Sunday, June 29, 2014



Good afternoon everybody I just wanted to stop by and let everybody know all this smoke about Iraq and Ramadon is just that SMOKE!!!!! Iraq has NOTHING to do with the RV anymore with the exception of the GOOD GUYS implementing the Global Reset giving them the priviledge of making the announcement.

[Papajack] This is GOOD vs EVIL the GOOD guys are returning us to the asset backed non corrupt system and the EVIL being the FEDERAL RESERVE, US CORPORATION CRIMINALS that have been hoaxing America for 143 years. Keep those prayers of exposure going, they are working.

[Papajack] The RV is only a PART of the Global Reset, they choose Iraq as the trigger currency for something like 198 countries. The big thing is doing away with the FIAT (worthless paper) system and making everybody have assets backing their currencies. The Smoke and Mirror Cabal banksters won't be able to keep the FRAUD going anymore.

 [Papajack] This is why the fight has been so hard.

[Papajack] Nothing you hear on the lame stream media is true, they are in the pockets of the BAD GUYS.

[Papajack] Remember all things done in darkness will be brought into the light, Yahveh didn't give His Son for such a GREAT SALVATION so these criminals can hide the TRUTH!!!!

[Papajack] Yahveh is making a show of them openly and we are the witnesses.

[Papajack] OH what a time to be alive!!!!

[Papajack] I don't know exactly how everything will play out but can't you feel the Spirit of TRUTH welling up in our spirits?

Papajack] That is why I said the other day, INDEPENDENCE DAY should have a whole new meaning this year. REMEMBER we were all INVITED to this party. Be BLESSED!!!!!

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