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National Review Online - Michael Walsh - 1 day ago reported From New York Post column today: Operation Fast and Furious — the Obama administration's lethal Fast & Furious Hearing Sending Shockwaves Towards White House & Eric Holder (press release) - ýJul 29, 2011ý
Washington, DC --( The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee conducted another hearing this week on Fast and Furious - the operation spearheaded by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

It was just over two and half years ago that the Obama administration entered the White House under promises of transparency and restoring America’s image abroad. Yet now we know that at the same time they were promising these things, Obama was simultaneously setting aside $10,000,000.00 for operation “Gun Runner” (via the stimulus package) and the ATF was looking the other way while 2,500 guns were sold to suspicious characters in Arizona who were supposed to take the weapons to Cartel members in Mexico.

Now we all know that “Gun Runner” was followed by operation “Fast and Furious,” which quickly proved to be an utter disaster. Run from the top down, from the DOJ to the ATF and FBI, “Fast and Furious” turned out to be slow and impotent. Only 1,300 of the 2,500 weapons sold were recovered and what was supposed to be a sweep of the Mexican cartel turned instead into a gift of 1,200 weapons that we failed to find. READ MORE with PICS;article=138056;title=APFN

More in the land of Reality!

The Laws which have protected the U.S. of A. and her Allies Monetary and Banking System have been systematically REPEALED as Organized Crime, Racketeering, Gun Running, Money Laundering has swamped the U.S. of A. Union of Republics her allies and her enemies collectively by US CORPORATE Administrators and law makers in the Global Banking with bogus US Debt Prime Bank Instruments. Yes! There is the lawful U.S. of A. and her Republics!; and US Corporate which owes allegiance to no one!
The United States will be unable to borrow money to pay its bills if Congress does not raise the debt limit by August 2. That could result in an unprecedented default that could push the already fragile economy back into recession. read more:

What the Democrats and Republicans have been trying to hide, but emulate is explained in the following article. They didn't want the Public at Large to know the hidden skeletons in the closet, but the Federal Reserves Expiration from the bankruptcy receivership all those many years ago.. JP Morgans Jamie Diamon and cohorts made a desperate attempt to pull this off 'one more time.' And the Clinton Democrats replay The Crime Of 1868 Alexander Del Mar National Economy.htm as Jamie Diamon and JP Morgan-Chase crew pull off the same as exposed in The Crime of 1868.. regarding the National Economy.
As Internet Historicals are systematicaly being 'taken off' where no one can access or track these busters... There are some of us who follow 'cold trails' very well and document what has gone on such as in and set up archives such as found on which have the ability to show what the Kofi Anans, Jamie Diamons, Hatonns, La Salle Banking Group, CitiGroup, the Clintons and the Global Jihad against the U.S. Dollar in the global restructuring of global monetary and finance by the Clinton/CFR/China Bankers
I have always thought that was an 'odd' thing for a President of the United States to say, much less 'do'..

I've been saying: "PROOF OF SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL" has not been met to satisfy the Banking Entities.

There are four (4) pages to this Article by Orlin Grabbe.. Page 3. Sentence 8, there is a curious statement


"I knew there would be a possibility of a Western privately orchestrated economic Jihad that could help crush the communist ruling powers by destroying their unstable ruble. Unilaterally and privately, I decided to play a catalytic role to crash the ruble." [end quote]

Mr. Wanta acted "Unilaterally and privately" .. Mr. Wanta was not acting pursuant to the Orders of the President of the United States as claimed.

Economic the equivalent to "using banking to instigate a HOLY WAR."

"Jihad. Arab. holy war. 1. a holy war against the enemies of the Mohamedan faith; 2. and bitter war for religion or principle."

The "Economic" would be pretty well explained in COMMANDER HATONN'S meeting of February 1989.. wherein the "fabrication of Bonus Certificate 3392-181 financial instruments designed to take the entire global banking, financing and economics hostage. Only VK Durham would know the truth".. which was tape recorded (Tapes provided on special site for Investigators to listen to) which is in part on ABUSING THE CODE OF SILENCE site at .

