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Ron Paul on the Banking Institutions

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Ron Paul on the Banking Institutions
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Date: Thursday, 26-Apr-2012 01:50:17

Justice Is Indivisible
Only Ron Paul Is Addressing The 10 Important Issues To Protect The United States Constitution From The Rothschild Banking Cabal!
What Do Ya Want To Do? HUH? What Do Ya Want To Do? Want to sit around and watch the banks shut you down or do you want it the other way around? You Know ~ 1776 ~ This is the EXACT reason We Founded The U.S. To Free Ourselves From The Banking Cabal Of Britain and their backdoor exploitation through Mafia Modus Operandi.
Rothschild’s Philosophy
Ron Paul: Repeal The 1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve: The Hidden Treasonists!
As we trudge through another presidential political season, the media seems to have already declared that the race will be between Mitt Romney and incumbent Barack Obama.This same establishment media appears desperate to identify meaningful differences between the two candidates.Yet they are in lock step on many of the most pressing issues facing America.
Sure they may have minor differences in how to bailout the economy through corporate welfare, or how to fight the war on terror (sic), or have a percentage or two difference in their tax policies; but they still view the status quo as acceptable. Neither candidate proposes any significant changes to transform a dying system that threatens to destroy the nation.
There is one candidate who’s speaking about crucial issues that no others even dare address: Congressman Ron Paul. Paul is still in a competitive race for the GOP nomination despite every attempt by the media to claim otherwise. He has many more delegates than has been admitted and his crowds of enthusiastic supporters dwarf all of the other GOP candidates combined. In fact, it’s increasingly difficult to believe that Romney has actually won any caucus or primaries based on his pathetic crowds.
Ron Paul is the only candidate whose intellectual honesty and consistency offers any hope of genuine solutions. Here are 10 issues that only Ron Paul is brave enough to address and propose solutions for:
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1. End the War on Drugs: This issue is perhaps the most obvious area where Ron Paul clearly has the correct position, while Obama and Romney either have their heads in the sand or deep up the ass of special interests in their advocacy of continuing such a comically failed policy. The war on drugs costs the taxpayers billions of dollars each year with no effect on drug use. The only reasons to maintain such a horrible policy is to prop up those who benefit from the drug war itself. The only sane policy is to end the war on drugs and regulate their distribution and use. Paul also stands alone in calling for the legalization of industrial hemp, which by itself has the potential to save the U.S. economy.
2. Stop Corporate Welfare: From corporate welfare and bailouts to corporate personhood, Ron Paul is the only major candidate to have spoken out against these policies. Obama and Romney both supported the financial bailouts at the expense of taxpayers and continued tax benefits to huge multinational corporations. And Romney infamously said “corporations are human beings”, which Ron Paul quickly rebuked. Anyone who believes Obama or Romney, who both receive foolish sums of corporate campaign contributions, will do anything to reign in crony capitalism is kidding themselves.
3. Bring the Troops Home: Although Obama will likely claim he has brought the Iraq War to a close, in order to score political points, he has only shifted those resources to surrounding locations and remains as militant as ever in the Muslim world by starting new wars without Congress’ approval, while drone bombing several sovereign countries. He and Romney both talk of starting yet another war with Iran who has never even threatened America. Ron Paul is overwhelmingly supported by the troops because he seeks to bring them all home and end American aggression abroad.
4. Reform the Monetary System: The masses have woken up to the fact that the Federal Reserve and their predatory monetary policy is at the root of most economic problems. Ron Paul is not just the only candidate that is speaking about this, he’s likely the only politician in America that understands it. Debt-based money issued by an unaccountable private entity must end. Until we change to a fair and sound approach to currency, America will maintain its collision course to economic ruin. Ron Paul is the most qualified candidate to navigate the economy through transitioning from the ‘end stages’ of the Federal Reserve system to something better.
5. Restore Individual Liberty: Civil libertarians are appalled at the Obama presidency. Just when they thought it couldn’t get worse than under Bush, American citizens can now be assassinated without due process, jailed indefinitely without charges, must submit to a TSA full-body groping for the right to travel, have all their communications wiretapped, and can even be strip searched for minor infractions or the speculation of an infraction. Since Romney supports all of these measures and more, Ron Paul, again, is the only national candidate seeking to reverse these grotesque violations of our rights.
6. Stop Foreign Aid: Foreign aid, funded by our tax dollars, has been sold as a humanitarian policy. Yet, instance after instance, it has proven to be nothing more than a tool of imperial colonialism and corporate welfare. For example, AIDS medicine and vaccines for the Third World serve to fatten the pockets of Big Pharma more than they help the people who receive them. And military aid is always accompanied by a security agreement to protect American (corporate) interests, while the bulk of the “aid” is immediately funneled back to U.S. weapons manufacturers. It’s time to end the madness, and Ron Paul is the only one demanding we do just that.
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7. Repeal the PATRIOT Act & NDAA: The PATRIOT Act, which Obama railed against during his 2008 campaign, was renewed for a full 4 years by his robo-signature. Essentially, the PATRIOT Act laid the groundwork for the 2012 NDAA which openly declares war on the American people as part of the “war on terror”. These bills remove basic civil liberties and constitutional rights making them unlawful acts. Ron Paul has promised to repeal them by Executive Order as soon as he’s in office.
8. Health Freedom: In America, you can eat GMO foods, MSG, gulp fluoride-laced water, smoke cigarettes, take Oxycontin, and drink all the alcohol you want; but don’t even think about drinking raw milk or using the healing properties of medical marijuana. Literally, no other politician in the entire country addresses the hypocrisy involved in limiting our health freedoms. Besides calling for the legalization of raw milk sales and legalization of marijuana, Paul also advocates deregulating natural health practitioners to expand healthcare choices for all Americans.
9. End the Income Tax: It’s still controversial to refer to the income tax as unconstitutional. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that it is. The personal income tax is stealing from the labor of individuals. It’s modern-day slavery. Interestingly, the income tax wasn’t necessary in America until the Federal Reserve took over the monetary system in 1913 and debt-based money was issued. For all the naysayers about this issue, when we reform the monetary system, end the useless wars and other unproductive spending, the income tax will simply not be needed. Clearly, no other candidate would be so bold as to suggest ending the IRS while also having a sound philosophy and plan to actually make it work.
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10. Increase Economic Competition: The current economy along with the government and its regulators are wholly run my mega-cartels. No genuine competition exists anymore. In other words, the free market is dead and has been for a long time. Paul’s advocacy of free-market economics is perhaps the most misunderstood of all his policies mainly because people view the economic tyranny we have today as the result of so-called “free markets”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Government regulators from the FDA to the EPA are run by mega-corporations who use regulations to prevent competitors from entering the marketplace. It’s a scam to believe these agencies are looking out for the best interest of Americans. It’s time to give small entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete once again; the bloated corporations wouldn’t stand a chance against free competition. Ultimately, this issue is consistent with Paul’s profound message of freedom. It must be applied to all aspects of our society, including the economy.
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