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Planned Sequence of Events Leading to Planetary Ascension

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Planned Sequence of Events Leading to Planetary Ascension

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Date: Friday, 29-Jul-2011 05:50:36

Planned Sequence of Events Leading to Planetary Ascension

Posted by Drekx Omega on July 27, 2011

Dear Lightbearers,

The sequence of events leading to ultimate Planetary ascension will be along these lines.....

Initial arrests, of all primary accused parties within the Illuminoid families and their cohorts....completed on an international scale...They are already contained and trapped on earth, so currently denied the freedom to travel off-world to escape justice. The arrested will be sent to prison or jail, to await trial, in any country they are detained in. International legal processes are in place and primed to act.

Next, the sequence of events requires the political changes, in the form of the global regime changes we are expecting, including the UK & US, those most powerful pillars that support the dark empire that spans earth...It is particularly important that the USA Corporation is dis-assembled by the caretaker regime, that wins back constitutional power over a restored republic...As the regime announces the restored rights, freedoms and liberties of citizens, it will also align the new policy with a global rollout, sharing the United States bill of rights, with the whole world, politically...

Peace is declared, as well as a new financial system, based on sound money and precious metals-backed currencies....The dollar, backed by gold-silver-platinum-paladium will be catapulted into such a high value, that all other nations will likewise have to back their currencies, to level the playing field, fiscally...(or, all companies would relocate to America.)

New education programmes are announced and unveiled using a co-operative international media, operating under new mandates and without the former restrictions on what they report, the press too...

The history books are formally re-written and science is also corrected by learned scientists....religion will be required to reflect upon it's many errors over the centuries.

Then new programmes of achieving zero taxation, neutralising the Federal Reserve bank and IRS, will be put in place....only sales tax will be permitted, and no income tax for individuals...again this very US constitutional policy will be mirrored in other countries, including my own, in which a reformed Bank of England, with co-operative links to the new Treasury bank in the US, as well as central banks globally.

All financial debts, both national and individual, are cancelled and the old banking order placed under bankruptcy proceedings....the stock markets will be dismantled and corporations will be re-chartered as servants of the people of the World. The competitive motive will be replaced by the co-operative motive...announced formally.

Then, the prosperity programmes will be announced, which will be massive financial injections into economies from the Saint Germain World Trust and former Illuminoid trusts...Monies for charities, a well as basic infrastructure projects, to massively redress the imbalance between the small number of "haves," and the vast numbers of "have nots." Lord Maitreya's call for SHARING, will become state policy...

Then the Day of Declaration and the Ascended Masters will officially externalise the Spiritual Hierarchy...The "World Teacher" (his title) will be revealed and exposed to full publicity and he will introduce the other Masters, initially including Master Jesus, Master Koothumi and Master Racoczi. (Saint Germain)

Then the secrecy and "national security" restrictions will be lifted on aetheric energy devices.....and many such devices will be marketed and sold over the counter to people all over the globe...and even the charity organizations will be distributing such devices to the needy in the most remote regions on earth...power for homes, but drawn independently of the electric grid, for example...

Many Lightworkers will be involved in obtaining, training, applying and teaching others how to use the aetheric energy based techology of Light. Then special environmental clean-up technologies will also be unvelied and purchased (with people's great abundance) by teams of world anti-pollution project members...many will volunteer, as the spirit of altruism, joy of service and deep dedication to helping others, as well as mother earth, takes hold in hearts and minds.

Nobody will need payment, as all will be extremely wealthy and comfortable...with no debts, no taxes, no lack and no worries...In spite of this, others will still work for a wage, as they prefer to and are used to that lifestyle.

THEN GOVERNMENTS WORLDWIDE WILL ANNOUNCE UFO DISCLOSURE...the media and science will be onboard with this and the reformed governments....the "national security" blocks having been lifted....First Contact will be officially announced, before the mass landings are allowed.(we do have an emergency alternative plan, though)

After several mass fly-overs, each getting vaster and vaster...the GFL will also station the motherships in orbit and ALL WILL SEE THEM WITHOUT FAIL....The press will report the "cities in the sky." They will be seen by all and also on TV and in the papers, clearly.

In response, the people and governments will invite the Mass landings with joy...MASS LANDINGS using millions of scout ships, globally, landing in every open space, national parks, rural fields, public greens, etc....Not in city centres, though, unless parkland. They will be met by officials and the people will surround their craft.

ET personnel will be formally introduced to the world and seen on TVs everywhere...They will be seen with political leaders from the caretaker regimes, as well as GFL Ground Crew personnel. The initial tranche will be humanoids and people will be surprised at how "normal" they appear, although wearing strange clothing and carrying exotic equipment...Technologies to share with all, freely.

After the mass landings, the technology roll out programmes will include GFL technologies and techniques, also, alongside the more backward Illuminoid devices, already distributed, which include some Atlantean technologies..The Sirians and others will be offering replicator devices, to help manifest numerous items, including food, clothing and any molecular stucture.

The trials of the Illuminoid families will commence, for the interest and education of the entire world to witness.

As you see, the steps are dynamic and bold....each one starts and triggers the next to start, in close a line of dominoes. The destination is the Light Chambers, where all ascendees are due to make their ultimate transformations.

The GFL Ground Crew will be active in supporting all steps, but our public announcements will only be completed at the same time as First Contact....we are a mirror of the GFL Flight Crew, and together victorious.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW.........!!

Selamat Kasijaram Zau. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit!

Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew


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