Monday, May 7, 2012

Mass Arrests – New information with Bill Wood and Eva Moore 5-6-12… MP3s

Mass Arrests – New information with Bill Wood and Eva Moore 5-6-12… MP3s

Posted on May 6, 2012
Now… the MP3s. Here’s what’s been done: converted each of the videos, boosted the volume of each, leveled out the volumes a bit, then saved in three different ways:
1) as set of six 15-minute parts (just like the videos)
2) as set of three 30-minute parts, and
3) as the complete show (123 min., 14 MB)
(I’ve also provided links to all the videos, below the mp3s).
These are already configured for use on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iAnythingYouHave, mp3 player. So here we go…
MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download)
SIX PARTS, 15 min. each (2.6 MB) (as in the videos)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
THREE PARTS, 30 min. each (5 MB)
Part 1+2
Part 3+4
Part 5+6
COMPLETE SHOW (123 min., 14 MB)


Anonymous said...

This guy is pro Obama.. Obama is the worst puppet yet! This is dis info, or blind ignorance to the truth of Obama working with and for the NWO. Tell him to watch The Obama Deception and then make another audio clip.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know John, Freedom Reigns has dis-associated themselves from Bill Wood and Eva Moore because of these videos. They are saying he's not trustworthy and a disinfo agent. Anyone that can say (with a straight face) that Obama is one of the "good guys" is either on drugs or nuts IMO. Obviously Drake & Deatra agree.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to give credit to Kauilapele's Blog...

Anonymous said...

Obama on the good side? Give me a break!Talk about disinfo!

Anonymous said...

...part1/3...Dr. Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. 5-7-12… “Is the real Obama about to stand up?”Posted on May 7, 2012.Kauilapele says:This article by Dr. Ann Keilkamp came out today, and I was drawn to post it here. It’s a written overview of yester-day’s Bill Wood and Eva Lee YouTube message (see also MP3s post here/link/. I felt this was well put together, and summarizes many of the key points in Bill and Eva’s presentation.
[Just a note, Bill's last name is spelled "Brockbrader"] ——————--------- Is the real Obama about to stand up? by 9:26 am, May 7, 2012, Ann Kreilkamp, says:Please watch or listen to this series of videos that I found at [] at 3:30 A.M this morning:Mass arrests — New Information with Bill Wood and Eva Moore.If Bill Brockbader (aka Wood) is right, then President Obama has been with us all along, and has had to pretend not to be, in order to get the information required to build the massive and complex enterprise necessary to take down the cabal, starting with Keener’s liens against the Fed, and the coming mass arrests. If Brockbader is right, then NDAA and other presidential signing orders, including the most recent, returning the U.S. to International Law, are all to prepare the way legally..... for these mass arrests. If Brockbader is right, then Obama had no idea, when he entered the presidency, that it would take so long, to bring “hope” to America and the peoples of the world, and so has had to withstand not only the continuous pushback of both houses of Congress, but the vilification of most of those who “believed” in him, as well as the massive p.r. cabal campaign to discredit him, through hired internet nay-sayers and owned-and-operated mainstream media. If Brockbader is right, and all of this is information new to him as well, then the first signal Obama sent to the cabal of his intentions ... was the sex scandal of the Secret Service in Columbia, that was used to eliminate some of them from “protecting” him, since they were part of the problem. “Sex scandal,” is of course, a sure-fire cover story, that the American people can understand and get behind. If Brockbader is right, then the next signals will be given at the NATO and G8 meetings, this month. If Brockbader is right, then Mathew and Salusa, other channeled messengers, and Steve Beckow, have been right all along: Obama is a good guy, and protected from harm, by powers beyond what the cabal can muster up. //
Please listen or watch this entire series, and if you find Brockbader as compelling as I do, then spread the word. Quickly. When the mass arrests begin, it will be crucial that enough of us know what their real meaning is, to offset the massive disinfo campaign that will follow, screaming that it is the NWO descending..... and therefore we should grab our guns and run into the streets. Listen up! The military and police will be helping to keep the peace, as this massive historic undertaking to cleanse this planet and civilization of what has just about destroyed it, is initiated.The plan is for utilities to remain connected and on. Distribu-tion lines will be protected, though there may be some temporary stoppage.Important to have food, water, toilet paper, etc., full gas tanks, and extra food and water for others, who will need it, if possible.

Anonymous said...

