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Message from SaLuSa, July 15, 2011

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Message from SaLuSa, July 15, 2011 by Mike Quinsey

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Date: Friday, 15-Jul-2011 06:52:21

SaLuSa, July 15, 2011

We would suggest you pay extra attention to your Press and other news outlets, as within their daily outpourings there is a change of approach taking place, and the real truth is beginning to emerge. You will need to use your discretion as there is still going to be half-truths for quite a time yet. What is happening is that the higher vibrations are raising your consciousness levels, and it is strengthening your resolve to get the truth out. Brave souls with something to tell are gaining the wrath of the dark Ones, as they stand tall and are prepared to withstand the consequences. We have their karma to consider, but where we can you may be assured they will get our protection. Sometimes they would appear to fail in their attempts to bring matters into the public arena, but often sufficient is done by airing the evidence of malpractice and outright criminal activity. Too much has been taking place that the Illuminati seem to have got away with. Yet that has made them careless and feel untouchable, when in fact they are being revealed for what they are with firm evidence of their crimes. We need you to keep probing and constantly pushing for the truth to come out, and you will gather support until people power is so strong that it can no longer be ignored.

Naturally within the construct of duality you would expect situations to offer opportunity to those who exploit other people. It runs from the petty criminal to the highly organized gangs that have almost unlimited power. However with the growth of Light and the awakening that is taking place that is continually increasing, the dark energies are being diluted and not as effective as they were. This gives you of the Light greater opportunities to forge ahead with your important work, and you will be boosted by other Lightworkers from the unseen realms. We sometimes arrange help by what you often call those useful coincidences, and you would not know that we have been involved. Of course for us these are relatively minor matters, and we do focus on much more important events.

We can inspire people, or plant ideas or information into their subconscious mind which when they surface seem to be their own. The dark also try to affect your minds, but it is not normally direct unless they are dealing with you in person. Mind altering drugs and mind control are used to take you over, and only the most strong-minded can resist or overcome them. They use subliminal methods of which you are unaware, and you are primed to think and act in a certain way that benefits their plans. The answer is to lift up your consciousness levels as quick as you can, and hold firm to your beliefs so that your Light becomes your protection. Chemtrails are more an attack on your health but are not without their affect on your mind. As we recently mentioned, these are being cleared away so that now they have little affect upon you.

From beyond Earth there are greater powers than any upon it, and they constantly beam Light to you as part of your upliftment. So you can see that in spite of what the dark Ones direct at you, our response is more than adequate to lessen the affect. One day in the future your vibrations will have reached such a high level, that the lower energies will have absolutely no affect upon you. Already your body cells are changing and when they become crystalline you will untouchable. That time will come when you ascend, and nothing such as disease will be able to make any difference to you. Come on board our ships and you will find no evidence of doctors or hospitals as such. We have healing chambers, but at our level they are for balancing our energies. Be assured every aspect of your lives is taken care of when you live in the higher dimensions. All around you are wonderful energies that are uplifting, and bring you joy and happiness. Shall we jest a little, and say that you will never see sad or depressed Space Being. Our lives are one continual expression of the love that permeates our very being. On Earth your minds are cluttered with so many concerns and problems, that you have little opportunity for those quite moments that are so important to you. Do try to rest, especially now when there are so many pressures upon you, as even the high energies that you are taking in can produce tiredness.

Naturally we already know what you will require to finally lift yourself up to be prepared for Ascension. You will be a different person by then and more godlike, and you will truly have become a Being of Light. All of the changes you will experience will be quite exhilarating and leave you in a blissful happy state. It will be the real you, as you were eons of time ago and therefore not feel strange at all. You will be like us which is why we can come together as One, and we will be no different to each other. You will return to your status as Masters, with all of the command and attributes that go with it. We know you cannot imagine such changes yet but they will come as you might say, fast and furious. There is no time to be lost, but then we are fully prepared for the tasks that lay ahead. They will commence with a whole flurry of activity, with one quickly following another.

Can you sense how near things are to coming to head, as some major changes are near to fruition. When they commence we want them to be free flowing and without problems. We will have time to explain what we are doing, but so to say cannot spend over long with those who are unable to grasp the significance of it all. We will have educational programs to enlighten them, and opportunities given to cover any questions that may arise. Our plan has covered all possible situations, so we expect things to run smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction. As you may recall, we are far from new to such occasions having handled the process of Ascension many times in the past.

Over a period of time we have just about covered most subjects that will have some bearing on your immediate future. You should therefore be well prepared for the remaining period up to the end of this cycle. The hardships are soon to end, but bear in mind there are many people that need urgent attention and they will be our first targets. We will move quickly and the massive size of the Galactic Federation will cope without any problem. They will be exciting times, and you will be kept well informed of our activities.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you love on behalf of all of us involved in your great upliftment.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


Anonymous said...

It is getting easier for me to disconnect from my mom and other family members each day she says i make up this stuff about being a starseed and i have a mental illness thinking i will leave her to become a galactic being once again.My mom believes in religion and is mind controlled everyday without knowing it she will be shocked when the announcements are made about ufo disclosure and the arrests of the rest of the illuminati members,i can't wait for this duality cycle to end and nesara announcements to be made it will be temporary but needed for first contact with our space family,and i can finally get out of this terrible situation with my mom who thinks i need medication which i pretend to take so i will not be committed to the hospital.In conclusion i know the ascended masters and our starfamily are not our saviors but in my case they are to me my vibration will raise so high when i meet them it will be a great reunion and i will be the happiest i have ever been i relate to Salusa so much and my starseed origin is sirian what great times to really be in i can't wait for contact and the whole truth to come out about the governments,false religions and the truth about our history.Namaste

Anonymous said...

I can relate perfectly to what you are saying and agree with you completely. I feel like I am in a similar situation like the one you find yourself in, the only difference being that I feel very strongly that my starseed origins are Pleiadian. Peace and Love!

Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to the ascension. Its quite limiting being here. Although its been a lifetime of lessons and training for whatever is coming. :-) Namaste