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SaLuSa 8-July-2011

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Message from SaLuSa 8-July-2011 by Mike Quinsey
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Date: Friday, 8-Jul-2011 03:51:56

SaLuSa 8-July-2011
There is much of beauty upon the Earth and some is natural, and some man made as Man is inspired by his visions of a higher expression. In fact you still have subconscious memories of times when you were in the higher dimensions. The changes that we have told you about are also familiar to you, and why you accept them without much hesitation. Initially the aim is to plug the gaps that will appear as the old systems break down. That will be an immense improvement to what you have been experiencing, and ensure you have a comfortable run in to the time of Ascension. The real changes will commence with Ascension and continue for a great deal longer. Whatever your choice regarding your future, you will enjoy the benefits of being within the higher dimensions. We have paved the way for you as you prepare yourself for the personal changes you will experience, and finally you will claim your status as a Galactic Being. The difference to what you are now is monumental, and you will have your full consciousness restored.
We know it is difficult in your present situation to comprehend how much more alive you will become. You have been limited in both ability and expression, and not encouraged to develop your latent talents. On the contrary the dark Ones have deliberately held you back, which is why real education has been denied for so long to Third World Countries. Knowledge is power, and you will have seen how Dictators have invariably suppressed or destroyed those who were well educated. In the higher dimensions, the exact opposite applies and knowledge is shared and available to every soul. Clearly knowledge was never meant to be the sole ownership of any one person. Everything that is, ever was and ever will be, is God given for the benefit of every soul. The idea of possessing things purely for the sake of it will also change after Ascension. You can have anything you desire, and that creates a new outlook as you can change things whenever you like. In this case you are the creator and can also dissolve whatever is no longer required, through your power of thought.
As you are beginning to understand, life is going to be totally different to what you are used to now. It will be a joy to be alive and experience what can only be described as a heavenly existence. It will be the feel of everything around you that glows with Light, and gives out an energy that can only be described as exhilarating and uplifting. What you will notice is the purity and cleanliness of everything, and the colors are so bright yet restful to the senses. Your immediate concern is to press on with your own preparations, but how wonderful that with your upliftment there is so much to gain. It should give you the necessary incentive to keep your goal firmly in sight. These opportunities are few and far between, and in the unique circumstances given you it has been made far easier to achieve success.
As a civilization you have been subjected to the most severe tests, and many still find it difficult to shake off the shackles that hold them back. Their vibrations are low and the Light is hard pressed to enlighten them. However, there is always hope, and there is always help as soon as a breakthrough looks possible. The issue cannot be forced, as subjecting them to too much Light before they are ready, would result in a very uncomfortable experience. Although it would be nice if every soul could fully respond to the Light, it has to be borne in mind that there is no deadline involved. Each one has all the time they need, and constantly encouraged to turn to the Light.
When we show up on Earth people will see in us their true potential, as we are you in the future. We are, as you would say, the living proof of what is possible through Ascension. We know that some souls feel that to ascend they have to give up things that give them pleasure on Earth. It is true except that you have so much more to gain, and life becomes one great adventure that is so fulfilling and satisfying. You have to want to ascend for the right reasons, and in so doing have to apply yourself to the necessary disciplines that will get you there. It means dropping any attachments you have to anything that is strictly of the lower vibrations. Living out as best as possible the vision you have of what it is like to be a soul of Light and Love. It is also necessary to curb the emotions and be in control of them, as humans have a tendency to let them run wild. If you can start taking steps to bring such changes into your life, then help will come your way through your Guides. However, you must be prepared to respond to it, and it is necessary to find sufficient time in your life to listen to your inner promptings. These are not to be mistaken for your ego, which may well deter you from going ahead. Ego desires to keep the status quo with the way of life you are used to.
After all that we have said, as long as you have a firm intent to ascend we believe that you will be successful, and a path will open up for you that you can follow. Some of your tuition will occur when you are out of the body while asleep. Normally such experiences are forgotten by the time you awake, but you may feel an inner fulfillment and joy resulting from it. You are purposefully kept from remembering your astral travels, as it could well interfere with your daily life responsibilities. Some do of course and can even relate to that level, and know how much more pleasant it was than being in the earthly dimension. All of such glimpses are helpful, to show you how as you climb the vibrations your experiences become more pleasant.
Except in duality, life is meant to be one continuous great adventure, and you only have to look at our obvious enjoyment and fulfillment. God is our Father/Mother and provides all that we can possibly need, and we want for nothing at all. We have long reached that stage where we act responsibly, and never forget to express our gratitude for all that is provided. We also acknowledge the Oneness that we all live in, and see within all life forms the godliness that exists everywhere. Try to see beyond the outer cover as it can sometimes be misleading, as you will find when you eventually meet some of the non-human Space Beings from other Universes.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the way we look at time, are just the blink of an eye away from taking a major step forward. So hold on as the wait is not much longer, and we are as anxious as anyone to get on with our projects.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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