Sunday, June 29, 2014

Christine LaGarde Unusual 7 Min. Video and Thoughts from TNT Members

Christine LaGarde Unusual 7 Min. Video and Thoughts from TNT Members

Sunny:  Numerology Message in Speech by Christine Lagarde of IMF

This is a 7 minute video on You Tube regarding a date and important event

Jer39prov8:  Wow! That video was amazing. I remember this speech and never looked at it from this view point. So the RV should happen between the first week of July but no later than the 15th then have a breather for a few days before the GCR?!
Heavy stuff if this pans out. Either way I'm 200% sure this is happening this month(July). I'm grateful and READY! Come on RV and GCR!
  To be sure, this is one bizzare speach.  Of that, there is no question.  And the main point is not to give any creedence to numerology, but to use the numerological method o convey a message.  That is for sure.  Very, very unusual and most interesting.

Thanks for posting this!

Dark Pitt:   While the numerology of the discussion is most interesting; to me, what is more interesting is the fact that Christine Lagarde is having a normal discussion to a press club and actually including numerology in her serious presentation.

She obviously has some deeper understanding beyond some clever way to signify a potential date.


English White Knight:  Think you may have missed the obvious, G20 Drop the 0 = 2nd

July 2nd 2014 reduces to 7!! (7+2+7=16 reduces to 7)

That's even better isn't it?    EWK

Ratatap:   FYI: The "Rule of the Elite" is they must tell the masses everything they are about to do - they just don't have to do it so we easily understand.
This is done through all sorts of media including radio - tv - newspapers - speeches and even magazines. It is a game for them.
Usually they do these messages so it appears conspiratorial and hence the masses are oblivious to it. 

AwakeningCoach1:  I agree! She emphasized to drop the zero (hmmm, another message "hidden in plain sight"??). 
By the way, for those who tend to shun perspectives and opinions/beliefs like this as "conspiracy theory" and such, you would do well to educate yourself before making such judgment calls.

The very term "conspiracy theorist" was coined by our own govt/CIA to denounce and degrade those who go against the programming we are fed by the PTB's agenda and what they want us to believe, without resistance, upheaval, or, really, owning any of our own thoughts.

Look it up and spend some time waking up. Esoteric Agenda, the Ancient Knowledge series, Kymatica, and other excellent videos on YouTube are very helpful... If you care to take the trip down the rabbit hole. Otherwise, take the blue pill again, stay plugged in to the matrix, and carry on. :)
Kdawn:  Thank you for sharing this video.  It was very interesting to me, because I understand numerology.
 Also, I know the power and significance in the number seven.  God used 7 all over the Bible. 
There are 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 musical notes on the scale, 7 chakras etc.   So, I am cautiously enthusiastic!  If this is true, then July is the month for the RV and GCR.


Anonymous said...

Could be several ways of looking at this:
Had 7 bad years, now expects 7 good years: 2014 + 7 = 2021... 20th - 21st
G7 & G20 mentioned, plus Lagarde would like if the IMF were included: = 7 - 20 + imf = 7/20 - 7/21
07/21/2014 = 7+21 = 28.... 2 x 14 = 28.... 28 = 4 - 7's
7/20/2014 falls on a Sunday, which is a business day in Iraq.
7/21/2014 is Monday
Therefore, this RV has the "occult" potential to fall on July 20th - 21st, 2014

Anonymous said...

Christine Lagarde works for the Cabal.......

Anonymous said...

It is common practice to drop zeros from currencies when revaluing it. However the fiat currency system and the whole dilemma of human slavery to it remains. Criminals are ruling our planet and most of humanity is lacking and slaving in a lawless and criminal enterprise. There is a spiritual revaluation that awaits and hopefully the power of the cabal together with its particular monetary system shall be zeroed out. Human civilizations everywhere is in a mess and is hardly a reflection of the perfection of creation. So let's get serious about our future.