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PRAISE news and Dinar stuff

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WOW Guys,

I am sitting here in awe at the goodness of the LORD - I am a firm believer that the "Kingdom (us) suffers violence but the violent (us again) take it by force...Mathew 11:12

We started the 7 day RI-RV prayer march 7 days ago and now Tony of PTR states that at 12:10am, 10 minutes after the end of our 7th prayer day, that Iraq announced that they were international and would increase the rate of their dinar and we would see this on Sun-Monday time frame.

7:15PM] Tony reading text from US Treasury - rv will go live Monday morning / was announced at 1210 am Baghdad time

Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi said he was in talks with the prime minister, Noor al-Maliki, on how to go ahead with the bid to issue dinars with lower denomination and higher appreciation.\2011-07-15\kurd.htm

DO you realize the power of corporate prayer? Do you realize that GOD states that "one can chase a thousand two 10,000". Can you see the power from the prayers by the masses that were praying that our prayer declaration has brought answers that we are about to see? I do firmly believe that the faith and power of the spoken word will bring this RI-RV to fruition a GOD's exact time with no interference by "Man" amen? Sometimes God can SUDDENLY answer, which HE will and just prior to that He wants us to "clear the path and usher it in"... get violent against those who cause the Kingdom suffer and have delay in answers to prayers....

AMEN and I pray that each of you now have a new level of faith, lets stay the course and not let go, KNOWING that your prayers were heard and the very thing you prayed for is about to manifest before your eyes.

I love you all...Debbie

ALSO - watch this video - this is James Maloney - supposedly this is from a meeting that took place June 2nd and this video was posted July 10th on the web - in this message by Bro James (who was blessed by Smith Wigglesworth) speaks of the end time wealth transfer coming from the ME and specifically from Iraq and that it would come within 30-60 days... SCROLL up to the 21:00 mark on the video to listen - the WHOLE message is go tho...
James Maloney

ALSO another suddenly...

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
God’s plan is for you to prosper and be successful in every area of your life. Some people might say, “I don’t see how you can say that with the economy like it is. All the experts are saying it’s going to get worse before it gets better.” That may be true in general, but it doesn’t have to be true for believers in Jesus. We are connected to a supply line that will never run dry. Don’t be talked in to having a bad year. The economy is not your source. God is your source. And God wants to bless you beyond your salary. He wants to bless you beyond your normal income. He likes to do unusual things. He can bless you with what I call an explosive blessing! That means, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, something happens that takes you to a new level. Old limitations are broken, and suddenly, you find yourself further than you ever dreamed!

The key is found in Psalm 1:1–2. We have to separate ourselves from the system of the world and set our heart and mind on the Word of God. When you meditate on His promises and follow His commands, you will experience these explosive blessings. When you put Him first, you will be strong and stable, and whatever you do will prosper!

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