Friday, July 8, 2011

World Bank Proposals Update

Much appreciation for all the great proposals that are coming in. We do have some wonderful creative souls on this planet and many are readers here.

OPC (Operation Compassion) was set up with the intent of assisting in the distribution of Blessings to the world.

To answer several inquiries----

1) The funding is coming from the Tier 2 of the Global Settlements which is already flowing. There is NO blockage at this level.

2) What is the fee?

I, John MacHaffie, the man with the LORD inspired vision, will be 64 years next month and care more than you realize about the welfare of my fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world. My personal goal is to help, help & help. Like to leave a trail of goodness as my gift to the world. Only have a few years left and it is dedicated to providing help.

OPC have no mandatory fee for providing this "connection service".

3) What is the procedure?

Proposals emailed to me are forwarded to my World Bank source. Those selected will be notified and all your contact information is on the proposal as submitted.

4) Why do this?
The intent is for OPC Operation Compassion to serve as an important service to provide assistance throughout the world on a one by one basis via the virtual internet.

"Old man gotta do what he gotta do" - the duke

GOD Bless,

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

Thank you John for all you do... And you not an old man : )

Did you receive my proposal at your email address?

Anonymous said...

Funds are NOT being distributed right now.

The bad guys are still in total control.

Anonymous said...

Already flowing? We have always been told that nobody would get access before the bottom tier... what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

"The funding is coming from the Tier 2 of the Global Settlements which is already flowing. There is NO blockage at this level."


The banks are still controlled by the federal reserve. They would not give us money to deposit in an American bank just to have it stolen from us.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe John would EVER lie to us. I'm sure there is some piece of information we are not privy to, as in "the need to know".....before you jump all over him, why not keep the faith, people????!!!! It could be that we need to open an offshore account, and that yes, our PTB would not allow us to deposit that in our American accounts.......but offshore accounts are very easy to open, access, etc....and I believe we will be getting all these details as we "need to know"......

Anonymous said...

John...IMO, you do not have only a few years left!! Unless it's in God's plan.
my Mom is 70 (she is actively "seeking good man for companionship")
I am happily married of 31 years or else I'd be chatting with ya.
A BIG THANK you for all your hard work

John MacHaffie said...

Folks - the 2nd tier is for the programs and above the banks. Then it trickles or should I say flow down to the others. Tier has gotten there funds and now planning the disbursements. This World Bank inquiry will be followed by others. The tier 3 level, freedom, omega and etc are still waiting to be sent out. Suggest those who dispute this. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

Amen John. This is where you separate the man from the boys - The Duke

Anonymous said...

John, i would like to thank you on behalf of our room, the Firing Line, for all the time, information, and hard work you've put in for us. As for how much time you have left, I dont think G_d measures time as such, its what you do with the time he allots a man, many Blessings on you always!

Anonymous said...

Thank U JM 4 all u DO

Anonymous said...

I've done my homework and there are no Global settlements, Prosperity Packs, St Germaine funds or any of the other so-called programs that will save the world. This is all BS. If you believe in the Lord, then you better read Revelations and see what is really in store for mankind. Otherwise quit posting this false info in order to lead the sheeple to false hopes.

Anonymous said...

You DID NOT do your homework. We are waiting for the Wanta funds. The funds are real. They can't be distributed yet because Bush Sr, the Clintons, Bush Jr, and Obama have been told by their boss, the federal reserve, to block distribution.

It is amazing to me how few people know who the federal reserve is.

How many know that the oil scam is the federal reserve's way of controlling the economy ? Trillions are being stolen from us thru oil. Oil prices are being controlled by the federal reserve in New York. OPEC is told what they are to sell their oil for by the federal reserve.

The federal reserve must be destroyed. For what they have done to America and Americans they deserve no less than the electric chair.