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Dinar Cash In Places - Dinar Trade & Banker

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Cash in places for Dinar Trade and Dinar Banker

These are the places that were previously posted on their sites.

Find the Bank that HAS a De La Rue ON Premises before doing business. I recommend you call first.
Or use OR Do not cash in where there will be a "leave 'em with us, will get back to you!" policy.
These are like bearer bonds.. who ever has em, owns em! Also, even if the bank has a De La Rue on the Premise, do NOT let the bank take them out of your site, go with them to the machine.


Cashing in your dinars
. Most of the banks will not be handling the cashing in process for several days after the announcement. We are working with several major banks to determine the spread, (what they will charge to cash in your dinar), and negotiating the best deals possible. Ali has promised the CBI, (Central Bank of Iraq), rate which will be better than the local banks. He will charge $150 per million dinar and $24 per bank wiring account. This will be less than most banks who will want to charge 2-4%. Ali has also committed to freezing the rate when you call and make your appointment. He will have several offices available nation wide, but the nearest for most of us will be in Las Vegas. You can determine for yourself what will work best for you.

Dinar Trade procedures for cashing in dinars once the RV occurs
When you are ready to cash in your dinars with Dinar Trade:
Call 1-877-770-7660 or 661-472-8510 to make an appointment. Let us know which office you would like to go to in order to make the trade.
At the time of the appointment inform us of the number of people in your group and the total amount of dinars you will be cashing in.
You will need the following:
2 IDs (one with a picture and one with your name on it for example credit card or utility bill)
Fincen 104 form ( ) if you don't have one we have it at our offices .
Bank incoming wire instructions ( ABA Routing number and Account number)
We will wire the funds form our bank account here in the U.S to your bank while you wait at the time of exchange.
Dinar Trade will charge $150 per million dinars as a service fee for cashing the dinars.

As for the exchange rate it will depend on the rate in Iraq at that time. We will let you know the rate on the phone but it will not be confirmed until you show up at our office at the time of exchange.
We will Only lock in the rate for customer who have purchased dinars form our company at the time when you make the appointment.
We encourage everyone to check all the banks who will be exchanging dinars and their rates before calling us (we are pretty sure we will beat their rates)
At this time we have 3 offices open :
Brentwood, Tennessee
Bakersfield, California
Santa Monica California
Once the RV occurs we will have the following locations open within 7 days.
As we open the other locations we will post the addresses on our website contact us page.

Locations to be open:
Manhattan, NY
Spring hill, FL
FT Smith, AR
Waxahachie, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Grand Forks ND
Las Vegas NV
Toledo OH

We will not disclose the address until the above locations are open.
If you would like to exchange before a location is open near you will have to come to our office in TN or CA.
We will be able to make appointments for all locations as soon as the RV occurs.
We estimate that you will not have to wait more than 3 days when you make the appointment. We will accommodate on a first come first serve basis.


They expect to be operational within 42hrs after the announcement of a RV RI. Appointments can be made on line or by phone. If you have purchased

from them they will email you with notification of RI RV and their team will begin calling minutes after the announcement directly to your phone to arrange an appointment. Each transaction is $150.00 fee. So if you cash in an amount and then want cash back or any other separate function performed like lower demons etc....each transaction is $150 more.


They are consider doing groups away from the airport depending on number of people and total amount of dinars involved. A  They will not do group appointments at any bank. They also feel most people will be able to do this at the airport location.


The location at the airport will be in a back protected area and in a back office arrangement. A The location and entrance will be only disclosed at the confirmation of your appointment and must be kept confidential for all concerned.


The UST or other other type agents may be spot checking these locations....however not a part of your transaction. A They said it is not true that 15% will be taken out of the cash in procedure. If the bank has some arrangement they do not know, but they are not involved in anything except getting your cash in into your bank via the wire. You will see it on the screen there as may used your cell phone to verify with your banker contact but the appointments are meant to going quick in order the process many appointments. Only your bank can answer questions about length of time for pending etc.

You may arrange for up to $10,000 in cash....but this must be arranged in advance..Remember the $150 fee for any additional

transaction. If you want certified check or any
other special needs this also must be arranged in advance.

Dinar Banker will set up secure remote satellite offices at numerous airport locations nationwide within 24 hours in the event of a revaluation. To make an appointment you, can simply call 1-888-346-2771 or e-mail your information to Â We have a long history of transporting and securing currency all over the world through their global operations and are prepared for any exchange needs.

Updated exchange locations in the event of an RV include:

City, State - Airport Code - Airport
New York, NY - JFK – John F. Kennedy International Airport
Boston, MA - BOS – Logan International Airport
Atlanta, GA – ATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Tampa, FL – TPA – Tampa International Airport
Miami, FL - MIA – Miami International Airport
Denver, CO - DEN – Denver International Airport
Los Angeles, CA – LAX – Los Angeles International Airport
San Francisco, CA - SFO – San Francisco International Airport
Seattle, WA - SEA – Sea-Tac Airport
Chicago, IL - ORD – Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX - DFW – Dallas Fort/Worth International Airport
Houston, TX - IAH – George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Detroit, MI - DTW – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Phoenix, AZ – PHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Cincinnati, OH - CVG – Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport
Washington, DC – DCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Washington, DC - IAD – Dulles International Airport
Salt Lake City, UT - SLC – Salt Lake City International Airport
Vancouver, Canada - CYVR – Vancouver International Airport
Toronto, Canada – CYYZ – Toronto Pearson International Airport
Las Vegas, NV – Office Location
San Juan, Puerto Rico – Office Location

We are prepared to set up additional locations in several cities if requested.

Customers will be able to make an appointment and discreetly bring in their Dinar into the secure location. Payment methods include wire transfer, check, gold certificates, other precious metal and coin certificates, or physically delivered gold and precious medals in various forms including bullion, Gold Eagle and other coins, and certificate. Â You can also have your Dinar converted to other currencies such as the Euro.


E-mail us at or call 1-888-346-2771 for more information on buying, selling, and exchanging Iraqi Dinar in the event of a revaluation.

Ty will have offices in Canada . It looks like Toronto & Vancouver right now. We have asked for Calgary as well. The cities where Dinar Banker will have offices won't be posted on Dinar Banker until after the RV. This is at the request of the US Treasury.

Ty & Dinar Banker have been chosen to be the clearing house for the FD (federal reserve) and the UST ( U.S. Treasury.) For that reason, he may remain open after the RV.

Remember folks, if you can afford it NOW BEFORE the RV, it is STRONGLY advisable to set
up the base of your Asset Protection (this is NOT all you need, but it is a base for it), which is an LLC so that you will be able to have an ESTABLISHED LLC bank account BEFORE THE RV. IF you cannot afford it, then I recommend that you only cash in a small, wee amount when it RV's and use this money to set up your LLC and other parts of your Asset Protection and Judgment Proofing yourself ASAP after it RV's
I am working with a Vendor for setting up your LLC, in New Mexico; and he has been doing this
for 24 years. Â He has the BEST prices, and the MOST information over any LLC Vendor out there.
I have created steps so as to make this process the easiest as possible for you from ordering your LLC to getting your EIN number and then finally getting your bank account and opening it and even HOW to operate out of it. Contact me ASAP for a recorded interview call with this Vendor as well as what is included in your LLC package and the cost.

Please be a good friend, associate and pass this info on to others who you know that are holding
Dinars. There are approximately 2 million or more individuals who have invested in Dinars and only
a small portion of that number are receiving info that they need to help them.


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