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Red Cross Clams Up About Missing $300 Million Post Hurricane Sandy [video]


Red Cross Clams Up About Missing $300 Million Post Hurricane Sandy [video]

I’ve cautioned people about hopping on the Red Cross bandwagon when sending assistance to victims of these so-called “natural” disasters—or ANY appeal of any kind, be it the Salvation Army, Breast Cancer Foundation, all of it. Many of them are fronts for theft, plain and simple.
The Red Cross executives get most of what is donated and if we really want our resources to go to victims, we have to find charities and organized groups such as churches, who actually provide aid directly rather than lining the pockets of the charity administration, et al.
Oh, the Red Cross, FEMA… all the cabal’s organizations put on a great show so the lamestream media has those wonderful, heart-warming pictures to show us on TV to illustrate just how much help is on site, but they don’t actually DO much of anything.
The purpose of these tragedies is to wreak as much destruction and misery on The People and their environs as possible.
Just as happened in Haiti during the colossal earthquake of 2010, and at the time of the 911 domestic terror attack and other calamities, Hurricane Sandy was, among other things, a prime opportunity to stuff the cabal coffers with taxpayers’ generous donations—and they don’t feel they owe us any explanations.
From BrasscheckTV… everything you never wanted to know about the American Red Cross…  ~ BP

The Red Cross Screws Donors and Victims Again

Red Cross clams up about missing $300 million

I call it ‘missing’ because I was there after Hurricane Sandy.
I didn’t see anything but Red Cross photo ops—and neither did any one of the dozens of people I talked to all over the disaster zone.
Now is asking them how they spent the $300 million they raised to ‘help’ after Hurricane Sandy and the Red Cross “prefers not to say.”
Published June 27, 2014


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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Dole - President of the American Red Cross was receiving a salary of $200,000 yearly in 1995. This amount was huge for that time in American history. It added up to $16,666.6666667 per month. (That's a lot of 666's) When Haiti had it's terrible earthquake, old George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton were seen with their arms around each other raising money from the poor unsuspecting public to "help the Haitian people". Well most of that money made it into their pockets instead of going to help the Haitian people! The phony hustle and scam has been on for at least decades. If a normal person tries to scam people, they stop that right away. When they held the fundraisers to help Bangladesh and Africa (concert for Bangladesh) it seems like when the American food aid that was carried by plane and dropped off for the starving people was then hi-jacked by guys with guns who just allowed the people to go ahead and starve to death. Just be careful to prevent giving your money to scam artists. Included in the scam artist business is the Rockefellers who is associated with the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer. They have never even tried to find a cure for cancer, but there are hundreds of them that people with cancer know nothing about. I believe it's time for the good American people to gather together to do real good for our country and fellow man.