Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Retired Generals Running For WH?

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Retired generals Paul Vallely and Tom McInerney have appeared frequently on Fox News as analysts.

These two have some sound ideas about how to solve our problems. In fact, it's comforting to know we have two leaders who are even able to recognize and identify the problems. Some in Washington don't even know we have problems, let alone know what they are or how to solve them! I am willing to back anyone like this who is not a professional politician, has proven leadership abilities and sound solutions to glaring problems.

General Vallely and McInerney contemplate run for the White House on one ticket

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Our Constitution and rule-of-law have been systematically eroded;

Oaths of office are trumped by party loyalty, personal gain, and special interests;

Dishonesty, corruption, lying and lack of integrity by elected and appointed officials at Federal, State and local levels;

Money is entrenched with power, and supports big government, not you;

We are over taxed and over-regulated;

Our National Security and Strategy requires major revision based on global and domestic threats;

Enemies, domestic and foreign, are bleeding America of its human and financial resources;

Our borders are not secure;

Our institutions have been infiltrated by Islamists and other foreign interests;

Tyrannical and Progressive Socialists elements are in charge, not “We the people”;

We lack strong and visionary leadership to lead this country;


Eliminate 43 % of the Federal government by eliminating the Departments of Energy, Education, HEW;

Dissolve the EPA and IRS Federal Reserve; Better way to do things.

Return functional responsibilities back to the States;

Revise Social Security and Medicare for future generations and secure our elderly.

Establish one tax , a “Fair Tax”;

Cease this strategy of nation building in the Middle East as well as supporting corrupt and ineffective international organizations like the United Nations;

Let’s find that Leadership we need to lead this great country. Top Five Threats to the US.
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