Sunday, July 24, 2011





I am calling forth a people who will press into Me, and receive from Me. This is a people who come to Me daily to hear from Me and speak forth My oracles, and walk in My character, displaying My love, My authority, My mercy and My compassion. Love overcomes a multitude of sin, because I AM THE GOD of grace and forgiveness. And in My fullness there is joy.

I am calling you forth My eagles to declare and display My fullness; you are the chosen vessels who will carry My glory. You will glorify Me and be releasers of My life and the fullness of My character. You are being transformed right now; being stretched and strengthened more and more all the time; becoming capable of carrying greater and greater amounts of My glory.

This has been a long, hard and painful process for many of you. Many of you have come close to giving up, because you cannot imagine why I have put you through so many difficult and painful situations. But trust Me beloved, and hold on to My hope. Stand strong in your faith, and believe Me when I tell you there is a good reason for everything you have encountered and everything I have brought you through.

I have poured out the oil of gladness over you, and I tell you JOY IS COMING! BREAKTHOUGH IS COMING! VICTORY IS COMING! YOUR REWARD IS COMING MY FAITHFUL ONES! So hold onto Me; don’t give up and don’t give in. Stand up and sing praises to ME. Wait upon ME and strength WILL rise within you – not your strength –but MY STRENGTH!

Heaven is invading earth through you, My yielded and loyal vessels. This is because you diligently follow after Me; thinking not of yourselves, but thinking continually of Me and what I desire. You hearken and obey. Beloved you know there is no other way to the fullness of joy and triumph and victory over every strategy of the enemy that comes from walking hand in hand with Me, My eagles.

Put on the full armor of God in this hour and rise up. I am sending My remnant to declare My truths in these end times with great strength and power that has never been seen before. Yes, put on My full armor and stay prayed up at all times beloved. I am removing everyone and everything in your life that hinders you beloved. You have been faithful to me and I am always faithful to you.

This will not be a painless thing, but it is a necessary thing that I do to protect you beloved. Walk in My authority and My boldness. For in Me you are victorious. Stand on My promises and know that I have a plan and a purpose for your life. You can do ALL things through My strength beloved, so don’t give in to despair. Keep pressing in closer to Me. Trust Me to give you the comfort you need, and the strength you need to continue on this journey I have set you on. Glorify Me in all you do and say. Let My river flow through you. Flow freely in My anointing, and let the wind of My Spirit carry you higher and higher. Walk in the destiny I have created you for My humble servants. Look to Me for I am your constant Source. Keep your eyes fixed on Me so that you do not get distracted.

I am calling to you to be led by My Spirit and build My Kingdom upon the earth. Walk in the fullness of My splendor and display My love, grace, mercy and compassion. Set the captives free as you speak My oracles from Heaven. Yes, build My kingdom. You are not here to build your own kingdom, but Mine. Remain humble, steadfast and seek Me constantly.

My love endures forever, and My desire is to fill up thirsty hearts with My love. So continue to desire Me! Don’t let your passion for Me grow cold with all the challenges you must pass through. But be ardent lovers of Me and display the fullness of My glory and walk in My glory. For I am moving from sea to sea and touching every nation through My eagles, who will boldly walk in My fullness and My authority, and declare My oracles and be releasers of My truth in this now season.

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