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Tlar: "Keep This Post - Read Again In 48 Hrs - Then Judge"

Tlar: "Keep This Post - Read Again In 48 Hrs - Then Judge"

Lojak:  This could be more important that it seems.  

Disable official working in Baghdad next Tuesday

   Sun Jun 29 2014 two thirty-one p.m. | (Voice of Iraq) - Syrian News / Baghdad

decided the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on Sunday, the official working disabled state institutions in the capital Baghdad on Tuesday, with the exception of the necessary configurations.

Secretariat said in a brief statement to the Lord "Alsumaria News "," The Council of Ministers decided, disable official working in state institutions in Baghdad on Tuesday, with the exception of formations necessary. "

The Next Tuesday (July 1, 2014), is the date for the first session of the new parliament, which confirmed most of the political blocs intention to attend this meeting.
Tlar:       Lojak, I have a question for you.  There is somethibng that has been puzzling me for about a week and I would like to ask you because you seem to be pretty sharp and intune with this process. 

My question that is puzzling me is this, who in their right mind continues to fight for something against all odds that suggest they will lose in the end? 

Why is the SOL sticking with this present regime knowing they don't have the numbers to back them up?

 Think with me.  The coalition just announced their candidate for PM which implies that the SOL, who has stubbornly stood behind Maliki almost to the finish.  

Only yesterday did they decide to make a change and nominate a puppet guy for Maliki knowing even he can't win.  Are we missing something because none of this makes sense. 

They know they can't win so why haven't they tried to work with the coalition? 

At first I thought they might be dragging this out in order to give them time to make arrangements to leave the country with their money and families. 

At the point they came to the conclusion it was over I figured they were just keeping it going until they could figure out what they needed to do and where they were going to live.

The leadership of the SOL and Maliki can't stay in Iraq.  They know they will be charged and arrested as will Maliki, yet we see them fighting and fighting this as if there is still some way they will win..

Are we missing something?  Any thoughts on this?   tlar?

Lojak:  sometimes, there is more going on behind the curtain that it seems. 

Lojak:  Obviously, the articles are seriously all over the board.  Thats because they have really clamped down on leaks.  These articles are trying to keep everyone off their game. Here is an absolutely perfect example of a BS article. 

There is NO WAY the Kurds would suppor this Maliki goon for PM....yet that's the implication from the article.  You cant always believe what you read

Source from within the National Alliance: Kurds supporting Tarek Najm for prime minister

Khandan - Ali Naji , a source from within the National Alliance, the support of the political blocs Kurdistan for the candidate of a coalition of state law, Tarek Najm for the presidency of the next Iraqi government amid three names for consideration for this position. source said in a statement to "Khandan"

The six names put forward during a meeting yesterday of the alliance National prime minister, the president of the National Alliance and the leader of the Reform Movement, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, and National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayad, and the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party Tarek Najm. "

explained Source that "Kurdish blocs support Tarek Najm as well as being powered by the Islamic Republic of Iran," explaining that "the names of the six candidates for the presidency had shrunk to three, a Tarek Najm and Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Adel Abdul Mahdi." and that "there is a meeting of the committee formed by the National Alliance to choose a candidate Alliance will be held in late Sunday evening, to reach the selection of the candidate. "

Preacher Man: Tlar, the first thing that popped into my mind,,

My question that is puzzling me is this, who in their right mind continues to fight for something against all odds that suggest they will loose in the end?

I believe Maliki is an evil person, sent to destroy, He cant be in his right mind, with the God he is answering to.

Dont mean to sound all Preachie,I feel he is being, used and mis-lead, by the powers of darknes, if you please, he is nothing more than a puppet, sending his family off, he must realize the out come,

I have always felt the years that I have been into this investment, that this was going to be a blessing from God, one, that we could not contain, it will be up to us, to decide what we will do, after the process is finished.

I got to admit, I always try to be upbeat, but the last month, I was a little down and having second thoughts, about where I was at, and what I am doing, and then all of a sudden, you came into my life with your writings, and I say Thank You. I now feel,,regardless, of the outcome of this week, that we will win...Thanks

Pagerdr:  I'm sure there are threats flying all over them if they don't do what he wants. They know that he won't win anyway, so by backing him they feel at least it may save their (or their family's) lives. They'd rather face charges than the alternative. JMO.

Oilwizard:            There was an article that staed that if SOL abandoned Maliki, they had to be given significant concessions. IE higher MP positions in the next government. Maybe this move allows them to get those concessions without totally pissing off Maliki and trying to appear that they are working to protect him by nomimating his puppets?

Fred:    Lojak,  Is it a possibility they need to close down all the government computers so they could be "updated" on July 1? Or maybe just security concerns? Also, I Would like to think there might be a little "celebrating" if Maliki is shown the door.

