32; 1 Ki 11:36; 1 Ki 14:21; Ezra 7:30. There are a whole lot more Scriptures to prove the Father's establishment of Jerusalem for eternity - in Israel - and these Scriptures should surely demonstrate that, without a doubt, the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and YESHUA established and calls Jerusalem His home and throne for eternity. To call any other place on this planet, including sinful America of all places, "Jerusalem" is pure heresy. Seek the Lord with all of your hearts for TRUTH and be not deceived. Gal 6:7; Lk 21:8; 2 Tim 3:13; Tit 3:3. I am providing Scripture to back up what I am saying here - not my opinion but the Word of God. May His Name be praised for ever and ever. Amein.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you were taught in error if you believe the 144,000 were JEWISH survivors. Read Revelation where it lists all the 12,000 from the twelve tribes. They are not all from Judah. The key to understanding prophecy and the Bible in its entirety is to know that the Jews and Israel are not the same. The Jews, from the tribe of Judah and Judah only, were only ONE out of the twelve tribes of Israel. Why is that so hard to understand? It isn't. The books of Kings, Chronicles, et al, repeatedly talk about the TWO kingdoms: Israel and Judah. They were separate kingdoms: Israel, the northern kingdom was made up of 10 tribes and Judah, the southern kingdom made up of only Judah with Levi and some of Benjamin thrown in. Only Jews are from the tribe of Judah. If you read about the 144,000 in the book of Revelation it lists all the tribes except Dan, who is to judge. Jews are from JUDAH ONLY....not any other tribe...not Dan, nor Asher, nor Napthali, nor Gad...only Judah. That is an important key to understanding prophecy, etc. Forget the rapture...it's not mentioned anywhere. And who would the anti-christ persecute if all the Christians went missing by way of the rapture? Do your homework!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people may say "how could God allow Jerusalem therefore the temple to be destroyed?". The traditions of men say that the old city of Jerusalem must be the Jerusalem of Bible prophecy, that the old city must be restored and become the Capital of the Kingdom of God at the second coming of Christ. Along with this comes the parallel tradition that the old temple must be rebuilt upon the old site. Many Christians think it will become Jesus' home on earth and the place of an earthly throne. Jews have someone else in mind, of course.

But when we study the history of this and see how the law never prophesied that the glory would remain in any particular place, we are able to lay aside that tradition of men and see that God was preparing a better temple in a better city where He would dwell.

The glory of God was first located at Shiloh (Joshua 18:1) in the tribe of Ephraim. When the priesthood corrupted that place, God delivered the Ark of the Covenant into the hands of the Philistines (1 Sam. 4:11). They also destroyed the town of Shiloh itself and killed many of the priests (Ps. 78:64). The priestly center moved to the town of Nob (1 Sam. 22:11), though the Ark was not there.

Finally, in the reign of David, he conquered Jebus and renamed it according to its original name when built by Shem (Melchizedek), the City of Salem, or Jeru-Salem. He then brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and housed it in a tent called the Tabernacle of David. In this manner, God took the glory away from Ephraim and gave it Judah for a time, as we read in Psalm 78:67, 68,

" (67) Moreover He refused the tabernacle of Joseph and chose not the tribe of Ephraim; (68) But chose the tribe of Judah, the mount Zion which he loved."

David's son, Solomon, later built a temple to house the Ark. But soon Jerusalem and its temple became as corrupted as the priesthood in Shiloh had been. Finally, God raised up Jeremiah to say in 7:11 and 12,

" (11) Is this house, which is called by My name, become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, even I have seen it, saith the Lord. (12) But go ye now unto My place which was in SHILOH, where I set My name at the first, and see what I did to it for the wickedness of My people Israel."

A den of robbers is a hideout for thieves, where they can feel safe in their lawlessness. Jeremiah then compares Jerusalem to Shiloh:

" (14) Therefore will I do unto this house, which is called by My name, wherein ye trust, and unto the place which I gave to you and to your fathers, as I have done to Shiloh. (15) And I will cast you out of My sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim."

When God forsook and destroyed Shiloh, His presence never returned to that city. Instead, it moved to a new place--to Jerusalem. But now, Jeremiah says, God is going to forsake Jerusalem like He did Shiloh--and for the same reasons. In other words, once His glory departed, He would never return to that location again to dwell.

Ezekiel 10 and 11 records his departure as far as the Mount of Olives (Ez. 11:23). One has to go to Acts 1:9-12 to see the final stage of departure where the glory of God (in Christ) departed from the Mount of Olives and returned to heaven. When the glory returned ten days later at Pentecost, it did not come to reside in the temple, but in a better temple. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?

It is not difficult for men to conceive of our bodies being God's temples. It is more difficult, however, for men to fully let go of the idea that God dwells in physical buildings.