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RT 6-27-14… “‘Illegal Spying Below’ Blimp flies above NSA data center”

RT 6-27-14… “‘Illegal Spying Below’ Blimp flies above NSA data center”

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KP, as a Reader at my blog, E, said . . . you’re on a roll today! Great humor in serious times. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean
Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:
A coalition of grassroots groups from across the political spectrum joined forces to fly an airship over the NSA’s data center in Bluffdale, Utah on Friday, June 27, 2014, to protest the government’s illegal mass surveillance program. (Photo by Greenpeace)
What is more impacting than a blimp? And a bright green one, at that. And in sharp contrast against the red brown Utah backdrop. And one that says, “Illegal Spying Below”. And that flies over the NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Perfect!!
Anti-surveillance activists flew a blimp above the National Security Agency’s massive, $1.5 billion data center in Bluffdale, Utah on Friday as an act of protest against the NSA’s contentious collection of vast amounts of the world’s digital data.
The airship belongs to the environmentalist organization Greenpeace and was flown early Friday over the NSA’s newly completed data…
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