Friday, April 27, 2012

Ground breaking discovery on 9/11

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Ed: RealTime JIM STONE – Ground breaking discovery on 9/11
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Date: Friday, 27-Apr-2012 05:41:46

Jim Stone – Freelance Journalist
Ground breaking discovery on 9/11
I have been working with a veteran airline pilot who will soon have his report posted in the guest writer section. He pointed out that the tower 2 plane was a Boeing 737, and believed it was a 737-300. I don’t post anything that is not fully verified and checked, and after spending hours and hours and hours pouring over pictures of different aircraft, have definitely pinned the tower 2 plane as being a 737-800. The picture Popular Mechanics posted – which gave birth to the pod plane theory is a bona fide fake, and I have proof of that also.
This will post tomorrow (after the pilot looks over my new evidence), it’s perfectly understandable why he thought it was a 737-300 because the 800 entered service at the time he retired, which was three years before 9/11 and both planes are VERY similar. I wanted an absolute bullet proof presentation so I really picked this to death, and I am (almost) dead positive the 737 – 800 they flew into the tower was a prototype, which would have solved the identification issues.
Those who read my site know how picky I am about accuracy; I would not be posting this if I was not certain this pilot nailed it, and that I had checked every claim he made to the last degree. It is virtually impossible to bamboozle someone who is going to sit and check facts for days, and now that I have rooted out every last doubt I am ready to go with this.
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Anonymous said...

more bullshit people dont believe this shit dr. judy wood scientist and structural engineer has already proved there was no planes used it was all done by our own government they used what is called a direct energy weapon a hidden technology that could be used for for so many good things was used in a very bad way that day by thedark ones

Anonymous said...

I agree, I really appreciate reading the BS, as it keeps us on our toes and rethinking everything presented. Helps us to analyze what is truth and what is an out right lie.

Anonymous said...

We are a Nation of mouth-breathers and National Enquirer consumers with the attention spans and deductive reasoning powers of gerbils. By design and genetic maipulation. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves in this morass? DOES ANYONE STILL POSSESS A FUCTIONING 'BULLSHIT METER', OR WILL WE CONTINUE TO GRASP AT STINKY STRAWS PLANTED BY THE ALPHABETS AS WE TURN ON EACH OTHER??? What the F-K differwence does it make HOW 'They' pulled off 9/11...the biggest hurdle, eleven years on, is waking up Joe and Melinda Sixpack to the reality that it WAS staged by elements within our own government, with external planning and logistics ny Mossad, for the expressed purpose of creating a Police State that wants you and me to f-k off and DIE, the sooner the better!!!

Anonymous said...

And they say the kids who ride the short bus can´t learn any useful skills.
I´ve read many of Jim´s articles & think he is an ex National enquirer writer.