...part2...If Brockbader is right, then within a day or two, TV will be returned to real journa-lism, and massive education will begin, of the real history of the U.S. and the world, inclu-ding 9/11, the Kennedy and other assassinations, etc. The public is bound to go into shock, as its thoroughly brainwashed world-view,is dis-mantled.We need to be prepared to stand up and speak the truth to naysayers; prepared to stay centered, and in equanimity, so that we can help hold the frequency field of love, that we have been training for, and that we triggered for good,on May 5, with the global meditation on the Super Full Moon.The entire operation, according to Brockbader and Drake, during which banks will be closed,....will take the financial system down to zero,and start it up again under a com-pletely new basis,of equity,...rather than debt. The bad guys will have been defeated and the human race, freed. This global operation appears to “get the green light” some time this month? Not sure about that. It seems so. Or June.
I listened to most of Drake’s new message as well, and then went back to sleep. Drake, when asked about Obama’s intentions,said, cryptically ,“he might be a switcheroo” — and I have no idea what that meant. He did not elaborate. I don’t think he has the info ...that has just come through Brockbader. When asked whether we have the technology to clean up Fukushima, Drake said that yes, we do. “It comes with one word, ‘Dis-closure.’” (Of ETs.) Another revelation sure to put many people into shock and awe, given nearly 70 years of constant subliminal cultural condi-tioning to view ETs/EDs as... “alien.” Of inte-rest to me in this context,VeteransToday editor Gordon Duff ‘s recent piece,in which he wondered whether Obama was a white hat posing as a black hat, in order to take down the cabal.His indi-cator was the recent signing, that returned the U.S. to international law: (Obama rejoins ICC — US no longer rogue state).****says Ann K.**** ****from:**************...............
An (Amazing) Lesson in Galactic History… from Tolec… “ContractualAgreements Between The Draco- Hydra Reptilians and Dark Agenda Groups [on Earth]“… (or, “How’d They Ever Keep those Pesky Humans in Line?”) Posted on May 7, 2012. At some point, a question arose in my mind about how exactly did the Reptilians work with the “Dark Ones” here on Earth? Now, it’s not like my life (as it is now) really depends on knowing this, but the question came up, and, there it was. So I asked Tolec for a response from the Andromeda Council he responds to. My question to Tolec was: “Have you ever received specific information about how the Draco-Hydra reptilians influenced/worked with those of the “dark agenda” groups (Illuminati, Masons, etc.) here on Earth?” Below is his response......(says Kauilapele)

Anonymous said...

....part3...The answers he received are quite detailed, and pretty amazing (in my mind). Considering what he found out,I can understand why some who work with the “dark ones”, might really want to get out. Thank you Tolec… ((Tolec: ))
———————————————Tolec says: To your question: “Have you ever received specific information about how theDraco-Hydra reptilians influenced /worked with those of the “dark agenda” groups (Cabal,Illuminati,Powers that Be, Masons,etc.) here on Earth? Was it via telepathic mind con-trol, or perhaps via establishing an energetic “atmosphere” around the world or in certain regions, so that groups like those, would tend to flourish? Here is the complete answer with some extensive explanations from the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere.To be very honest,I was astounded at the depth of his answer.Here’swhat I learned:TheDraco-Hydra
reptilians made certain contractual agreements with the dark agenda groups, in exchange for their control of humanity for slavery,and food. The contractual agreements between the Draco-Hydra Reptilians and dark agenda groups,are as followed [follows]:1.) They allowed the dark agenda groups and their families to thrive and live out their days as important power players, within their own secret coded groups...(...)
....(...) The various dark agenda groups of humans, are now fighting among themselves for the role of what you on Earth would call ‘top dog’ position.They do have some technology that can control humanity, but as humans,they do not have the powerful telepathic mind control,that reptilians do. Dark agenda groups know that their lives are being cut short,by the lack of assistance from the powerful reptilians. They are scrambling for some sense of control. And, they are scattered on the Earth in smaller groups.They still think that they can maintain the secrecy of their coded groups. But, they will not be able to maintain their secrecy forever. The people you describe as “whistle-blowers” are slowly coming out of these dark agenda groups, risking their own lives,to expose the real truth behind the veils of ancient secrecy. Since the dark agenda members, do not have the capacity to eliminate the whistle-blowers, they are slowly losing their control over their secret codes, that have been kept for centuries.The dark agenda groups are now being exposed to the world. note:Many dark agenda group members do not know that they have been lied to, throughout the centuries. They eroneously believed that they were doing a service to humanity, while they kept their coded secrets quiet.When the Truth comes to light,the dark agenda members will be surprised to learn that what they succumbed to, for so xxcenturies, was simply that of being servants to malevolent ‘gods’, so to speak. Keep in mind these are not “gods”. These reptilians are simply only lower vibration,4th dimensional beings – with different natural capabilities & greater technical knowledge,than us people of Earth. They ARE NOT “gods”.