Lojak:     fred, ...all of the above may be a possibility

Ralph:  Lojak, I like what your not saying & I hope I am not seeing it with my Dinar Goggles on!!! Thanks! 

Fishtard:   Fred & Lojak.  This is a good 'holiday', and a great 'slight of hand ' to Maliki.  With the govt. in Baghdad on vacation Tuesday, any clustering of M's goons would be observed.  Did the ranking members of the SOL get a 'deal'?  Coming from the culture of 'I give you two camels for your daughter', it's a safe bet some deals have been arranged.  These guys would make Monte Hall (Let's Make a Deal) very envious.

Dr. Gann:            Jaafari and Talabani's party Kiedian affirm the need to actively participate in the first session of Parliament   (Partial Article)

Noting there are "meeting stressed the need for national unity, and actively participate in the first session of parliament scheduled for next Tuesday."

The Iraqi National Alliance announced last night, officially the biggest bloc, and that it will be announced at the first session of its candidate for prime minister, while A source in the Union of Forces national candidacy [Salim al] for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, while confirming the Kurdish parties insistence that the office of President of the Republic of share, but did not reach an agreement until today about the name of the candidate who will succeed outgoing President Jalal Talabani.

Dr. Gann:            Representative UN calls for new Council of Representatives to elect a speaker and begin the process of forming a government in accordance with the Constitution  (Partial Article)

"The first step and most important of all is the election of the President of the House of Representatives." Adding that "Once this is done, should be elected Parliament immediately the President and the approval of the new government, according to the text of the Constitution. Any delay in this process, resulting from a lack of quorum or unwillingness to make any concessions, will determine the fate of the future the country. " 

Shelby:  Maliki has been in power for a long time.  He knows the game and has dirt on both his friends and his enemies.  It's unlikely he'll bow out peacefully.  But it seems like the opposition is finally willing to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Tlar:  Sorry guys but Maliki will be gone.  Phoenix is wrong.  Truth should be known on the 1st of July.  Call me a dummy but I am right on this.  Tlar

P.S.  The day of the RV I will explain everything.  Things are not what they seem.  There is a plan in place and we are not supposed to understand or know.  Confusion  is the master part of this deal.

 It is not easy to remove a dictator unless you alphonse him out of his job and that is happening from all quarters.  There is an orchestra at work here and there is a leading conductor with a finely written tune. 

We hear and see the play only what is intended for us and we can only see so much because of all the confusion.  Believe me,  what you see and hear is not what what is happening. 

Luckily you guys will understand one of two things very shortly.  I have either gone over the edge or I will be proven right about what I have just said. 

Keep this post.  Look at this post again in 48 hours and then judge.  I am sorry if this posts looks strange but you will shortly understand.  Tlar

DreamWeaver:  Going to start calling you Cryptic Tlar.  LOL.  :)   Not for long though, as it sounds like things will be crystal clear soon as far as what you have been posting.  Looking forward to next Saturday for sure.  

Based upon reading articles and assimilation of info, IMO the back wall on the RV was always by the end of July.  So, I've never gotten caught up in whether you are right or wrong as it tracks right along with my thoughts and intuition--whether yours is coming from research or articles or sources or contacts, etc. 

Sure that perception about July is held by many dinarians.  Best thing for all of us to do is to remain focused on Tuesday. 

That will tell more of the story than we can ever hope to gain by trying to sort through any articles or news or from any of our conjecture as it is impossible to call this with so many missing details and misinformation.

But for sure, Tlar, you have revealed some fascinating info these past couple of weeks ... so I'm optimistic you aren't over the edge at all -- though I and many are certainly all on the edge of our seats.

Hanging in there with you and everyone else ... as what else can any of us really do?  Feel blessed to be right where I am.  :)  Best, DW.

LuckyLady:  tlar, you keep me on the edge of my seat!!  I hope you are right because I really hate the thought that you have gone over the edge.  If you have gone over the will be in very good company!

Risk:   XXXX,  ...I've heard delta use this argument. The difference is libia and Egypt are and have been in article Viii...... Iraq is in article 14 and have hoops to go through to enter article Viii......imo

DreamWeaver:  Also, with it being start of Ramadan, Turki's promise to the Iraqi people for their big SURPRISE may still come true ... here's hoping.

DreamWeaver:  Risk, as I understand it, the only thing Iraq now needs to do to be out of Article 14 and in Article 8 is send a letter to IMF stating they are moving to Article 8.  That's it.  No more hoops.


Does anyone like numbers?! Watch this video from Christine Lagarde from Jan 2014!!! The person in this video explains July 20, 2014... BUT... he made a mistake imo... Christing omits the 0's in her codes... so the date should actually point to July 2, 2014! You'll see what I mean     Check this out:

DreamWeaver:     XXXX,  it was interesting topic to say the least, though IMO a little bit of a stretch to view it as a secret code to the elite.  But IF it were code, then I'm intepreting G7 or G20 as 7/7 or 7/20.  My 2cents.   Actually, July 7, 2014, according the her love of 7s would be optimum date as  July 7, 2014   is really:    7  7  7  (July is 7th month, 7th day, and 2014 = 7)  LOL.

