Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As reported several times before, a debt based monetary system must have new debt and lots of it to continue the Ponzi nature of its existence, hence the Democrats demands for more and more spending and the accompanying debt it creates. Up to your ears in debt? Can’t sleep nights? Bill collectors dunning you? Out of money and credit? Mortgage payment behind and your facing foreclosure? Only one thing to do says Obama, only one possible solution say Reed and Pelosi and their COMMUNIST ALLIES in the Democrat Party, GO SHOPPING. Spend money. Spend trillions more dollars. Run up the credit card balances still more. Spend, spend, spend. Somebody bitching? Tax, tax, tax. Tax and spend, spend and tax. Live it up. To hell with the consequences, to hell with future generations. More booze now. More parties. More vacations. More rounds of golf. More Limousines. More vacations. More trillions for more Bankers, foreign and domestic. More Billions for the unions. More billions for foreign countries, banks, companies and individuals and bill It all to the taxpayers. “Yahoo, this Gov’t stuff is easy easy easy not nearly as tough as ‘Community Organizing’. Another Billion to get re-elected so we can all get down with some really really serious Taxes and Spending and total Gov’t Control of every aspect of the lives of these American idiot’s. Yahoo, what a deal, I had no idea how easy it was going to be”. The world of the Liberals is upside down and backwards, GOOFY and incomprehensible unless you too have drunk the juice, the magic potion which makes ‘upside down and backwards’ look normal. The inmates are running the asylum friends. The survival of their Fiat/Fractional/Ponzi/NWO Monetary System is dependent upon a continuation of the status quo, kicking the can, etc. and is the opposite of ‘Our Business’. The ‘take-away’ here is Obama’s desire to continue the status quo by spending our country into oblivion (3.7 Trillion in two years), hang the consequences, staying in power is the only thing that counts. I predict he will lose this argument, that we will have a ‘Tea Party Outcome’. If not get yourself a place in the woods and store food and water.

· While the Corporation’s Politicians continued their kabuki dance last week Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, etc. were obtaining a debt reprieve and renegotiation in Europe. The ‘public face’ put on this was a ‘renegotiation of the rate and term’ of outstanding debt. WE had reported the week before that Obama was promising Euro Countries and Banks another bailout by August 1st. Now we hear Europe got 400B while also last week, the CBO Fed Audit came out saying the Fed loaned every Tom ,Dick and Harry in the world 16 T with our taxpayers on the line for it. In his weekend update another ‘messenger’ said these funds for Euro Land came from ‘the Parents’ which is a way of saying ‘Our Business’ is unfolding, ‘The New’ saved Europe and will save the U.S. as Bernanke/Geithner are all in and all out of bullets. OUR intell says all funds associated with ‘The New’ are still ‘locked down’ tight and therefore unavailable for what happened in Europe last week or for anything in the U.S. this week or next. As I have said many times, the ultimate question is ‘who is controlling the thin air Printing Press’ (figure of speech)? IMO the true status of things (Programs) which we have all been seeking week after week is encapsulated in these two issues in this one paragraph. Who is controlling the Printing Press? Was the latest European Bailout last week the result of ‘The Parents’ coming to the rescue of the Euro and the Sovereign Debt of several Euro Nations? Or was it more of the old, the Obama/Bernanke “Kick The Can’ Printing Press trick leading to the inevitable conclusion that the Fiat Game is still underway and whether the words of Obama, reported here many times saying, ‘we will never receive as long as he is President’, still hold true? So once again, 1). Who is controlling the Printing Presses and, 2). Did the ‘Parents’ bail Europe last week or was it the Printing Press still indirectly under the control of Obama/Illuminati, etc..

· Notice please that the Farce, I mean Fight, going on in D.C. is a microcosm of the question before the world, the continuation of unlimited never ending debt creation with attendant permanent Debt Slavery for all people (victims) of the current system, in order to continue the status quo, vs ‘The New’, an alternative Asset Backed Banking and Monetary System, the payout of the Settlements and The Prosperity Programs, the return to the Constitution, etc.. It is primarily the Democrats, the Socialist, the Communist, the Central Planners, the Controllers, The NWO, the Illuminati, the East Coast Establishment, the bought and paid for whore’s in the media, Obama and Karl Marx who demand the continuation of the status quo of debt creation as they must have control of the Monetary System in order to rule the world. But remember this, the Democrats do not have an exclusive when it comes to TREASON. The ‘Money Interest’ controls both sets of WHORES in Washington D.C..

· Obama is not all bad. This ‘Conservative’ believes certain of his demands such as closing Corporate Tax Loopholes are good ideas but focus there does not address the greater issue of the continuation of the entirely Fraudulent Ponzi Monetary System. Similarly, Marx was not all bad. In fact he was a brilliant philosopher whose mind and accomplishments in life far exceed those of ‘ordinary’ men. Both of these fellows might do well ‘selling’ their wares in Russia, Eastern Europe or maybe even in France but not here. This is America. It is altogether a different place and a different people. Obama should take his copy of The Communist Manifesto, large numbers of cruise ships filled with his Liberal supporters and Michelle’s $150,000. ‘summer wardrobe’ and try to sell his views to his own people, those of his home country, Kenya.

· Needless to say there are many many other things worth writing about and calling to your attention today, almost all of them bad but, I am going to stop now and ask you to focus on the issues raised above as therein lies the future of the world, at least near term, and also the status of our deliveries.

Casper 7-25-11


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............part2......... Lyndon LaRouche: Jail Bernanke, Geithner And Obama Now, For Massive Theft And Loan Fraud. Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail] Date: Tuesday, 26-Jul-2011 21:25:31 Source: http://www.larouchepac.com/node/18909 and
http://www.truth24.co.za/alternative-world-news-media-info-warrior-truth-conspiracy-syndicator/07/26/11/lpac-larouche-jail-bernanke-geithner-and-obama-now-for-massive-theft-and-loan-fraud/4238.html ..... In March 2008, Fed Chairman Bernanke fraudulently invoked an emergency clause in the Federal Reserve Act, claiming that on the basis of "unusual and exigent circumstances," the Fed could issue emergency loans to nondepository institutions, for the first time since the Great Depression. As the result, the Fed issued more than $16 trillion in emergency loans to Wall Street and foreign banks..... The GAO audit was conducted under an amendment to the Dodd-Frank bill, that was introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), over strenuous objections. Lyndon LaRouche today demanded that Bernanke, Geithner and President Obama be immediately sent to prison, for their role in this fraudulent theft of taxpayer's money. "There never was an emergency, warranting $16 trillion in bailout to Wall Street and foreign banks," LaRouche declared. "There was always an alternative, which I spelled out clearly in my 2007 Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA), an alternative thoroughly in keeping with the U.S. Constitution. I called for the immediate reinstatement of the Glass Steagall Act, and a freeze on all home foreclosures, for the duration of the bankruptcy reorganization, of the entire Federal Reserve System. It was a high crime to bail out Wall Street and London's gambling debts, .....and Bernanke's declaration of emergency, unleashing $16 trillion in Fed funds to bailout gambling debts that can never be paid, ......was a criminal fraud. President Obama has furthered that criminal fraud, by pledging that the U.S.Federal Reserve and Treasury would be the lenders of last resort, for the European Monetary Union..... The idea that the American people should be held responsible for bailing out tens of trillions of dollars in fraudulent, worthless, unpayable debt, .... is unforgivable, and must be punished by criminal prosecution and hard jail time. Public officials elected or appointed to high office in our Federal government, must be held accountable for their crimes, or else our entire Constitutional system, is worthless.
I know the American people are with me, and that there can be no delay. .....
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