Monday, January 6, 2014



Press release Law Offices of Orly Taitz
Recently Barack Obama attempted to sign up to Obamacare on Washington DC exchange. He was denied as his identity could not be confirmed. Subsequently Obama’s aide submitted application to the DC exchange in person and there is no evidence whether in person application was ever approved. Subsequently White House communications officer stated to reporters, among them FOX news White House correspondent Ed Henry, that Obama could not sign up on the web site as his identification information was scrubbed from the databases.
Attorney Taitz submitted FOIA request for information, which was granted, see attached response from FOIA officer Mary-Beth Senkewitcz, who confirmed that Washington DC Healthcare Exchange does not have any order by any judge directing them to remove Obama’s identification information from their database.
Further, Ms. Senkewitcz stated that there is no mechanism to protect US tax payers from fraud and use of ACA (Obamacare) by illegal aliens or people using stolen Social Security numbers. Moreover, there is no reporting requirement for employees of the Exchange to report identity fraud, identity theft and use of stolen IDs by individuals signing up for ACA.
Attorney Taitz has been vindicated as for 5 years now she has been working on the issue of Obama’s use of a stolen CT Social Security number 042-68-4425 of Harry (Harrison) Bounel, as well as Obama’s use of  fabricated IDs.

The fact that Washington DC exchange refused Obama’s attempt to sign up for his own signature program due to the fact that they could not verify his identification, is a sign from God, is a vindication of work of Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz and it is hilarious that it looks like Obama’s own achievement program will do him in, will have him exposed and prosecuted.  Attorney Taitz has a number of challenges against Obama going on now. Yesterday she filed pleadings in Taitz v Colvin in USDC for District of Maryland, as well as Taitz v Donahoe in USDC for the District of Columbia. Recent pleadings can be read at or Taitz is working pro bono, donations re greatly appreciated and can be given via paypal on or via mail at 29839 Santa Margarita pkwy, ste 100, Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688

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Anonymous said...

While all Taitz work should be praised, this is not going to result in any prosecution of Obama. The government KNOWS he is not eligible. They KNOW everything about him. And THEY the government is behind this entire cover up. What makes anyone think they are going to allow anyone to prosecute him? That is like asking the fox to guard the chickens! LOL

All the courts are just going to continue dismissing these cases as they have the past 150 - 200 cases filed since 2008. The judges have been given their orders all the way up to the Supreme Court Justices. Why do you think they have shut every case down without ever hearing the merits on a single case? The fix is in and the government is behind all the scrubbing of his history and concealing all his records. You don't honestly believe all this cover up was done without government involvement do you? This could not have been done without government involved!