Sunday, June 29, 2014


Sheriffs and Larry Klayman,

So are We The People Financially Supporting an Arizona Corporation that we will be going to War with in the Masses in Iraq and Syria so we will be financing BOTH SIDES of the Conflict?
How more convenient than it was with Germany during WWII?
I would say that ISIS has Weapons of MASS Destruction as they are Financed by THE UNITED STATES, INC.!
File a Tort Claim on this one!
I would say that ISIS in AZ was involved in the 9/11 conflict as they were around Prior to 2001!

Integrated Systems Improvement Services (ISIS)
ISIS is a federal contractor whose core competencies include military intelligence training, command and control support, IT services, and defense surveillance.
3-year growth:112%
2008 Revenue:$13.3 million
2005 Revenue:$6.3 million
Location:Sierra Vista, AZ
Industry:Government Services

ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) THE REAL STORY OF ANOTHER U.S. CORPORATION
Posted By: IZAKOVIC [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 25-Jun-2014 04:53:21

...The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or Islamic State in Iraq and al-Shām) (Arabic: الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام‎ ad-Dawlat al-Islāmīyah fī il-ʻIrāq wa-ash-Shām or Arabic: داعش‎ Dāʻish), abbreviated ISIL or ISIS, is an unrecognized state and active jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria. In its self-proclaimed status as an independent state, it claims the territory of Iraq and Syria, with implied future claims intended over more of the Levant, including Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus, and Southern Turkey.[32][33]...


But there are other opinions.

...Enter the mercenaries

Like I presented in a reply to some reader comments, there are many organizations who actually do a lot of the American fighting in various places around the globe. Now, I was blown away when I came across this website, which documents an additional mercenary corporation.

And the name is…….you’re not going to believe this…….the name is……..ISIS!

What are the chances that you have a major conflict going on now in the Middle East with two organizations with the EXACT same name? What are the chances?

Let’s take a look at where the American ISIS performs its mission:

Look at the map posted!


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Dan said...

Maybe some Whistleblower could find that Lois Lerner's emails could be found on Integrated Systems Improvement Services' servers as the Tea Party and Conservative organizations could be viewed as Terrorist organizations, so therefore there is a Need for the NSA to relay this info to ISIS to STOP those possible Terrorist actions, or they were directly handed over to ISIS by the IRS to look over.