Cecily said...

I sympathize with Bill in accepting an assignment to tell Americans that Barack is on the "good" side. However...this country will NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) accept Obama in ANY leadership role after:

1) what he and his 40 dual-citizen Israeli Zionist czars have done to the country -- DEGRADED education, pushed homosexuality in schools, DOE & Cass Sunstein's chuminess with BP which literally POISONED the Gulf of Mexico, its people, and its seafood industry.

2) his Zionist cabinet led by Rahm

3) his cabinet members Hillary & Holder running Fast & Furious, with a COMPLETE FAILURE on foreign policy

4) his FBI and DOJ failing to arrest even ONE bank or Foreclosure Fraud thief,

5) his FBI spending billions of Cointelpro money setting people "up" to show the world we have "homegrown terrorists. The FBI has become a laughinstock with the 311 million Americans. We want our tax dollars BACK for this OUTRAGE.

6) his Homeland Insecurity, its BLATANT FAILURE to control the border, its direct contravention to voters saying "close the border", its failure to prosecute illegals, its TSA rapists, its SUING STATES (along with HOLDER). The whole department should be leveled, as the NAZIS they are.

7) his DHS and FEMA "interference" with the cities' occupy movements across the country, its ILLEGAL instructions to mayors and city police departments who get jollies by bashing peoples heads in. A simple "STOP" by Obama would have halted all the police brutality, but he never lifted a finger, and STILL hasn't! These jack-booted thugs all over the country were TRAINED by the Israeli jack-booted thugs.

8) Obama's many dual-citizen Israeli Zionist appointments to virtually EVERY federal agency, to include putting Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court (in return for defending all his birth certificate lawsuits),

9) ObamaCare which he "pushed" over and over, and blatantly LIED about its contents, along with the fact that Americans could "keep" their's been proven ANOTHER one of his LIES. Companies are dumping their employees on the federal plan, EXACTLY as Obama & Company planned.

10) 100 million working age American out of work

11) a falling-down infrastructure, while Barack sent TRILLIONS out of the country -- i.e., $1 Billion to Pakistan for "global warming".

12) SPENT us into oblivion $5 TRILLION so far.....
Five new embassies in the mid-east costing over $1 BILLION each, not to mention the staffing, vehicles, security -- all money going OUT of the U.S.

13) Diverted taxpayer money to FAILING green companies, when there are plenty of successful companies doing solar.

14) Bailouts and money-printing continue unabated, with the FED using those out-of-thin-air dollars to purchase govt bonds, adding debt at an increasing speed.

15) Signed extention of the UNPatriot Act (created by Zionist Chertoff), signed the NDAA Indefinite Detention for Americans (created by more Congressional zionists), the 30,000 drones in American skies Act (created by Zionist Sen Levin and his brother in the House), the Ex-patriation Act for "daring" to speak out about the government, the new act confiscating whatever the govt damn well pleases -- food, companies, whatever.

Cecily said...

16) Continuing these genocidal wars and Depleted Uranium contamination of entire countries and our soldiers, after campaigning to STOP them. HALF the budget continues to flow to the WASTEFUL MILITARY, which hires millions of murdering mercenaries, and conducts "secret" JSOC wars in 120 countries, bursting down the doors of families all over the world every night (in the name of the American people, no less).

17) War on Libya, Syria, Egypt and other mid-east countries at the behest of Israel and under "cover" of the UN.

18) Failure to pursue war crimes against the Bush administration and the Mossad "caught" in mural vans on a Washington bridge on 911 and in the "Dancing Iraeli" incident.

19) Continues to fund $18B in arms and $3B foreign aid to ISRAEL annually. They use it to bribe congress. In addition, our illustrious Pentagon generals order brank new airplane engines and parts and SALVAGE them to give to Israel. TAXPAYERS ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!

