Monday, June 30, 2014

Ghost Writer Wrote:

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So the event horizon approaches rapidly for all.  Here you are, almost at the end, waiting for announcements and releases.  This is the most dangerous of times for the unwary.

Now is the time for setups and positioning, so you will see an increase in the propaganda put out to control you and steer you in the direction which those who will profit off you, want you to go.

You will be told, and lead through the process that they wish you to go through.  Some of the information is very subtle but you are being prepped none the least.

Keep your head and think.   Stop, don't react emotionally as expected.  Stop and think.

By now you should have your plan and know which bank you should exchange through.  There is only one clearance bank make sure you are not charged for the service.

Regarding fees levied by banks for this exchange, this is bogus, unless the law has changed (it hasn't), all currency exchanges must be treated in the same manner.

It is illegal to charge an extra fee / percentage for any particular currency.  All must be treated the same.  I can only imagine how gleefully the lawyers will rub their hands together when they find that someone is pushing this falsehood.  You can be assured that when you contact your lawyer he will be very interested to hear and take to task anyone perpetrating a fraud on you and the American people.

You should be aware and not sign any contract waiving your rights.   Ensure you don't fall for trickery.  

You should not be charged any extra fees for this exchange, regardless of the contract rate offered it is illegal to treat any foreign currency different to another by levying a fee to exchange it.

Banks and Exchanges exchange currency at different rates of exchange which are published this is entirely different from illegally charging you to do an exchange of  a certain currency at the bank.

You have been informed, if you are wise you will be getting the highest amount possible at your exchange.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer

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