Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Outlaws All Protests In U.S. Ahead Of Historic Banking Collapse

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Sorcha Faal: Obama Outlaws All Protests In U.S. Ahead Of Historic Banking Collapse
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Date: Thursday, 26-Apr-2012 09:57:55


A chilling Ministry of Finance report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama Regime has begun instituting what can only be described as one of the most brutal assaults of human rights and freedoms after it effectively banned all protests against the US government under penalty of the offender being sentenced to 10 years in the American Gulag.
The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is a federal ministry, responsible for general financial policy and for general management in the field of finance of the Russian Federation, and the American Gulag is the name given to the US prison system that holds an unprecedented 2.3 million human beings of whom “…more than 100,000 work in federal and state prison industry programs. This doesn't mean the usual cooking, cleaning and peeling potatoes, but work that produces products for sale -- about $2.4 billion dollars annually and has its own trade shows. UNICOR, the trade name of the government-owned Federal Prison Industries”, creating what is, in fact, the largest slavery system established in modern times by a Western nation.
The specific law signed by Obama, on 8 March, referred to in this report that has raised serious concern among Russian human rights officials is H.R. 347 that passed both houses of the US Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) and was not reported on by any American mainstream media organ being, instead, first reported on by the Russia Today News Service in their 29 February report titled “Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal.”
One of the few American writers commenting on this frightening new law, Jeanine Molloff, recently wrote in the Huffington Post, “… this bill, better known to those in the DC beltway as the 'Trespass Bill' -- potentially makes peaceable protest anywhere in the U.S. a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.”
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Anonymous said...

If this is true, it means nothing. It is unenforceable. Imagine this .. have another millionman march on DC and bring that protest right to that socialist's face .. what are they going to do ? Nothing.

Dan said...

Obama claims he is Dictator, yet he doesn't know he is the pawn for the Bilderberg group!
Maybe next he will make an Executive Order, retroactively, for anyone that voted for Ron Paul will be arrested and charged with a Felony as it will be found out that Ron Paul committed Fraud converting from Libertarian to Republican, and YOU are an accessory!
Where is their proof that you voted for Ron Paul?
The Diebold voting machines have the proof, didn't you know that?
Now as an inmate the government has YOU as a SLAVE, Guaranteed!

Unknown said...

Where is Mr. Hitler when we need him most>

Anonymous said...

O you may think your the king of this world but pride comes before the fall and your kingdom is about to collapse. Luke: 16 to 20. The master told a parable. saying, The land of the rich man was fertile and yielded plentifully. And he considered and debated within himself, What shall I do? I have no place in which to gather together my harvest. And he said, I will do this: I will pull down my storehouses and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain produce and my goods. And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have many good things laid up, enough for many years. Take your ease; eat, drink, and enjoy yourself merrily. But God said to him, You fool! This very night the messengers of God will demand your soul of you; and all the things that you have prepared, whose will they be?

Anonymous said...

I see that you don't approve critical comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

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