Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lawmakers Who Abandon Constitution Are Criminals - CONS

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CGI's Infoeditor: Schumer & Lawmakers Who Abandon Constitution Are Criminals - CONS
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Date: Thursday, 26-Apr-2012 01:29:27

It should by now be an understood fact among American Citizens that these so-called lawmakers who do not abide by and uphold The U.S. Constitution are committing non-performance and/or malfeasance of duty while in office. That is, they are not executing their duties according to The U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land.
In this manner they are puporting to be authentic lawful agents of public office while failing to perform their duties, which constitutes fraud, deception, non-performance, and a host of other defects. They are, in effect, CONS as in CRIMINAL CONSPIRITORIAL, substitutes instead of the real thing. They have failed to provide effective border control security and are getting Border Patrol Officers and others killed. They have failed to stand up against the criminal illegal immigrant invasion. Think of them as what they are and do not respect them nor hold them in any esteem. They are junk, as in scum.
Nowhere does it say in their oaths that they should reach outside The United States and begin to develop fanclubs with illegal immigrants and other nations of peoples in order to build up their own constituencies. I am referring specifically to the likes of 'Dirty Harry' Reid, Chuck Schumer, Obama, Billary, David Paterson, Pelosi, 'Jan the Man Napolitano', and the host of other wannabe so-called officals.
This is the only clarification the public needs in order to identify that Schumer and these other bums are CONS, CRIMINAL MALFEASANT SCUM OCCUPYING OFFICE UNDER FALSE PRETEXT OF U.S. OFFICIALS.
Every U.S. official and even military officials who obey The United Nations is a CON. It goes by definition that those who obey foreign powers over a U.S. Congress are CONS. Call them what they are and don't 'join up'.
No More Military Service Obligation


Anonymous said...

These persons were never a party to the constitution because they are all considered corporate citizens/lawyers. The oath that they take isnt to the constitution it is to the Queen of England and her BAR association as well and they hold the title of esquire so no they do not honor an oath to the American people because that would be treason against the queen who gave them their titles. Look at the treaties these people wrote throughout history and you will know that we never won any war of independance we were fooled even then and the victors (the British) decided it was better to make us think we were free and had control of our own affairs here in the U.S.A.Corporation. We are all little corporations so we are considered a dead thing as the word corporation comes from the word corps, we as dead men do not have constitutional rights. That is why we need a lawyer to speak on our behalf in court. Where once we had rights, the corporation regulates those rights under color of law. We have all been fooled, and to be frank with you... all throughout the history of this country the federal government was one big psyop and so none of the representatives we thought we had for the constitution (throughout the history of this nation) were real and once more they all had to know it. So when they took our rights and turned them into an estate trust and then they took trusteeship to our estates and now they use us as a human resource/slaves. Its fuedal law dressed up as the law of the land.
Since we are on the subject... there is no such thing as a license to practice law, but the Bar card lawyers carry gives them permission to use the codicees of their corporate code and statute for the British corporation because those codicees are copywritted. Go ahead ask a Bar lawyer if they can practice private law for the private man or woman and they will tell you no, because its all corporate admiralty law . The law of salvage and we are the assets they treat as salvage in court. All court houses from federal all the way down to your local court houses are traded on the stock market for profit,.. incorporated into districts so it is not in the best interest of the courts to find you innocent of anything and their bar attornies are court officers so they really dont defend the human they defend code and statute. That is where their oath lies. Look up the term person and you will find that it is an office in the state where it resides and you have been enlisted to fill that office and you are made a surety for that office and it also makes you (as the office) subject to corporate code and statute. We really do need to wake up because any corporation needs your permission to contract with you and there has to be a benefit to both sides. Right now being arrested is a benefit you get for being a person, paying taxes is a benefit its not a law for the natural man or woman its law for the office of person and it requires that you give up your natural Man/woman identity and rights for corporate code and statute. So when you ask why the government dosent adhere to the constitution look at your ssi card/death benefit and realise that you are not considered a party to the constitution by reason of your corporate status/death. The supreme law now is... corporate code and statute.

Anonymous said...
The link above will explain the office of person and show you what to look for in your states corporate code and statute as the definition of person is everything in corporate code.
The link above will explain why you must give consent to being subject to corporate code and statute, but the court presumes you are under code and statute because you have an ssi account number and pay taxes on the corporation .
Did you know that over 130 countries have the sin cards , well we call it ssi, S.I.N. stands for social insurance number and ssi is the USA's equivalent.
I think I read in the bible that sin is death... well your ssi card represents your death by corporate status.
To ressurrect I would do a UCC-1 and take my rightful place as the issue of God. Now thats what the Constitution operates for...THE LIVING NATRAL MAN/WOMAN ISSUE OF GOD.
As Paul said in the New Testament "I was alive one time without the law and sin (S.I.N.) came and slew me"
Even if you dont believe in God, if you want adherance to the constitution then you would by neccessity have to know that it says the natural man/woman is the issue of God and as such that makes corporate code and statute a law that we would have to consent to.
Unless a code and statute is enacted into positive law by a constitutional congress then they have to have our consent to even pull us over and give us a ticket or to even take taxes from us. This is what Jesus was letting us know... that Gods yoke was lite and Gods law is?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Under UCC law if a corporations code and statute does not adhere to a nations constitution and if it violates those rights enumerated in our bill of rights then the law is null and void and the corporation would have to contract with you , under your consent and you would have to have full disclosure of the terms in order for the contract/consent to be valid. So in effect we have given the corporation/deadman/beast a mouth with which to speak to our law makers and so they do not have to adhere to the constitution because we gave them permission to manage our trust and estates as dead men/women/little corporations.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that the constitution is an indentured trust, one that has been changed many times without notifying the you, the beneficiaries. This constitution is not the great document that Americans think it is.

It is based on the Philadelphia plan. There was another plan, called the New Jersey plan, which would have given us a constitution similar to that of the Swiss. To this day, the Swiss are a quite free people and enjoy a standard of living that we do not. Gun ownership is widespread there. They have something closer to a confederation. We have something closer to a nationalist socialist state. Corporatism is quite rampant here.

If you would like to read about this, I would recommend Hologram of Liberty by Kenneth Royce.

Anonymous said...

Now I said all that to say this...Jesus claimed to be the Son Of God in other words He was the Issue of God and the scribes/court recorders, pharosees/lawyers and Sadducees/religious interpretors all could not believe he was claiming to be the Son of God and here we are today claiming our rights as the Sons of God and still we are considered crazy when we say in the name of...The One Who taught us how to claim our inheritance as the Sons of God Jesus. He died for teaching that belief even Pontius Pilot knew this law because he said this man has done nothing well what did he mean...

He meant that Jesus had neither broken spiritual law or the law of nature which is what got Jesus into hot water with the Scribes Pharosees and Sadducees because they could not tuch Him with their manmade law! So they enlisted the aid of the procurator through slander of Jesus and still came up short, but that didnt stop them because it was more important to shut Him down than to risk loosing a political and financial system that was profitable to a small class of people while the whole world around them suffered.

Jesus fooled them all because he wasnt guilty of breaking a single spiritual law or natural law and that would include being able to sacrifice himself on the alter and give His blood energy to the truth and that is WE ARE ALL SONS OF GOD all we have to do is ressurrect and take that rightful place. UCC anyone?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for recommending Hologram of Freedom from just what I've read wow. I just knew it. Thank You again.