Monday, June 30, 2014

Bluwolf: "Iraq Will Have a Seated Gov., a new PM, and an RV"

Bluwolf: "Iraq Will Have a Seated Gov., a new PM, and an RV"

Bluwolf 6/30/13 1:50 p.m. edt ~ Attention all : The international rate has been established and it shall be let out officially and simultaneously with the setting of its GOI.

IMF, UST, WTO, BIS, ISX, GCC, BAD CABAL, GOOD CABAL, GOP AND THOSE EX HIGH OFFICE INDIVIDUALS will be just watching from the grand stand for they never had or never will have any power over this international release and Global Currency Reset.

Are we clear. These issues have had major adjustments in order to be perfect, just, equalized and faultless to all countries and all its peoples. It has a time frame and it shall expire in the our now.

All bluffs sent and acted out by media will seize to exist within the next few days.

Iraq will have a seated government a new PM and a RV.
Please note, some banksters will try the old shoot into the air a let the stampede commence (start) so you will probably see a 3.71 momentarily (from one to three days ) reason behind it is because they have campaign there selves well and many of you have open up your hearts a let them know your burdens.

So they know your pain and will use this to reel you in like a fish on a hook.

Besides that you have a 3 letter agency that wishes to collect the most dinars in a fast tracking matter so that they can collect the most out of your investment without placing a dime.

Frankly if you fall for this trick you will honestly have to be placed in the category of stupid and I know you are not, so act wisely and if it pops in at 3.71 just have some family member exchange a couple of dongs they will be coming out simultaneously, get your house in order and wait for the dinar rate to sky rocket for it will.

I honestly hope that this may help all.

And remember if you follow the original plan you will have a safe and swift ride.

Look rv at any moment, any second, at any hour now,


Be blessed Bluwolf

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