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Prosperity Programs Review from Hobie

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About the 'Prosperity Programs'...

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Date: Saturday, 23-Jul-2011 00:20:29

In Response To: Reader question: What are Global Settlements/Prosperity Programs? Hobie? Anybody? (MrFusion)

Hi, Mr.F and Reader john -

After all this time, I'm still fuzzy on what's being referred to when folks speak of "Global Settlements". But I know a thing or two about the "Prosperity Programs", so let's go there. :) One or two paragraphs won't really do it - but I'll try not to write like the other sites you've been reading. :)

What Poof and Casper are talking about is what have come to be referred to collectively as the 'prosperity programs'. The term is not entirely accurate because not all those programs are the same in their operation or even in their expected outcome. "Farm Claims" is based on a judicial judgement. "Freedom" may have involved a 'roll trade'. Et cetera. But in general, all programs were closed to new members in 1999 or in one case in 2002.

In each case that I'm aware of, folks were invited to participate by word-of-mouth. In at least some instances, participation was by "loaning" a certain amount of money per "unit". In at least one instance, a $100 loan per unit was required, with a promise that, at some time, at least $5100 per unit would be returned.

In some instances, the program in question was represented as involving a "roll trade" program, something not usually open to the general public (especially in America) and requiring a substantial sum (millions) in order to engage in such an activity. Thus, it would make sense for lots and lots of small amounts to be ganged together in order to enter a "roll trade".

To the best of my knowledge to date, only the Freedom program really did involve a 'trade'.

Certain others, including I believe Alpha, Omega, and Destiny, and possibly others, were all the 'front face' for a larger program which has no name of its own, referred to by Poof on occasion as "the mother", which involves disbursal of wealth from a very old trust - possibly three trusts, now.

"Freedom" apparently was devised by Bush, Sr., and Kissinger, and somehow they had arranged things so that no other program could pay out before Freedom paid out. Thus whoever controlled Freedom controlled them all ("one ring to bind them..."). This is why Casper has referred to "freedom packs". However, I'm advised those two are no longer in control of Freedom, and Freedom will pay out at the same time as all the others (70 or 80 programs total, I think). Tommy Buckley's Green Light program is often reasonably thought of as a 'prosperity program', but it's of a different sort. It's expected it will pay a few weeks after the primary programs do.

Clyde Hood, Mike Kodosky, and a few others, who headed up enrollment of participants into the program called Omega, were rather famously brought to trial in Illinois in 2001, mostly during the summer, and either entered guilty pleas or were found guilty on charges of fraud. The claim was that they had collected money on promise of particular returns, and that the returns were never coming. (We reported on that at the time - search the RMN Archive with 'All' keywords 'hobie omega trust trading' and you should find most of the posts.)

"Whistleblower" (David Crayford) of the OITC, whose posts have appeared here on occasion, and also David Sale, also of the OITC, have said they do not expect any of the programs will ever pay out. Their reasoning is that if the programs were based on misallocated funds actually part of the Collateral Accounts, any proceeds would go right back into the Collateral Accounts - and/or, if there's no legal and binding documentation for the programs (which, apparently, there isn't), then they must be scams and the money's long gone. Economic journalist Christopher Story not infrequently stated that Omega particularly was a "CIA Ponzi scheme", though he never offered visible substantiation for that assertion.

AND THEN - THERE'S NESARA. :) We have no sources other than Dove (who's no longer with us) who were ever able to tell us that NESARA was a real thing. HOWEVER - it does appear many facets of NESARA are part of what may be about to occur.

Tied-in with the resolution of these programs is the expectation of a new banking system, new 'honest' money, the demise of the Federal Reserve and the dethroning of those back of it (which also means the end of IRS as we have known it), and a return to Constitutionality in America.

All of this is consistent with Rayelan's information regarding "the Factions" and a long-term plan to take down the Federal Reserve.



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Anonymous said...

Not entirely true. Clyde, Gilmore, and Wanta were all connected to Reagan. There is no old trust(s). There was friction between Bill Wilson and Mike Kodoski so Clyde seperated them. Hence Alpha and Destiny.

It doesn't make any difference right now because the federal reserve still runs Washington DC, the country, and our lives.

Watch what is going on in DC. Nothing is changing. The fed res and the irs are stronger than ever.