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JVILLEJAG28: I only have a little bit of dinar but have the opportunity to get some Zimbabwe currency. I believe in this investment but I don't know as much about the zim. Could I please get the projected return on it please?

DSULL: There's been 100 questions about the ZBN. Seems more everyday. Best info can be found thru the "search box" (above, center), just click on search and type in zbn...that should address your concerns. 

ROADRA93:Zimbabwe is ZWN you need to look up ZWN. I invested in some myself. 

WYZEONE57: I have a few notes myself. It's .22 but I hear it could go to .70. Idk we will see... 

FOXY56: You can search all you want on the ZWN, but you will not learn what you are asking here.
Though it is just rumored at this time, the following is to occur:
The 2008 AA series trillion ZWN notes are to lop off 6 zeros and reval at .22 per ZWN dollar.
Nothing has been confirmed either as to which 2008 AA series notes will lop.Those notes are 10T, 50T and 100T.

You can purchase ZWN on EBay, Amazon:

I hope this answers your questions. 

FUTRHSE: FYI: tony notated it in Fridays call as ZNN, lop off 6 zeroes from face value on the 50 T & 100 Trn notes and multiply X .22 cents. this is the alleged post rv value, we hear. 

QSHIPGLIDE: I'll take .22 but .70 would be much nicer... I've got a $1.00 ZWN note, gonna be rich...  Lets see,  $1.00, lopp off 6 0's x .22= $0.0000002 USD.  Yep, .70 would be 
much better.

FOXY56: Tony stated in Fridays call that the ZWN will lop off 6 zeros that he has heard but no confirmations of. He never stated which notes and he never gave a current rate.

MOMODMX79:It's a great investment. The 2008 AA series ia last official year of the zimbabwe dollar. They started a new series in January 2009, but was discontinued in April 2009, due to the fact that they used the US dollar and south African dollar. They both carried more value thenthe countries national currency. The zim currency wasn't gonna be introduced back into the country until their industrial economy got back to I beleive 60%. You can google the history of Zimbabwe dollar to get a better under standing.

Their main capital is diamonds. If you ever saw the movie "Blood Diamond". You can see how valuable the diamonds are in the country. 

FLYSUPERGIRL: If you do purchase ZIM make sure it is either 50 or 100T 2008 AA Series uncirculated and sequenced. My sister bought them on Amazon thru Beverly _____________ ( I don't remember rest) Company and the American Coin Company. I hope that helps. Best wishes. One 100T note lop 6 zeros, at .22 because $22 million.

Awesome investment.

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Chrisluvgjb said...

I have bought 10T, 20T and 50T Zim. Will the notes be included in the currency exchange ?