Sunday, June 29, 2014

"News From an Iraqi" Posted by Kermit53 at TNT

"News From an Iraqi" Posted by Kermit53 at TNT

Kermit53:  News From Iraq...from Real People.....June 28

News from an Iraqi....

Here is a summary what I have from my Iraqi friend as of this morning. His relatives ALL have the Qi cards, both in Tikrit and Baghdad, they have been told that their cards (which as I understand are loaded now, but meager amounts) are to be increased or re-loaded (not clear on this) after the first parliament meeting, scheduled for July 1.

This is no secret, it seems the news is being sent to everyone, and it is raising some excitement.

How this is being communicated ranges from TV, the mosques (which DC has spoke about), and radio. They have been told a couple times before that this would happen.

Now, with some purpose behind it.
They are 'anticipating, cautiously anxious and extremely happy' at the very thought of having their cards be of significant value. They have so little to go off of now, he said we (US citizens) really have no idea what basic necessities the people over there have.

The ISIS rebels are still not an issue, they laugh at all the hype still over this in our media. They ask "where?" and believe it is all propaganda from M.

They really don't like the guy. The govt being seated, the new PM and having the media at the parliament meeting are all key.

They are tired of M and want him out. It was stated a year ago from Turki that the currency would go up in mid-year 2014...they believe this is coming to fruition, the people want it badly. Good for them, good for us.

He says life is moving along steadily, but the people there are very much anticipating the events over the next few days.

Ramadan also started last evening and he said that will be a much needed break from the events taking place to spend time with family.

This is all I have for now.
We enjoy getting his little tidbits, puts a little reality into what's stated and read about...

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