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Exchanging Thoughts from Tlar & Friends

Exchanging Thoughts from Tlar & Friends

Post From Currency Chatter — Tlar & Friends

I just wrote this to a friend.. who was surprised by these possibilities we are entertaining.

I know it sounds crazy..  but whatever it is..  there is something to it.. there is something going on... and has been for some time.

Think about it..  this thing us HUGE.. really.. it is huge... it is NOT happening in a vacuum.. it is not like we are the only ones who are hip to the trip.

WF.. Citibank... Chase

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden. Gore. Bushes.... all the politicians.. they are ALL heavily invested.. because if they are NOT..  then it is not real.

It cant be halfway, bro...  this is real or it is not.

BlueyesinLevis Continues:    
We say all the time...

"we are on the banksters team.. they never lose"....  so is it any surpise  that there are /may be crazy underground  legal banking preparations being made?

He replied.

“There are some basic fundamentals to this "investment" that appeal to me in a very strong way. And no matter how hard I want to be a skeptic sometimes, I can't ignore those fundamentals, and they haven't changed.

It is that mindset that assures me that this is indeed very real. To what degree we will gain is an unknown. Regardless of all the experts, gurus, researchers and all of their colorful opinions, the protectors of the truth (whomever they all are) have not given is all the information we would need to figure it out, and they won't.

We are using estimated variables that are purely guesswork. So, I look at this as a definite gain SOMEDAY to SOME degree. In the end, whenever that may be, I feel we will all be a little surprised somehow in a good way (any gains would be good) but I don't buy into the high initial rates.  Could it REALLY be that this week concludes it?

Well, IF it's true that the seated and settled GOI is all Turki has left on his checklist, then yes, it could be. But, despite all the reassurances of M being done and gone, I'm not buying that until I see it.

Even then, I'll expect him to find a podium somewhere the very next morning declaring himself as PM. So I think the fight is on, but not as close to over as we might think.

It's probably just my infinite number of disappointments over the years that have created a very cynical side of myself that I struggle with occasionally, or maybe it's just reality to expect patterns to continue.

To expect him to just give up is unrealistic based on what we've witnessed all these years. That said, I'm praying that somehow someway this ends very soon. There's a **** of a lot of golf courses, awesome family vacations, sports cars, good food and free time calling my name! "    ~ Pagerdr

Thanks for sharing my reply, Blue.  I plan on visiting the forum again a bit more instead of always clogging up your email with my replies lol.     

Anticipation of The RV is WORSE than The RV itself!

Just A Guy:  
So we all are still holding on to the July 1st window? And there isnt a date further out than is one? If this is true, i feel that is kind of scary...I heard january 1st about a month ago, is there anything to this?

No dising anyone, but I have become so num with all the pervious dates that I am just used to the idea of looking further down the road.

We have reason to be hopeful for early July. But I always recommend keeping an open mind. There appear to be a lot of signs showing a push for our current window, but things can change.  I always tell myself that I'm just grateful to have been included in this, regardless of when it bears fruit.   --  Anticipation of The RV is WORSE than The RV itself!

The fiscal year begins January 1. That is the best most optimum day of the year to change the rate. July 1 is 2nd very best day of the year.. fiscaly speaking.. accounting and book keeping, taxes, etc.

-There is talk of the budget being retroactive back to January 1.. if so it makes no difference what date it is done.. If so.. then that makes this July 1st a big day for GOI reasons.. new parliament.. choosing new leaders ( PM, Pres, Speaker) ...

Yeah JaG... I do not expect to see a magic change of rate Tuesday morning... but I am confident that we will see it sometime this year.... by January 1.... and many others think we will see it very shortly after the "Maliki is Gone!"  Celebrations across Iraq subside....

My family has been invested for the past several years and I have been researching this subject on their behalf. I hate to show my ignorance but could someone explain the difference between an RI and an RV for me?

