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Message from Montague Keen July 24, 2011

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Message from Montague Keen July 24, 2011

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Date: Monday, 25-Jul-2011 16:14:27

Message from Montague Keen July 24, 2011

What you have suffered, this week, is the result of pushing yourself over the limit. The human body can only go so far. You must learn to accept that you cannot do everything yourself. Help is on the way to complete our project. The timing of this can only be decided by us, on this side of life.

What the Prime Minister of Ireland, Mr Enda Kenny, did last week, was the first step towards complete disclosure. In time, he will understand that his courage in standing up for his people has opened a door that can never again be closed. Other countries are now joining the Irish. They are questioning the Vatican's rule and control. The Vatican is skilled at saying all the right words but their actions do not change. They rule through fear. They make people fearful of dying. I tell you that death is the most beautiful experience . . . it's going home.

Illness that causes premature death, etc, is man-made. All human life is manipulated from cradle to grave. Of course, there are good Catholics and good Catholic clergy, but what we draw your attention to is the Vatican. There we see criminal conspiracy involving a few thousand people who consider themselves the Elite who rule the world. This is why they ensure that they control the schools, so that they can control children's minds and fill them with fear. The children are taught that they must obey the priest who is God's representative on Earth. Think of the effect on those children when these priests rape and abuse them and rob them of their innocence. This has got to stop now. It is time to step into the Light.

Without your support, this abuse would not be possible. You have allowed yourselves to be controlled from cradle to grave. One of the many things they have kept hidden from you is Tesla's work, which would have provided Free Energy for all. They have hidden all the ancient knowledge that would have brought people together in love and harmony. War is their sacrifice to MOLOCH. This is what keeps them in power and control.

People are coming together in love. Send love to all, especially the oppressed, as it is only through love that the world will change. We, on this side of life, are doing all that we can to open the hearts of Man to love. We show that fear is but the tool of the oppressor and you must no longer buy into it. With love in your hearts you will rise above all that has held you in chains.

We did warn that many atrocities would be arranged to cause fear and that these events would allow them to introduce yet more control. The individuals who carry out these terrible acts are totally brain-washed, and in some cases, 'chipped' so that they obey all orders. Look beyond these individuals to the company they keep and what societies they are involved with, and their belief systems, etc. Their souls are not guilty of the crimes they commit while their minds are controlled.

You, my dear, opened your mind to the subliminal messages that take over the TV screen every few minutes. This information goes directly into the sub-conscious mind. It is logged there and your conscious mind is totally unaware of it. This is how they control people: they keep them in an hypnotic state. It shocked you to see how often the screen changed and the writing came at you. The fact that the TV is widely used as a baby-sitter for young children ensures that they are controlled from an early age. What we ask of you is that you take responsibility for yourselves. Research everything — do not take anything at face value. Set yourselves free.

You will see many changes for the better in the month of August. The more exposure that occurs, the easier it is to step forward into the light. The information is flowing from Spirit to those who connect with us. There is only a thin veil between us.

Always believe the opposite to what you are being told. Do not fall for their lies as it is their last desperate effort to keep control. They are desperate for war, especially with the Moslems. They are prepared to kill many of you and pretend that the Moslems are responsible. To them, it's just an easy way to cull the population. In their eyes, you are there only to keep them in power. Do not fall, yet again, for their hype.

Your only aim should be to create a better world for all. Freedom of thought and movement, and the removal of all differences that were created to cause conflict. Love should guide you every step of the way as Mankind steps forward into the light. You are on Earth at this time to make this happen. Come together, create the energy of love. Each can do it in the way that is most comfortable for you. There will be infiltrators who will try to distract you from your path, so be aware of this as you allow others to join you. They must be of pure mind. Each has his own role to play in the awakening.

Please rest, my dear. Many things happen to try to distract you, or to put you off-course. The Dark Side never fails to find opportunities to disrupt our work. They know the greater plan and this is why they attack. One day, soon, all will be revealed.

I am forever at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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