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Who ever wrote this - it needs to go viral - Please look at the second letter below.[10:15:35 PM] PTR BOARDS: I contacted Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and Senators, Sessions, Shelby and Congressman Brooks this morning. I also called their offices. Senator Sessions Aide Amber-told me she is aware of the Iraqi dinar revalue as is Senator Sessions. He has not issued an official statement yet however. Senator Shelbys aide Melissa, Said that they are getting many calls about this issue and it important to Senator Shelby. when he issues an official statement-I would be informed. Congressman Brooks voicemail was full and I could not get through. Speaker of the House John Boehners (202-225-0600) Aide Tom told me he is getting many calls about this issue and he and the Speaker are well aware that the US TREASURY IS HOLDING TRILLIONS OF DINAR , and that it should be More than enough TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT. (I can't beleive he admitted that to me. I was floored!!) HE ADMITTED THAT OUR TREASURY IS HOLDING TRILLIONS IN DINAR!!!!!! I said we are concerned that when the RV happens that the current administration in Washington NOT be allowed to spend it on "pet projects" and that it is only spent to pay off our deficit and to pay for the Iraqi war. Tom said to me That the speaker will do his best to make sure these funds are spent for what they are allocated for. So keep those calls and letters going. Washington is listening!!!!! Here is the email I sent: Dear XXXXXXXXX:I want to start by saying you are doing an outstanding job in Washington.Millions of investors in the US are aware that the US Treasury is holding trillions in Iraqi dinar. We independant investors are also holding billions in Dinar. We are shocked and dismayed that from all the intel we recieve worldwide, that our own Government may be holding this RV hostage while it fights over the debt ceiling and taxes. Now let me get to my point. The Government/UST (I am told) holds enough Iraqi Dinar to pay off the entire National Debt when the Iraqi Dinar Revalues shortly. I think it's important to know that the proceeds from the CASH IN of the Iraqi Dinar belongs to the AMERICAN PEOPLE NOT WASHINGTON DC! This is MONEY being repaid from taxpayers dollars to fight the war. Every PENNY of money from the Iraqi Dinar Cash in (not including the HUGE oil deals that were made and part of these reparations) should go to pay off our National Debt or RETURNED to the AMERICAN PEOPLE and NOT spent on pet Government programs just for politicians to get re-elected or to miss the opportunity to fix this Country that the politicians have messed up. We are counting on you Senator XXXXXX and we will stand behind you as you do the right thing with this wonderful opportunity.Rest assured though, that we are watching! There are over 3 million people not including all the Senators, Congress People, Cabinet Members, Military Personnel, high level Government Personnel etc, who own Iraqi Dinar and they are watching what Congress and this Administration does with this money. We will hold you accountable in 2012. This event will save our ECONOMY and this COUNTRY. So what do you say Senator? Let's do this for the COUNTRY, the AMERICAN PEOPLE and not let Washington DC screw this up. Thank you.XXXXXXXXState of Alabama
JULY 20, 2011, UNITED STATES—For nearly a decade, an intrepid group of men from MI6, the US Treasury and similar agencies from countries around the world have been trying to transfer money from foreign bank accounts back to the US Treasury. THE TAX TO THE USA FROM THESE SETTLEMENTS AMOUNTS TO $11 TRILLION DOLLARS. Elected officials and corrupt agency officials from the US, Britain and other governments have been preventing these settlements from taking place. They have demanded “fees” for doing their jobs. A very brave Englishman, Christopher Storey covered this controversy for years until his untimely death in 2009.
Because these settlements affect not just the fiscal health of the United States, but the economic well being of the world, this message is going out to everybody. If the US defaults, the effects will be felt everywhere for a number of reasons. Contact your government representatives and tell them to demand the the USA complete the Global Settlements as swiftly as possible. There was no real reason for the austerity measures forced on everybody everywhere. What has transpired is wholesale criminal activity by government officials everywhere. If you visit, you will find information on recent events. If you google Christopher Story and World Reports, you will find the years of coverage that he gave to this story. Below is a link to a letter written to an elected official in the USA explaining how much tax revenue will be received if these Settlements are completed. It is enough to ALMOST WIPE OUT THE CURRENT DEBT. THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING, DEFAULT OR CUT SOCIAL SECURITY , MEDICARE ETC. Naturally, those that want it to default and have a fire sale won't be pleased by this action... nor will those demanding bribes..but the citizens of the world will benefit. Please take action!

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All that is wonderful but there is a very serious potential threat not only to the USA but to the entire world.

It's my belief that the American People and people from around the world, contact their various Governments and demand to know what they are doing, except building Safe Locations for the elite few

This url for a video (1 hr 16 minutes long) is just the tip of the iceberg and it's very disconcerting

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The US Government sold us the dinar. Government was going broke an needed cash. Do any of you all listen what Bush said on talk of paying off the det. We bought assets an sold them to investors an we will buy them back with both sides making profitable gains. Wake up people. Hang on to your IQD but you have still a wait to go. Mean while educate yourselves on how to manage your new found wealth and ways to benefit others like start a company in a competitive field(making jobs). Hint like all the American companies that jumped across seas for tax breaks. Lets put them out of the market. Lets buy our own products an grow. Its time to quit being a consumer nation an go back to a producer nation. An prosper. God Bless America

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When the US government goes to such, so as to derate the legitimacy of the IQD then you should know to believe just the opposite. The revaluation of the dinar will occur as the AIIB launches.