I think I understand the concepts behind the “delete the zeros” program and an RV which have been focused on. I think I was asleep at the switch when an RI may have been discussed. Thanks.

Tlar I have a question. If this same thing happened in Ca. a month ago and now in Dallas could this not drag on for months roaming from one city to another?

Randytoo, an RI is a reinstatement, meaning the IQD would come out at the rate it was at the time it was devalued -+ 20%. Hope that helps!

An RI is a reinstatement of the old rate at what ever it was, but I believe it will RV some where near the kuwait  dinar, I hope that helps

You certainly are not alone in what you see as ignorance of this investment.  Quite frankly even those who have poured hours into understanding the politics, currency and culture can only make educated guesses about how and when this will take place.  This has been a very humbling investment.  Praying it RVs soon.

Hi all, just want to thank you all for the great thoughts you've shared.  I am grateful.

With that said, one thing I'd like to share is that many people underestimate the significance of the Council On Foreign relations article that was posted a few days ago stating that the government would be formed next Tuesday.

Folks, when the CFR speaks, things happen, plain and simple.  Back in 2010, the CFR met with Maliki prior to him becoming prime minister.  Obama met with the CFR prior to him becoming president.

When I saw this article from the CFR, I had peace in my mind knowing that next tuesday the goi (more specifically the parliament) will be complete.

Here is the article:

Just thought I'd share  

Thanks Sager, Here's the article!    (note: Council of Foriegn Affairs)      Top of the Agenda

Iraq to Form New Government Next Week

The Iraqi parliament will convene on Tuesday to try to form a new government, Iraq's vice president said Thursday (AP). Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who leads the powerful Mahdi army, echoed Western diplomats in calling for an emergency national unity government, a day after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki rebuked such demands (Al Jazeera).

Iran is flying surveillance drones over Iraq and supplying Iraqi armed forced with materiel, U.S. officials said (NYT), while policymakers in Tehran are debating the merits of supporting besieged allies in Baghdad and Damascus (WSJ). Meanwhile, U.S. secretary of state John Kerry is seeking to muster support from Arab allies to peel Sunni tribesmen from their tactical alliance with ISIS (WSJ).


"U.S. President Barack Obama, a man who campaigned on extricating the United States from 'dumb' wars in the Middle East, finds himself potentially embroiled in another one. He is sending a small contingent of special forces to work with the Iraqi military, but many in Washington are urging him to take more decisive action against the ISIL militants sweeping across Iraq, seizing territory and oil facilities and threatening to sow chaos in Baghdad and beyond.

This was not inevitable. The Syrian revolution—and the hesitant, confused international reaction to it—paved the way for the resurrection of a militant Islam that would turn vast regions of Iraq and Syria into borderless jihadi strongholds and inch closer to redrawing the map of the Middle East—in practical terms if not on paper," writes Rania Abouzeid in Politico Magazine.

"Simply bombing ISIS strongholds won't do the trick. In fact, military action alone will only further alienate the Sunnis—and reinforce the notion that America serves as Maliki's air force. Advocates of American military action worry that an unchecked ISIS might someday launch terrorist strikes against the United States or Western Europe.

Maybe so. But another way to inspire such attacks is to bomb ISIS positions (and probably kill some Sunni civilians in the process) while doing nothing to reform Iraqi politics," writes CFR's Fred Kaplan in Slate.

"Iraq's parliamentary elections, which were held at the end of April, may open the way to getting rid of Maliki and reconfiguring power in a new national-unity government. But the country's squabbling politicians are obstinate.

After the previous elections, in 2010, the parliament broke a world record for the longest time taken to form a new government, bickering for a full nine months until Maliki, whose alliance had come in second in popular votes, and his thirty-four-member cabinet were approved. Maliki prevailed by simply holding out longer than the others; the same intransigence has characterized his style of governance ever since," writes Robin Wright for the New Yorker.


