Wednesday, April 25, 2012

E.T. Bases off the California Coast!!!

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E.T. Bases off the California Coast!!!
Posted By: Maryhrt
Date: Wednesday, 25-Apr-2012 14:33:42

The E.T. Base is Probably off the Coast of Southern California, (Santa Monica), and Catalina Island. It has been rumoured for many years that in the Trench, off the Coast of Catalina Island, that goes deeper then 6,000 ft below sea level, there is a Secret Navy Base there. There are MANY Sightings of UFOs off the Coast of Southern California!!!
Checkout the History Channel Show, UFO Hunters and their Show about USOs, (UnIdentifiable Submerged Objects) off the Coast of Southern California!!!
History Channel Show
Don't forget the "1942 Battle of Los Angeles", the Disk that should up over Santa Monica that the Military was trying to shoot down and etc.!!!
This is the case that is baffling about Flying Disks and etc.. Because supposedly the German Scientists towards the end of WW2 had created Flying Disks. And were brought to the U.S. after WW2, Which means they figured out Anti-Gravity. And the Flying Disk that William Cooper saw, the Size of an Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific Ocean between Seattle and Pearl Harbor, in 1966, fits a Timeline of the appearances of Flying Disks.
I know store owners in Santa Monica that swear that E.T.s, (looking like Humans), have shown up at their Stores!!! YES, these are Clear thinking and logical people who have told me this!!! And other people have told me that Triangle Shaped UFOs have been seen over their homes and etc.!!!
Preston Dennett Writes alot of Books about the UFO and USO Sightings over Southern California!!!

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Anonymous said...

First of all quit believing whats on tv thats your first mistake. And for the love of god there are no aliens your government is trying to dupe you into believing that. Get it thru your dumb thick skulls already sheeple no alien is coming to save you period. I no were not alone in thus world but none are coming here. If anything we are going to them