Friday, June 27, 2014

BRICS ready to launch new banking system

BRICS ready to launch new banking system

Posted by Zuvrick Rm on June 27, 2014 at 11:49am

The “World as we Know It” comes to an end, July 14-16, 2014. Part 1/2…

“BRICS emerging nations close to launching bank”

Posted on 2014/06/26by kauilapele

How do you build a new banking system, not connected to the Fed, the IMF, or the World Bank? Build it with BRICS.

This article is from May 30, but “The BRICS Event” is happening in July.

In his last “comment on the Ben Fulford” article, David Wilcock wrote, “the BRICS bank goes fully online, ostensibly as of July 1st”, however it will apparently be “launched” at the BRICS summit, which runs from July 14-16. David also wrote this,

“Once the BRICS bank goes fully online…, the final stages are in place for mass arrests to occur. I do think the Cabal knows this, and this is why we are seeing these frantic last-minute moves to try to change the game… “

From the article below,

“The new bank would symbolize the growing influence of emerging economies in the global financial architecture long dominated by the United States and Europe through the International Monetary Fund and World Bank…

“Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are expected to sign a treaty to launch the bank officially when they meet at a BRICS summit in the northern Brazilian city of Fortaleza on July 15.”

All I can add here is, get ready for a fun coaster ride!


Anonymous said...

Since the cabal knows full well about the BRICS bank, don't you think that this would pose the PERFECT REASON to bring forth an enormous FALSE FLAG EVENT(S) in the USA to reek havoc, implement martial law and roundups, and STOP any RV process in America? Since it is reported that the BRICS banking system is to be up and running by mid July, wouldn't that time frame - between NOW and mid July - pose the PERFECT TIME TO BRING FORTH THE 'TERRORIST' ATTACKS ON American soil????? And how about placing ALL THE BLAME FOR THOSE TERRORIST ATTACKS ON PATRIOTS/VETS/CHRISTIANS/CONSTITUTION PROMOTERS AS WELL AS THOSE SUPPORTING OUSTING THIS ROGUE CRIMINAL REGIME AND RE-INSTITUTING THE REPUBLIC???? Be wise and give this some serious thought, resulting in serious action to put a stop to their plans. ACT OR BE ACTED ON BY YOUR ENEMY WITHIN WITH THEIR HIRED MERCENARIES.

Anonymous said...

I can't give you my sources but the BRIC financial system does go on line on July 1st. Due to security reasons, exchanges will not be open until July 7th. Bank of New York is all set up and ready. This financial system is transparent, no NDA's required and all accounts are as safe as if God was your teller! The BRIC's are trying to fix Wells Fargo but the corruption so far is terrible because of influence from the Federal Reserve System! Principles of the FED are trying to figure out how to penetrate the system and steal the gold! It may take a little longer or plan B, to arrange for other BRIC Bank facilities..

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what exactly is meant by "The world as we know it comes to an end, July 14-16." I realize the Fed. Res. banking system is the bad guys system......but how will we all be affected? I know they stole my house and everyone else who was foreclosed on. Let alone all the other stealing they have done. Will people be funded for their losses?