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Pentagon grounds entire F-35 fighter jet fleet


Pentagon grounds entire F-35 fighter jet fleet

Vatic Note:   Well, the slimeball powers that be do not want this up here as they are giving mehell  trying to postthis article.   As you cansee by this first sentence.  They are messing with the typing, the spacing, etc. Well, you know why?  Because they know that I will remind you about the stealing and selling of the plans by Israel to China for our most advanced fighter jet, the F-22, which can run circles around the F-35 Jet.   Than I will remind you of the shipment of  our most advanced patriot missles that Israel was shipping toChina and they got caught by Finland  and the shipment got turned  around.   

Watch this video showing a demo of the F-22, that China now has and has modified to surpass our own.  Thanks, Israel, with friends like you, who needs enemies?  (See the video below of the f-22 Raptor preflight and demo at an air show. The F-22 is the first plane they profile, after that its others so you can stop watching if you wish since most of it is about history of all the fighters).   THIS IS WELL WORTH THE WATCH, THOUGH FOR THE F-22.  I could not believe what this plane can do.  We are in deep doodoo now that China has it.  Thanks, Israel, you make Muslims look like our best friends.)

Why are they trying to stop me from reminding you of these points?    BECAUSE WE ARE THE DESIGNATED LOSERS OF WW III.  China and Russia are suppose to win this third world war and become the new economic power houses of the globe.   Well, guess who runs both Russia and China?   You guessed it Goldman Sachs and Israel through those wonderful Khazar Bankers  who come from the pits of hell. We are 7 years behind on the completion of the F-35 with all the design problems they have had.

Lockheed Martin is the manufacturer of this piece of garbage, and guess who is on the Board and operational officers of the company?  A guy from "The Carlyle Group", and the CEO attended Columbia University and Harvard...... lol  both schools that Obama attended, which are globalist secret society schools.  She also served and worked for Dupont Corporation (A chemical company that supplies all the chemicals used in our food)....... you know, one of the foremost Illuminati families in the world.  

My suggested solution to these problems is to throw all their sorry Butts in jail for life.  Treason is a death penalty offense, most of these military industrial complex corporations are owned by the khazar bankers, Illuminati families and global internationalists.   We have absolutely nothing to lose to bring these traitors down.  They are loyal to no one but themselves.

Pentagon grounds entire F-35 fighter jet fleet

The Air Force has grounded its entire fleet of F-35 Lightning II fighter jets after a fire ignited in the rear of one of the planes preparing for takeoff in Florida on Monday.
The order included two F-35s currently stationed in Glendale at Luke Air Force Base, which is slated to become the Air Force's largest F-35 pilot training base during the next decade.

A pilot was preparing to take flight for a training mission at Eglin Air Force Base in the Florida panhandle when a fire broke out. The pilot aborted the mission and exited safely, the Air Force said.   The cause of the fire has not been determined.

Eglin temporarily suspended flying operations while a safety board conducts an investigation.

The Department of Defense grounded the entire fleet late Wednesday.
"As a precautionary measure, the Air Force has decided to temporarily suspend all F-35A operations until it is determined that flights can resume safely," the Air Force said in a statement released Thursday.

The F-35 in flight. (Photo: Jen Hazeltine)

The F-35A is the Air Force version of the jet. There are two other variants — the F-35B for the Marines and the F-35C for the Navy. Luke's first F-35 was the 100th made.

The Marines cleared their F-35s to resume flying Friday. The other services kept theirs parked.   Idling the fleet is standard following mishaps, said Luke spokesman Capt. Tristan Hinderliter.

"It's not uncommon when there's an incident like that for the Air Force to ground the whole fleet until they can do an investigation and make sure that it's not a systemic type of thing that would impact other jets," he said.

The Air Force operates a total of 45 F-35s at Luke, Eglin, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Luke officials expect to have about 15 of the planes at the Glendale base by the end of the year and 144 total by around 2024.  (VN: Awe, too late for WW III, huh?)

The matte-gray, twin-tail jets are manufactured by Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Air Force's version of the single-seat, single-engine supersonic planes cost approximately $131.9 million each, according to the Pentagon's most recent purchase announcements.  (VN: and Israel sold them to China, and kept the money.  They did not reimburse the American taxpayer, don't get me started)

The other variants cost more.

The F-35, which is also called the Joint Strike Fighter, is the most expensive and technologically advanced military aircraft in existence.  (VN:  Right, except for the F-22, of course, which Israel stole and sold to China, our "Banker Designated" enemy for WW III.  And right now the F-35 has problems)

It is projected to be a critical component of the U.S. defense strategy for the next 40 to 50 years as it replaces older aircraft.

The planes are designed to evade enemy radar and to carry advanced avionics and weapons systems.

The $392 billion program has been besieged by design setbacks and is seven years behind schedule.   (VN: Raise your hand if you think that is an accident?  If you do, then go back and read my vatic note. )

Luke's new F-35 redefines modern warfare
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