Diana,  Yes it could still be on hold until there is a new government IMO..  But in the past these kinds of invitations were based on the facts at that time.  Banks are guessing just like we are.  Until it is done, it is not done.

Shabibi saying he was going to change monetary policy in 2010 and again in 2012 Sept, the leak of Turki's confidential discussions with the EC and FC saying he was going to do it in January, and again when Maliki was to be voted out by no confidence vote, these were all thought to be possibilities that this was about to happen and things were about to change.

These seem to be key times when it looked as though banks thought they may be going to do it and reacted by making preparations. 

This time I think is different.

If Maliki is taken out or resigns and he will be, there is a sense of freedom coming. 

The ISIS will be removed quickly by the Peshmerga, the Sunni's and the Iraqi army, all fighting together as Iraqi's against a common enemy.

The CBI will be finally free of this menace government and won't have to sit on the reserves like a mother hen to protect them from a hostile government scheming to get their dirty hands on ithem which would have at least temporarily (years) set the program back.

Turki a couple of months ago himself said I would love to do it today (as in now) if the government was "settled".  The government will be "settled" maybe as early as next week which is also very close to his other timeline Turki stated he wanted to do this, which is around July 1st.

The CBI has been ready since October of last year and has said so in many articles stating that all the necessary tools were in place.  It is like a baby that is coming but already 8 months late.

So it is my opinion maybe the banks are once again trying to get a head start in this not wanting to be blindsided. This is a big deal and lots of money will be made.  I can assure you of one thing.  Big deals are worked on in advance with lots of planning and preparation.   Tlar

When one asks, "If someone wants dinar, why don't they just get them from a dealer like regular folks?" - I get seems like a reasonable question.

However, there are many reasonable things that are only reasonable to me because I do not know some important peice of a legal, ethical, or technical information.

If I was in possession of this nugget of information and understanding, perhaps I would immediately see the whys and wherfores behind what today seems unreasonable.

It is apparent I do not know everything. 

Butt, for some reason I feel I know a measure of character, honesty, diligence, and smarts demonstrated by the likes of Tlar and others.

So, I suppose I humbly yield to what I believe I know in that regard and accept that I do not know other things that might relieve any tension between believing the person and understanding what seems unreasonable to me.

All that to say...I I believe ....I believe that ...I believe that we will win!  I believe that we will win! I believe that we will wn! I believe that we will win!

I would like anyone in the know to explain what they think about the ISX also kicking off internationaly on July 1st. opinions I have read indicate the IQD on ISX will go international on that date and couldn't be at the current artificial wouldn't that be a big flop at the current rate?....I guess everything is relative given a day or two or three....according to the July 1st time frame. Any thoughts?

I currently have two bank deals going that I was invited into. One was probably 3 years ago and the other one was 1.5 -2 years ago. Both deals are about the same in what they offer. The difference in my offer and yours is the rate. We will get the CBI rate plus other red carpet perks vs. a $3-$4 rate.

Shanny Continues:   
Bank deals are out there and they have been out there for awhile but they are very hard to come by. Most bank employees aren't going to have a clue what the dinar revaluation is about and if they do, they aren't going to know anything about deals that the bank has going with dinar holders. I think a majority of those deals happen on a regional level with the bankers much higher up in the food chain.

Thank you Shanny.  And just for fun, if there's still anyone wanting to bail out, be a smart investor and check the real estate listings in Iraq. 

You can use USD, and of course, IQD. 

My favorite is a new condo complex (gated) in Arbil.  Investment property in Iraq, now there's a change in topic.

Parksutton at June 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM       

Ok I have been up in the mountains at youth camp this past week so I am just now catching up with the new news. I have to say I agree with Tim....... Everything Tlar just posted is straight out of the guru play book:

        1) I have a top secrete source,

        2) I am not supposed to say this

        3) I'll probably get in trouble,

        4) I cannot say all that I know

        5) people are being contacted to be bought out(when all over you can still buy it for less then $1,000 per million)

        6) This should happen by Tuesday IF (have to leave some wiggle room) the government is formed.

