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I listened to the recorded call about 2am sat (last night) and it is better to hear the call. Iraq and Europe are not waiting for the children in D.C. to stop the bickering. They decided to go forward because all countries are ready except the D.C. children trying to have their way in the sandbox. Below is the #. It is about 25min. Push 6 to fast forward 1 min. and then you still have 1 min. of music before Okie comes on. It is really a super CC.!!!/D
760-569-7699 P>> 951873#


Subject: FW: DO WE HAVE AN RV???
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 00:00:52 -0400
See highlights in red... JAN

Tony: Good News.

Dan: Very good news. Have had a couple of calls myself. From the beginning we have tried to stay away for rates and dates. Especially myself. Tonight we are at that spot again. Wish it was more provable. Have had 3 very serious calls today. Telling us that this has already taken place. In country. Strong confirmations of the rate.

Tony – why are they saying as of midnight last night was announced already?

Tony: All the information we have gotten since this am confirms what we said that Iraq was confirmed international. We started getting other calls. Got a call from an agency guy, Said meetings taking place right now. Congressmen, bankers, UST people in a meeting right then. Don’t know if this part is true or not but a couple of hours later (I can’t confirm this) got a call that said did I hear about the emergency meeting that said that Iraq and /Europe were going to do this today regardless. Tired of waiting. Don’t know.

Getting word that it may have happened today.

Dan: Dave is on the call with us. Didn’t tell Tony what Dave told me. Would you share?

Dave: It absolutely comports right down the line with it. Three letter agencies, 3 letter governing body saying about to take place. Pretty much in keeping with what Tony said.. What I mentioned to you earlier…..

Dan: Can hardly say it.

Dave: Been like trying to nail jello to the wall. We heard that the officials on their side came to our side and said that out of respect to the US govt they are going to go ahead and announce this as soon as tomorrow. Go through and confirm this through other agencies that is what we are left with. Rate ranges anywhere from mid $3 tied to usd to mid 4 tied to GBP… $7.10 or something like that if to GBP…..

Tony: I think that is great news . I like it. I will go one step further. We got off our call and I got calls saying done – to GBP and it is that over $4 range. I have been hearing and saying that it was going to be…. I was looking for the $5 range…. If they forced it through and didn’t wait for the US they changed the rate. I got confirmation in 3 separate calls in last 3 hours from Iraq that we would see this tomorrow. That is what they are being told over there. What we are hearing over here. Let’s hope some comes true.

Dan: I got a call just now. Trust this source. Told me the same thing as Dave was saying. I have another caller saying same thing as well. We hear it so many times… here we are Friday… said to be tonight… said to be tomorrow and the Sunday Monday we are frustrated.

This is some of the most confirming news I have had.

Dave: You know who I speak with and some you don’t know. All 3 are in harmony with what it is that you are hearing and what it is that Tony is hearing. Not similar – just about spot on.

Dan: Tony and I have battled with this and with the mods and Dave as well… sometimes feel like our intel knows each other… Okie saying same thing…. Etc. I will tell you that Dave’s contacts are different than mine and mine different than Tony.

One guy said it was done at 12 midnight Baghdad time. I don’t want to get someone too excited but this is a little more than normal.

Tony: I am reading texts while we are talking. One now from our guy with UST and it is saying – all agreed upon. Will go international will be seen Monday morning. Iraq said to help with the US they are going live Monday. They are helping us not the other way around.

Dave: I don’t know about helping us…. Yes on this call… but in keeping with that. I heard that despite the ping pong match that we are seeing in our govt right now that there has been a lot of stalling and speculation that this rv is tied to our budget… cause of this ping pong match that is what has stalled this out to some degree. We’ve heard that regardless of whether there has been a hard decision by the us govt to do it the Iraqi govt has decided to go ahead and do it.

Tony: Text says – they said to hell with us they are going live Monday. Just got that now. That’s what came out of the meeting. Like all the confirmation. All 3 on the same page.

Dave: Will like it even better if shows up on the bank side.

Tony: This is great news. Great confirmation. Did hear earlier it was announced over there. Not sure that it was. But throughout this afternoon hearing one confirmation after another that it should be seen tomorrow or Monday. This is coming from some very credible people. We see light at the end of the tunnel.

Dan: Looking like… smelling like… maybe it is…

Tony: Want me to pull out some champagne and light a cigar?

Dan: I am excited. But I am going to look at it like there may still be some work to do. If this goes or not…. We will have some work to do. Emotionally etc…,

Sure not trying to be negative. Let’s hope that it is over. What are your plans for Monday if it is? Think about that and write down what you are going to do first… setting up an llc… a trust…. Think about money and an emotional response… trying to create a group of people who can do a lot of good things. Every negative and every positive aspect of your life is about to be magnified. Let‘s pop some common sense…. Some of us will be broke in a year or 2 or 3….

Tony: Only ? I have is you tell them to celebrate but I can’t have a cigar?

Dan: Cause they might celebrate more reasonably.

Tony: Everything Dan said is true. But this is going to be a change in your life. I will try to help you along… as will Dan and explain some things and hopefully some of these calls you can bring your family members on. I have seen people lose their family members over $$. Educate your family members as well as you how to take care of the $$...

Some people saying we will see it tomorrow. One from UST said Monday. So Saturday, Sunday or Monday , let’s just see it.

Dan: For those of you that are saying that we shouldn’t talk about the emotional stuff etc. those should worry the most.

Tony: All this information has come in in the last 2 hours. Have been bombarded with this type of information. Have a great weekend. Not disappointed if not there tomorrow. Will look for Monday. If something really exciting happens we’ll send a text and do this again.

Dan: May hear more before we go to bed. If so we may put together something. No texts from us after 12 est unless for sure an rv but may jump onto chat…… nothing would tickle us better than to put this to bed.

Dave thanks for being on the call. Everybody have a great weekend!

GariT Just got finished trying to listen to PTR call and Blaino’s call …both at the same time. Could not take notes, nothing to copy…just know they are both saying exactly the same thing as Bluwolf and Bulldog75 have stated…we are there! Every source…from every 3 letter agency…all non-related are saying announcement this out Monday!

[okie oil man] well this has been a frustrating yet fulfilling afternoon. I have been trying for 2 special contacts in iraq and it appears they may have the phones jammed on purpose (goverment jamming??) i had only 1 contact that contended that the r/v had taken place in iraq and he is not on the top of the food chain like my other contacts are. He stated the 4.40 rate and he further stated he dealt with warka (thats not the best reference i could think of) and he got that rate wednesday. So i am definitely not calling the r/v but their was a lot lost in the communication because of the language barrier and i did not have our interpretator on the call with us--i speak jibberish and he was speaking farsi. I am still going to try in the middle of the night to make contact with my sources and if and when i do i will re-post regardless of what time it is.

[okie oil man] you will see this for sure by mon--according to usa source.

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