20) His and Michelle's incessant exotic and expensive vacations on the taxpayer dime (even a separate airplane for their dog BO because pets cannot ride in the same vehicle as Muslims), while American children are homeless and hungry!

21) He LIED about killing Bin Laden, who died of kidney disease in 2001, verified by intel agents, among them Dr. Pieczenik. News of Bin Laden's death was released the very day Obama released his FAKE long form birth certificate. He's directly responsible for the helicopter death of Seal Team Six to cover up this FRAUD.

22) The biggest reason Americans will NO LONGER accept Obama as a leader is because he SEALED his birth certificate and all his school records and refused to release them. It's been PROVEN that his long form birth certificate is FAKE, his Draft Card is FAKE, his SSN is FAKE, he has multiple passports, he has other names listed on property, his Columbia University degree was CIA-bought-and-paid-for....he happened to be training in Pakistan with the CIA during his Columbia years. BARACK OBAMA IS A COMPLETE FRAUD PERPETRATED ON THE UNITED STATES.

Each state must sign the Democrat party and the Republican party certifications that the candidates elected to run are "QUALIFIED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION". In 2008, the Democrat certifications sent out for signature to the 50 states OMITTED that phrase. Hawaii was the ONLY state which caught the error and forced a correction. THIS SHOWS INTENT TO DEFRAUD.

In addition, there were 5 congressional legislative attempts (BOTH DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN) to change that eligibility requirement prior to 2008, all of which failed.

So...Bill, there ARE no "excuses" that will work for 4 years of Obama's pathological LIES and DEEDS.

Anonymous said...

This guy is either a stooge or just plain ignorant. Let him choose.

Anonymous said...

OK, folks, it's time to take off the "patriot-colored" glasses and take a little broader perspective. I haven't listened to these audios yet, but in this fight, we need to be willing to look beyond the bogeymen of our making, and even some that really have been bogeymen, and realize that SOME of these bad guys are going to be instruments of our freedom, whether they mean for that to be the case or not. For those of you who believe in the God of the Bible, then you know the Word says that all in authority are placed there by Him. If this is the season of deliverance from the bondage of Mystery Babylon (the Fed and Cabal) that I believe it is, we are going to need somebody in a position of power to help out. Realize that "barach" in Hebrew can mean both "blessing" and "curse" - Obama might very well turn out to be our blessing, in spite of himself.

Please give this a read before you jump to any conclusions:

Anonymous said...

Obama will be president again. Wait for a false flag or dollar collapse. Riots and civil war will begin. Obama will declare martial law right before the elections and cancel them. He will remain president under executive power. Then the real shit will hit the fan.

Cory said...

Exactly WHEN and on WHAT DATE did Freedom Reigns "disassociate" themselves from Bill Wood? It was VERY CLEAR from the May 6 Freedom Reigns Drake/Deandra mP3 in which Bill Wood called in -- that BOTH Drake and Bill Wood had been told THE EXACT SAME THING -- THAT OBAMA WOULD "NOT" BE ARRESTED, although Drake said something like "he may have turned" when asked.

Bill Wood accepted the odorous job of revealing to a SHOCKED PUBLIC that Obama will NOT be arrested along with the other criminals, as most Americans EXPECTED (and cannot WAIT to see him GONE). I sympathize with Bill in this assignment - to "explain away" Obama's mass fraud upon the people, but even the biggest advertising agencies couldn't pull THAT off.

Note: Bill needs to "lose" Eva on his videos and interviews if he is going to be a spokesman for this effort.

Anonymous said...

Prez. O will come clean to who he really is and exactly what role he played and why he had to play it and who he was coached by to perform this huge, dangerous task. After coming clean publicly, he most likely will stay on as nesara prez. until clean, honest elections are finished, (not the elections that are going now)new ones! I am sure drake knows who the O man really is so why would he dis bill? I dont think so.

This really would make an amazing movie to say the very least ( Spielberg are you listening?)