In any event, thanks for posting as Lagarde is certainly calling out loud and clear that 2014 is the yea

HandOverFist:  It's a  B I G  S T R E T C H  to think that  Christine Legarde is giving a "secret code" to the elite.

DreamWeaver:  Yes ... VERY big stretch, but I can see how someone who thinks there are secret coded messages out there would view this as a possibility.  Very weird for her to keep hammering 7s and tieing everything back to them.

That said, I'm not on board that it's secret code as the elite probably already have her private number and there would be no need for subterfuge

Jackt:  tlar, thank you for being real and balanced. I am quicker to trust someone who says "I could be over the edge",ie..wrong or "I will be proven right"... rather than someone who says, "I'm right no matter what and you'll see that I am! thanks for having a humble attitude in that sense but I do tend to believe you will be right in 48 hours or so. Blessings.

Fred:  Thanks for everything Tlar. If this is truly to be a democratic election and with free will then it is not possible for Maliki to be PM. If there is any other scenario then this is not in Iraq's hands and all is status quo. This has to work in the Iraqi's best interest and we all know what they see as being in their best interest.

Aloha Alex:  No problem tlar, we feel comfortable with you because you've been with us now for a while and we can tell from your posts you are sincere, regardless of outcome.

What I am more concerned about is your contact that you are relying on. Don't need to know anything about him but is he capable? Like, is the guy sharp and shrewd, or is he in his 80's with borderline dementia? I've seen them all the  in this crazy ride.

Pagerdr:  My curiosity is really getting the better of me. I have no reason to believe Tlar isn't being truthful based on my assessment of him over a period of time. I just hope he's a good judge of character as well when it comes to the inbound information. I, as always, have many more questions than answers at the moment

Brule:   Pagerdr, Tlar has been around for a while, he is a businessman, and has many friends in positions of authority.  He deals in facts and can stare down a camel to its knees.  I wouldn't worry about his judgment of people.

Pagerdr:  I wasn't knocking him in any way just to be clear. I'm just trying to keep my skeptical side above water. I'm certainly not questioning Tlar. Thanks for the reply.

Tlar:  Alex, he is an 85 year old man in a home.  He can no longer speak and has to tap out the messages that only his 83 year old wife can decipher.   So I take her with me when I go to see him.  lol tlar

Tlar:  Pagedr, as I have taught my kids all their lives it is good to question everyone and everything.  It is up to me to prove myself to you, not the other way around. 

Like I said earlier, we don't have long to wait now to see if I am right on the political side part and/or shortly there after on the RV part. 

We will all know very shortly if I am the biggest fool on this site or someone trying to give everybody a little heads up.  Keep a positive attitude and by all means please continue to question. 

There is no shame in doubting what I am saying but the only thing I ask is to please judge me only when this is over shortly. 

If what I have eluded to as something wonderful going on behind the scenes does not come to pass,  I will be ashamed of myself with all the rest of you. 

By the way, the day that this is over I will send out my last email and explain everything in detail. 

P.S.  I know some of you have taken some heat and even one of you has been banned from another site trying to defend my honor. 

Please don't get yourself in trouble and although I appreciate the effort, don't defend me. 

I know what it will cost me if I am wrong but quite honestly, I would rather continue this course trying to let you know its all good, yes sometimes in cryptic because I can't tell you yet, but I don't know how else to tell you that there is something else here than what meets the eye.  tlar

Pagerdr: Tlar, I appreciate your reply to my post.  Please understand that I in no way meant any disrespect with my post. Often times on forums, text messages, emails etc... It's easy to misinterpret the context of a message.  I don't post much on forums  anymore because I felt it was a waste of time.

I've stayed in touch with things from outside the circle via friends emailing and communicating with me on the IQD via email, phone etc.. I have followed your writings in recent months and am impressed with your perspective and ability to dissect information.

I truthfully feel you are passing along information as it is given to you. I don't believe you would dramatize or alter it in any way, it just doesn't seem to be in your nature. 

Therefore, my only reservation is with some of the sources out there that are giving information.  I also speak to another very well known investor and have been told many things many times.

I trust this person to no end as an individual, but I wonder how they can still have faith in their sources after they've been wrong time and time again. 

The reply I receive when I question this is "if you knew who they were you wouldn't even question".

So, I stay tuned in, but I'm always cautious about allowing my emotions to run wild.  This is a huge week for all of us.  I'm very optimistic about the possibilities. 

Whether you are right or wrong, I do appreciate what you share. Thank you for taking the time to research and share as much as you do.  

Tlar:  Like the donkey said in Winnie the Poo, "thanks for noticin me." tlar

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