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Fuku Report Updated

I am going to give Fuku some attention over the next few days

This is just going to be a rolling update at first, as I dig up stuff to post.

In the original Fuku report, I made good and sure that everything was documented to official sources. But there were eyewitness reports sent to me by people who claimed to be out at Fuku during the quake, which I did not use because they could not be verified accurate through official record. I will post one of those reports here now. It is important for people to know how well done the original Fuku report was, it was done accurately enough to form the basis for a declaration of war on the part of Japan, or a death sentence conviction in a court room. That report is DOCUMENTED. Because I wanted the report to be perfectly solid, I avoided posting the following testimony even though I believe it entirely.
I got a testimony from an American engineer who said he was out at Fuku before the quake, visiting the facility as a consultant at reactor 1. He said that while he was there, there was an update to the control system software taking place, and they guy doing the update appeared nervous while doing so. THEN, when the update was complete the man PANICKED, ran out of the facility to his car and sped off, and reactor 1 went HAYWIRE BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN AN EARTHQUAKE. From what he said, (and this makes real sense here, and that is why I am publishing this now) the generators in the turbine room dropped off the Japanese grid, allowing them to free spin while the steam valves to the reactor remained open. Reactor 1 was then pushed to full thermal output by the "updated software", and the turbines and generators(now having nothing to hold them from spinning too fast with the full force of the reactor pushing on them) free spun to many times their rated RPM's and sounded like monster demons screaming from the gates of hell. ALL BEFORE THE QUAKE EVEN STRUCK.
Let me explain this a little more clearly -
If you have a power generation system hooked up to a grid, the grid will hold it back so that it cannot spin too fast. But if you disconnect that generator from the grid, and there is nothing holding it back it is the same as putting a car in neutral and stepping on the gas to rev the engine, if the car has no rev limiter the engine will blow up from spinning too fast. That is what that "update" tried to do to the turbines at reactor 1. It disabled all the programmed emergency shutdowns and rev limiters and routed the full thermal output from the reactor through the unloaded turbines and generators, with the hopes of causing a catastrophic failure in the turbine room.
About five minutes into this, the quake then hit, but the man who told me this was already in his car and not in the facility because with the turbines screaming like that those who could leave the facility panicked and ran. Subsequent verified reports confirmed that the turbines did not explode (many times safety margin to credit for that) and that the initial mode of failure planned for reactor 1 was ditched (loss of coolant via a turbine explosion, thus leading to a meltdown) and instead the reactor was put to full thermal output with all valves forced closed so that the temperature and pressures could only build up until it exploded it's pressure vessel. This is one reason why reactor 1 blew first.
Reactors 2 and 3 were pushed similarly early on, but they had additional safety systems due to a newer design, so it took the saboteurs longer to blow up reactor 2, and because reactor 3 had the most advanced redundant safety systems of all, they failed to blow up reactor 3 entirely and knew they would fail. So the saboteurs (who were an Israeli Defense Forces front company named Magna BSP masquarading as a security firm with a contract at Fukushima) knew they would have to offer reactor 3, which was robust, and reactor 4, which had no core in it and could not possibly explode, a little assistance in the form of gun type nuclear weapons thinly disguised as very odd looking "cameras". And this point cannot be argued, because the information was pulled right off of Magna BSP's own web site and reported in the Jerusalem Post. If you are hitting this before those links are embedded here, read this report. Below is a picture of reactor 3's "camera," still in Israel but on it's way to Fukushima. I kicked their asses when I found this photo

