Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Illegal Fed Reserve Action

Thursday, July 28, 2011
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Massive institutionalised corruption in élite America: Full text of Tropos Capital Corporation's G20 letter of Wednesday 9th March 2011 to Christine Lagarde reporting the unlawful interception of $700 billion by the US Federal Reserve Board
Robert Hryniak (Tropos President) and Dwayne Heppner (Ohio State Bar attorney) wrote to Lagarde when she was the G20 Finance President, and before she took over at the IMF.

The text of their letter, with six supporting papers, was circulated to all G20 Heads of Government and Finance Ministers in March 2011. The papers attached included a Tropos letter to US President Barack Obama (25.06.09), and Tropos letters to the Bank for International Settlements (02.11.10 and 22.11.10). Also included in the circulated bundle was a formal Notice of Default addressed to Chairman Binyamin Shalom Bernanke at the US Federal Reserve Board (05.07.10).

Hryniak and Heppner's letter of the 9th March 2011 reports, in detail, orchestrated malfeasance, default and deceit by the US Federal Reserve Board since November 2004 in blocking and diverting a properly executed ACATS wire transfer of $700 billion from the Bank of Taiwan to a Tropos trust account in the US.

The accumulated yield on the unlawfully intercepted trust corpus since the date of the original ACATS transfer is understood, now, to be a substantial multiple of the original $700 billion. Timothy Geithner was centrally involved in the misappropriation of the Tropos funds when he was President of the Federal Reserve Board of New York.

There is a suggestion that the BIS, in Basle, Switzerland, under improper pressure from the US Bush Administration in 2004, declined, initially, to refer the $700 billion theft to Interpol. More background here (22.07.11).

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