Time will bring all the crap, truth, lies, deceptions, murders, dis info. etc.. to the surface and if I am wrong, I certainly will apologize. For me, following this stuff 24/7 for over 6 months and being deep in research since 9/11 You tend to get an eye and ear for the b.s.and learn how to read between the lines and especially given a boost in our dna recently. I know in my heart who the O man is and why he is where he is and I feel soon, you will too. :)

Thank you John and Kauilapele for posting. Stay positive, it`s the only way.:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah right! according to Bill Wood Obama is one of the good guys only in stealth mode.. right Bill so is that why during his 4 yrs he has allowed the killings of innocent people continue? Is that why they faked the capture and killing of (already dead) Osama Bin Laden? Is that why they continued to renew the unpatriotic patriot act? Is that why the banks continued to get bailouts while this nation was allowed to go to hell in a hand basket? This guy is looney tunes if he thinks he can convince those of us who has seen the truth about this guy with our own eyes that he is such a good guy and only loves us.. I'm calling BS on Bill Wood and his Obama! Hint to mr Bill ..Action speaks much louder than words!

Anonymous said...

I know to some I may come across as having my head in the sand. Everyone's reality is different. Having said that, I need to express how disheartened I am sometimes seeing so many negative comments left on this blog. I realize it's extremely hard, sometimes even seemingly impossible, to remain positive in the face of so much negativity and conflicting info out there. But would it really be so difficult for more people to come together spiritually, energetically, and with love?

It's been said that it takes just 1% of the population to tangibly shift the energy of a whole area. 1%. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

Whether Obama is of the light or stringing us all along, time will tell. Meanwhile, I make the choice to believe that sooner rather than later, the loving spirit of humanity will rise and become more powerful. It's already been growing, albeit not as quickly as many of us would like. But it is. Hundreds of years of darkness and corruption can not change overnight.

1%. That's the minimum it could take.

DanVincent said...

Let's see Drake come out and say this on an interview before we all jump on that bandwagon. Drake said that there would be many who would NOT be arrested, having been playing undercover. So far, I've not heard him turn on Bill.

Anonymous said...

As of YESTERDAY (May 7) Freedom Reigns posted this message on their Facebook page....

"ATTENTION: ............IF Drake & Deatra & I & others on our team had known THE truth about Bill Woods last night, NONE of us wouldn't posted his video & IT will be off this page & OUR freedom reigns youtube NO later than tonight. ♥

Like · · 20 hours ago"

I suggest you Wake UP and smell the coffee. I can guarantee you Obama is not the white hat or good guy this nut is saying he is.

Anonymous said...

I like Kauilapele's Blog, and that is where I heard the videos with Bill Wood and Eva Moore. I think Kauilapele is a good man and is doing a lot of good. I think Kauilapele has been deceived about Obama being a "good guy" and "lightworker" and this video mentioned above helps to re-inforce this deception with Kauilapele. I don't like to see anyone deceived. I only want the TRUTH.

Kay said...

If there is ANY doubt left in your mind about Obama's being on the "dark side", this new article should dispell THAT! It should be forwarded to EVERYONE you know.


Kay said...

Looks like Bill's been "thrown under the bus". Exactly "WHO" would have told him to spread the news that Obama would NOT be arrested because he was one of the "good guys"? I smell a BIG FAT RAT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. You have a lot of good facts in it, that are the truth.

DanVincent said...

Umm... every President has allowed killings of innocents. Not sure which specific instances you are referring to. Not sure what bin Laden has to do with this. Obama is not solely responsible for the "patriot acts", but realize that NDAA and joining the ICC actually exposes the bad guys to arrest, where they were pretty much immune before. You're spewing the normal negative-ese and missing the forest for the trees here. Have you listened to Wood?

DanVincent said...

What a breath of fresh positivity! Thank you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

FYI: The G-8 meeting referred to, in my post this morning. . . called: Is the real Obama about to stand up? – MUST READ// will be held in Camp David, Maryland, United States, on May 18-19, 2012. ~Jean// ** If Brockbrader is right, then the next signals will be given at the NATO and G8 meetings, this month. **************** // Turkey kicks Israel out of NATO Chicago summit. A major military stand-off is taking place in the South China Sea and the Philippines, over control of historical gold deposits in the region.The conflict is linked to the failed IMF and World Bank meetings which took place in Washington DC in the third week of April 2012. In Europe, speaking at the NATO meeting in Brussels during the third week of April 2012, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made it clear that Ankara was blocking Israel’s participation in a key NATO summit in Chicago, on the 20th and 21st May 2012. Turkey is insisting that Israel must first apologise for the killings of Turkish citizens in a raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on Monday 31st May 2010. "There will be no Israeli presence at the NATO meeting, unless they issue a formal apology and pay compensation for the Turkish citizens their commandos killed in international waters,” a senior Turkish official told the Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet. ********************** ...for more... //

R.T. said...