The history of Magna BSP's contract at Fukushima

After Japan offered to assist Iran with it's nuclear program, by providing enriched fuel for them to use in their reactor at Busher, the Israeli defense forces embarked on a program to get even with Japan and teach Japan a lesson. This program involved the generation of front companies masquarading as security firms, offering their services to Japanese nuclear facilities, front companies which would be tasked with the job of planting the already successful Stuxnet virus into the Siemens Scada controllers used by Japan, and if possible, smuggle nuclear weapons into the facilities disguised as security hardware. The front company "Magna BSP" managed to land the contract at Fukushima.
At first they played it cool and sold the odd duck cameras appearances and obscene weight on the reason that the long tube was needed for separation of two different cameras in the same device so that the first "cameras", which were actually real, could provide 3d stereoscopic security for the perimiter surrounding the Fukushima Diiachi facility, and the obscenely high weight (in excess of a thousand pounds) was to make the camera stable due to a high mass. These original cameras, which were placed outside the facility actually did have some unique technologies, and actually did perform in an impressive way. Once trust was gained for their odd duck appearances and unbelievably high weight, "Magna BSP" was then able to sell the Japanese on the idea of getting these cameras placed inside the innermost containments at reactors 3 and 4. And those were the cameras that were thinly disguised nuclear weapons.
Trust went a long way, because no one questioned why such enormous cameras had to be used indoors where focal lengths are short, and the long tube was not needed for stereoscopic resolution indoors. The cameras placed outside were designed to stereoscopically resolve details across a distance of miles, the entire outdoor perimiter of the diiachi facility. Indoors, in a reactor containment, there is no need for anything stereoscopic, and with the lenses so widely spaced stereoscopic is impossible at close range to begin with. The fact that cameras of the same size and appearance were placed indoors was damning all by itself, but trust went a long way, and as a bonus, the indoor camera at reactor 3 had additional features which allowed it to monitor radiation levels and temperature, and in total violation of all security protocols, had a full time data connection to the outside world from inside the reactor containment, a connection that went straight back to Dimona Israel along with the approved feed from the outdoor cameras. Magna slipped up and told this to the Jerusalem Post, this is not a fiction folks Such a link to this camera would be perfect for knowing if your virus failed and if the reactor would need a little "critical mass assistance" to explode.
Despite having the contract to provide a security team from Israel, Magna BSP did not see fit to keep permanent Israeli representatives out at Fukushima, and instead trained local Japanese people to take over and run security for them. Once this training was complete, the original team of Israelis was to return to Israel and "only provide support and training" to the Japanese employees at Fukushima on an as needed basis while the cameras were administered remotely, from Dimona Israel, and would only be tended by Israelis. No Israeli from Magna BSP was present at Fuku during the disaster, they all returned to Israel a week before. How convenient.
Completely unreported to the public at large was the fact that though the main fuel pool at reactor 3 remained intact, the steam separator pool was used to store fuel and was breached by the explosion, which resulted in a river of melted fuel flowing into the alley between reactors 2 and 3. It was this river of melted fuel which caused the two deaths (now a completely buried topic) out at Fukushima. Also completely unreported was the reactor 3 pressure vessel breach and core expulsion, with the mangled core laying in the debris with portions of it's core spray system still functioning. This is proven by the following photo:

Even the authorized wikipedia post now at least admits that a radiation level of 3.75 sieverts an hour was measured above reactor 3 on March 17, four days after the explosion, and that at the Diaachi facility an overall background radiation level of one sievert an hour made it impossible for people to be out there. That this was overlooked by the press is damning, Because absent a reactor core ejection, with fuel thrown everywhere, a core ejection which would be impossible with the official line being that a little loose hydrogen gas blew the place up, absent a full core breach and expulsion you cannot hit 3.75 sieverts an hour, which is a level so high that it will kill you just trying to approach the Diacchi facility to work. The overall radiation level of one sievert an hour would have killed any worker out at Fukushima before morning break on their first day out there after the reactor 3 explosion, which is why initially the cleanup was handled via REMOTE CONTROL AND ROBOTS BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL DIE IF THEY EVEN APPROACH THE PLACE. HOW DID REMOTE CONTROL AND ROBOTIC CLEANUP GET MISSED BY OUR ILLUSTRIOUS ARNIE GUNDERSEN, MEGA SCAMMER AND BLOWHARD AGAINST THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY?