        Tlar did not start out like this, he started out be examining articles and giving intelligent replies. However if you go back and check that is how must of the gurus started.

        I hope he's right, I hope I'm crazy but after four years I can recognize guru speak when I see it.

        Please don't do anything foolish or buy something you cannot afford because someone on the internet says they have a contact or knows someone.....

rocko at June 28, 2014 at 10:41 AM:    I agree with your last paragraph about not buying anything you can't afford. I like Tlar and his posts and I know he would agree. Buy on your own decision making principles and don't blame anyone else if it doesn't happen.

Bravo to you both.  Parksutton for saying what some of us are thinking, and rocko for reminding us that we aren't a bunch of kids.  We are adults and need to take responsibilty for our own actions!!

That being said, BRAVO to Tlar & Shanny for letting us know some of the things we don't know.  Just because we are not in the inner circle of some of these bank officers, does not mean that it is not true.

I love this quote from Donald Rumfeld!

"Reports that say there's -- that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things that we know that we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know."  ~  Donald Rumsfeld, 2002

The banks are apparently fishing for holders of larger quantities of Dinar. Obviously they can't just look in "the dinar holder yellow pages" so they are throwing out these "opportunities" to get folks with dinar to contact them.

Obviously they think there is a possibility the dinar will go up in value at some point. And what bank wouldn't want to have a list of names of people who might suddenly need a place to store, say, a few million?

I'm curious to understand more about these bank deals.

IF I was an investor with a large amount of dinars, what are the advantages of doing a bank deal now vs waiting until the official RV other than having that part of our RV plan done?  

Are there perks that won't be available after the RV?

I can see how doing a deal based on whatever the new CBI rate is would have little risk, but doing one for a specific amount seems risky because it could come out higher, we know the banks aren't going to lose money on this!   Just curious.

I will gladly take the bank deal (even at the bottom of the $3 - $4 range).  Please let me know where I should send my contact info.

would guess the advantage is more to the bank. They don't like to lose. I personally wouldn't take the deal because I want to put my money in a entity that will protect me from lawsuits or anything else. I don't currently have the amount of money it would take to do this but will after the RV. That's my 1.5 cents worth. I haven't been contacted so maybe I don't have enough to entice them

Another point to consider is the ISX merging with NASDAQ OMX July 1... an international, tradable currency must be in effect for this to happen

From what I understand, this will be handled through "custodial banking" and therefore, unfortunately, an international, tradable currency is not necessary

Guys I and everybody on here keeps using the July 1st date on the currency matter.  Turki's exact wording was mid-year which implies around  the 1st but not necessarily meaning it has to be July 1st or nothing. 

I am as guilty of using the July 1st as the exact date as anyone, maybe more.  tlar.

I'm waiting on an answer from a friend of mine, who's family has over 100 years of banking experience combined.  But from what I understand, ISX with OMX X stream absolutely needs an international tradable currency because this is an international platform that will deal with many exchanges throughout the world.

Tlar, I have a question for you Sir.

There is a speculative thought/theory out there by a person called Phoenix... In essence, he states that there is a Hegelian Dialectic happening (Problem, Reaction, Solution), whereby the powers that be will create a problem (Maliki winning third term... this will cause huge uproar in Iraq and worldwide (Reaction), and the Kurds will separate aka Biden's 3 state solution (Solution).

Phoenix knows that this goes against pretty much everyone's thinking, but is adamant that this is what will happen....he says that everything is ready for the Kurds to separate.. interim currency will be the LDs (with Kurdish language) until they have their own currency.

I've been seeing lots of articles of the Kurds asking for a refendum and wanting to separate.

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this?