December 28, 1988 Information Services Corporation (used by the U.S. Fed. Govt. Agencies for verification and calculation of complex interest due on Contracts such as "The one time only BONUS Commodity Contract 3392 and Certificate of Indebtedness of Peru No. 181 dated May 1, 1875) performed the first set of calculations on the accrued Gold Interest on THE COMMODITY CONTACT holding the One Time Only Bonus 3392 and No. 181 which is Notarized. This Notarized first set of actuarial was later re-calculated by the Fed. R. Bank in Los Angeles, Cal., who, incidentally, using the same "contractual agreements as to the graduating interest's" formula reached the same, identical calculated amount due and payable on the One Time Only BONUS 3392 Commodity Contract and Certificate of Indebtedness No. 181.

The amount calculated by both was $206,858,581,465,280,000,000.00 due and "Payable" in "AMERICAN GOLD DOLLARS," Gold, Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and/or Coin of the Realm on THE GOLD COLLATERAL INTEREST due on one 7% on BONUS 3392-181. The Notarized Documents are also filed of Public Record.
As everyone set up this bogus OITC to handle the 50%-50% split between Clintons, Clintons Council on Foreign Relations, the Federeal Reserve Banking member JP MORGAN-Chase, Goldman Sachs and the usual 'lay offs' in the Wall Street Markets of Stocks and Bonds, Mortgage Markets etc., etc., etc.. PUBLIC NOTICE exposes a 50-50 split is in effect, allowing up to 5 Trillion Dollars per annum to be written, put out in the International Banking and Financial Community, further alleging these instruments are "collectable" from The U.S. Dept. of the Treasury and U.S. Fed. R. Banking System. If you do not assist in STOPPING this, each and every single "free" person, will ultimately be made RESPONSIBLE for the Payments of this INTERNATIONAL BANKING AND FINANCE FRAUD situation of GLOBAL ALLIANCE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION aka Ekkers. see:

THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION Coffee Klatches with CHINA'S JOHN WANG-WONG were being held and THE U.S.A. COMPUTER TECH GIVEN TO CHINA along with our DEEP SEA PORTS. The Direction all of this went was in an agreement which CLINTON'S COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS entered into an agreement to COUNTERFEIT & LAUNDER "U.S. DEBT INSTRUMENTS"...fully intending to bankrupt the U.S. Treasury and U.S. & U.K. Fed. R. Banking Systems (with help from GEORGE SOROS & MARK RICH CONNECTIONS) agreeing to market these off shore and split "50-50 all monies taken down off shore" while blackmailing certain high ranking U.S. Govt. Officials if they interfered
(see) .

as the world is terrorized using the same methods as used and described THE CRIME OF 1868 from A History of Monetary Crimes by Alexander Del Mar, M. E. the same or similar Modus Opperandi is described in

As everyone sits "cocked and primed" to bankrupt the United States, by swamping the U.S. with her own DEBT DOLLARS (GAIA-EKKER'S BOGUS Bonus Certificate 3392-181); While CLINTON'S DEMOCRATS & THE CFR HOLD THE PRESIDENTIAL SACRIFICIAL GOAT "HOSTAGE;" Not a single BANK dealing in the NON PERFORMING GOLD INSTRUMENTS, had ONE SINGLE LEGITIMATE "GOLD INSTRUMENT." NOT EVEN THE "EURO." The Organization of American States, China , Russia and many Latin American Countries "Refuse to deal with the U.S. Dollar, because the U.S. Administration and Banking is corrupt inside and out" [quote, end quote]

The EURO is overstocked with those "funny gold instruments" also to the tune of about 50% of its "Gold Collateral."
ECB refuses to give data on EURO credit lines

Barney Frank Just Said that THEY Passed a Law Saying the Bond Holders Can IGNORE Moody's and S&P

ABC News: GOP, White House have deal framework Sat. July 30, 2011

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