I will tell you how. Arnie missed it because he is a paid shill who was used to front the hydrogen blast story, when only a nuclear weapon could destroy a heavily built reactor containment structure and throw thousands of pounds of nuclear material everywhere. The entire place was a dead zone far in excess of Chernobyl. CHERNOBYL NEVER REACHED A SUSTAINED SIEVERT AN HOUR IN IT'S SURROUNDING ENVIRONMENT. FUKU WAS MANY TIMES CHERNOBYL, A FACT TOTALLY BLOWN OVER BY THE SCAMMING ELITE MEDIA, BECAUSE THEY HAD TO IGNORE THIS FACT TO MAINTAIN THE OFFICIAL "HYDROGEN BLAST" LIE AND KEEP THE BLAME ON THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY, THE SCAPEGOAT THEY WANTED BANNED IN JAPAN AFTER JAPAN OFFERED TO HELP IRAN.

Don't be bamboozled by Defconalert

This bogus warning has become commonplace in the blogs over the last few hours, and appears to me to be nothing but an attention grab over the tensions on the Korean peninsula. Just to let you know, Defcon 4 is nothing, Defcon 1 is launch, back in the cold war days we were always at defcon 4, frequently at defcon 3, a couple times at defcon 2, and nothing ever happened. Defcon 4 is simply nothing at all. This site obscures that fact however, and seems to make it look like Defcon 5 is launch, which it is not.

New deadly virus?

In my opinion, 8 deaths and 15 infections over a period of months smacks of B.S. and is NOT "sweeping the globe". COME ON NOW. First of all, with numbers this low, how did they manage to link Great Britain to the Arab peninsula? How does 15 infections constitute "global"? Know propaganda when you see it, and this is PURE propaganda of idiotic proportions, complete with a stock photo of a red colored agar petri dish supposedly with viruses growing in it, when viruses do not grow in petri dishes, followed by a stock photo of an antibiotic resistant "superbug" which looks to me like acidophilis bacteria, the same stuff they make yogurt with, Then, following that, the idiot article writer took a stock photo of prozac capsules, to represent an antibiotic.
Make sure you take a look at this article, to know what I am talking about
With such schlock stock photography to support this story, my guess is that the entirety of this particular scare is pure B.S, And with regard to any "superbugs", it's as if we never heard of that, news of such bugs has been commonplace since 1970, and we are all still alive. Seems like "superbugs" are in a 6 month news cycle repeat, anything to work up the public for a possible vaccine scare drive.
Want to survive the scenario in this article? Forget about the virus, avoid any vaccines, and avoid the hospital where these new "superbugs" supposedly lurk.
And when you consider the fact that FAUX NEWS COVERED THE SAME LINE OF B.S., well, THAT is news. I wonder if this really could be a setup for the next "swine flu" scam.

On other notes

I am just going to go through a few things briefly -
Don´t sweat the NK "threats", nothing is going to happen there. SK is now scared about being nuked, and will do nothing. Since we all want Samsung TV sets and smart phones and tablets and Hyundai Sonatas, the U.S. is not going to do anything to cause the North to strike the south, and on top of that, NK is really not stupid and has no desire to become a sea of glass. This is just a bunch of bellicose blabbering, NK does have nukes and with that deterrent in place don´t expect to see much happen there. Anyway, that´s how I see it.
Sandy hook - An interesting thing we have overlooked is how Sandy Hook has been used for social engineering in schools. This video says it all so well, and is oddly being censored from Youtube search results at last check, even when it´s full title is used for the search which is something that always works. When you see what it says, it will leave no room to wonder why they dont want it coming up in search results, it is spot on. Here is the exact link, in case they block the above link from working, as usual, copy and paste it into a new tab if necessary:
A new way to prove cancer is either being caused or has been cured was put on Activist Post. I am going to look into this and see if it has any merit, but it sure looks tempting - just look at how many of the top zionist leaders and their Clintonesque or Bushite cronies have died of cancer, and compare that to the general population. That particular poster may have a point, because cancer is a common cause of death, and the only prominent political figures I have heard of dying from it are those who failed to cooperate with the greater powers.

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