Here's Phoenix's complete theory (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post link from another blog site, but if I'm not allowed, I apologize in advance and please delete:   Thank you  Sager

Sager, it looks to me like they are already separating into 3 regions within the country of Iraq.   So,I don't think it is necessary for Maliki to hold a 3rd term - - all that was needed for the Suni uprising was the THREAT that Maliki would hold a 3rd term.   Much has been accomplished using Maliki's own ego against him - - the latest being article 140-----done!

Also, I, too am very interested in what your connections have to say about whether or not the dinar has to go international when it joins NASDAQ. OMX:) 

Yes, the Nasdaq absolutely needs an international tradable currency because it's an international platform, etc................however, the non-tradable currency will be handled by "custodial bankers" as the "middlemen".

I had a long-running argument with Kaperoni on this and he proved to me he was correct.  Believe me, I don't like it one bit, but apparently this is the way it's done when you have a non-tradable currency and want to trade on the international markets.

Kurddistan has already stated they want to work within the confines of Iraq which means stay.  They got what they want as do the Sunni's the minute a new government exists.

This will be a democracy and it is my belief they are better off as part of Iraq than by themselves.  I have said it for years that references to leaving Iraq is bluster used when they want to move the process along.  With Maliki gone, the big picture for Iraq is good.  tlar

Yes, IMO, the country of Iraq won't dissolve into three separate countries, but I do see them separating into regions within the country of Iraq.  The Kurds already have limited autonomy, and I see the Sunnis wanting that too.   I don't see that the Kurds want to leave Iraq, but they will not put up with another Maliki term.

It's not that strange a concept... the US is split into 50 different regions... called States... within a Federal framework.... ( and sadly the federal Emloyess are power hungry and expanding US Federal power daily)

-It is the same in Iraq.. when the Kurds speak of the right of self determination.. they are not talking about creating an entire new landlocked country...( Though there are extreme fringe Kurds who want this).. they are speaking of States Rights...  and looking for a weak federal system governing the regions over all.

The recently passed Law 21 shifts power to the local level.. and the Federated Council will also curb the Federal power.

The next Prime Minister.. will NEVER be able to get away with the crap Maliki did...  we are not watching them take a chance on another dictator type....we are witnessing the birth of a Democratic Nation.

I totally agree Blue, thanks for you reply...out with the old and in with the new and with anti-dictator protection!

My friend got back to me... he said time will tell, but know this... the Nasdaq is not set up to settle trades in this manner.

Aloha Alex:   
Just saw an art at DA that Jaafari denounced Malaki and they are presently following Sistani's orders to pick someone else NOW!   If true IT IS OVER FOR MALAKI.

Yes.. Jafaari was one of Maliki's guys.. if he is aligned with Hakim for real..  then Maliki is toast.

Well as u can see I'm more of an observer than many here, I've been in this investment since the end of 07 when I was blessed to go as a contract worker, I didn't grasp the magnatude of the pay off till almost 2yrs into this when I went to my first internet site,

so to say I've been in this a while what I've learned is there is a big reason I have 2ears and only one mouth

I do much better if I don't know what I'm talking about to listen to those I've come to trust, now for some time now Randy has stepped back and low and behold Tlar showed up I came to trust that he knew what he was talking about

so I like many others are always eager to hear what he says, I read his post where he was willing to give up his source to give those here the complete truth, now he has again stuck his neck out even further with his declaration about when this would happen,

now I've heard many such declarations over the yrs so I'm kind of numb to then, what I can tell u is this my no means discredits Tlar in my eyes I give him credit for having the courage to state what he believes knowing how brulal people can be in this world,

and they sure have been here, I pray that Tlar is right as like many I am so ready for this ride to be over, I know Tlar u don't know me from Adam but u have my support, and I'll keep waiting for your experience in this as it's way more than mine..KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Thank you Sager for the follow-up.  I am not fluent in Stock exchange methodology so if you are able can you explain this in more basic terms?  I thank you whether or not you can reply.

Mahdi was just announced as the National Alliance pick for PM, I just posted it in a new thread!

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