Thursday, July 28, 2011

CASPER for JULY 28th

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CASPER for JULY 28th: "There is a third way; The change from a debt based to an asset based Monetary System."

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Date: Thursday, 28-Jul-2011 00:27:43

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Hi, Folks -

Received from Wendy via e-mail - discernment is advised:


The Democrats/Liberals say raise the debt ceiling, create debt, spend more, bailout every business, bank, country willing to go along with the Corporation/Fed Res Partnership (16 T since ’07), more status quo, kick the can, fiat wins, you people/all people who believe in freedom and free enterprise lose. I WIN, we win, says Obama and the Communist who are pretending to be Socialist. The NWO wins, the Banks and the Iluminatti win, down with the Republic, the Constitution and 'WE The People'. Open Borders, ya’ll come. The Kool-aid in this cup is poison. Drinking it is suicidal. We become the Big ‘G’, Greece on steroids, and soon. A complete loss of Sovereignty and purchasing power of the ‘dollar’ and we become debt slaves forever with our children and grandchildren asking ‘mommy, daddy, why did you let this happen to us’? This is Obama's world view and at his level this is not suicide, it is the intentional MURDER of historical America as preplanned by himself and his NWO/Communist "Handlers". He gets to be ‘King’, Emperor and/or Dictator, we get the ball and chain.

The Republicans (RINO's), Democrats Light, expect to reverse our nations trajectory by imposing ‘Austerity Measure's’ far beyond those being publicly discussed with consequences (suffering) far beyond what is being disclosed. This route offers a realistic opportunity to save the Republic in the long term but offers a double helping of misery in the short and medium term. Even higher unemployment likely. Deleveraging accelerating with falling asset values. Possible deflation, possible depression. This route is preferable to the guaranteed bankruptcy offered by the Liberals but neither route gets rid of the U.S. Corporation/Fed Res/IRS/Banking/Illuminati/NWO Partnership nor does either stop the inevitable eventual failure of the fraudulent Ponzi Monetary System.

There is a third way; The change from a debt based to an asset based Monetary System. The funding of the settlements and the programs coupled with debt forgiveness. A return to the Constitution and the flushing of the Criminal Enterprise masquerading as legitimate Gov’t in Washington D.C..

For 20 plus years I have watched and waited to see something tangible in support of this third way. Yesterday it finally happened. By chance my idiot box was on Fox Business Channel when Dennis Kucinich appeared and spoke as follows (paraphrasing) :

“ The Japanese Finance Minister is here and we are discussing a different financial model. A constitutional Monetary System, moving the Fed under the Treasury. Ending the Banks leveraging of deposits by 20X or 30X. Reclaiming the Constitutional power over money. Leaving the Debt Based System. This is what we are discussing on Capital Hill today”. Repeat,

I saw this with my own eyes.

The interviewer went bonkers, ‘ are you kidding me? That would destroy the banks, yada yada yada’.

Not one word of this have I seen since, not in print, not in the broadcast media. This is/was IMO a happening of enormous importance yet a very big, very wet blanket was thrown over it overnight.

Apparently the FARCE going on in D.C. is even bigger than previously reported. Most of them are LIARS and CON ARTIST, their only concerns are greed and staying in power, all are Employees of the Corporation.

Casper 7-27-11




Anonymous said...

I'm from ohio and kucinich is very close to the communist in cleveland and the area, I agree we need to us a gold backed currency, but he is very close to communist don't kid yourself. We need to get our BILL OF RIGHTS restored, we lost them when the corporation government conned us, and took over. We need to HANG ever elite in that corp. For crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Casper has given up the bottle and is sobering up.

I don't know if Kucinich said that on Fox but the rest is on the mark.