Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diebold voting machine near you the election is rigged

OMG Hack a Diebold voting machine near you the election is rigged 
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what kind of country are we living in ..oh yea a socialist country
the election is riged people
why cant we do something about this


Anonymous said...

People are waking up everywhere and are coming to understand just how corrupt our government leaders are and how our election process is compromised. Rigged voted machines. So We the People don't vote our leaders in but the person who manipulates the software of the voting machines. We are a socialist country under the guise of a democracy 9republic). In short, a one party dictatorship under the guise of a worthless and compromised two party system.

Anonymous said...

Would absentee ballots be tallied other than by these rigged machines.
A flood of requests should highlight the problem for the lamestreammedia and the politicians.
Also, I believe I read those new voting machines are made by an Isreali company. See any conflict there?

Anonymous said...

Hack a Diebold voting machine, near you: ....9:28min.... ///
FOX News Exposes Princeton / Diebold Vote-Reversal Story, ......3:09min..... // .....
20 Sep 2006 – Three people from the Center for Information Technology Policy and Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, today released a ... // Refuting Diebold's Response. //******** ...2006.... // ...2010..... // ..2010... // // // // // ..... *****
Added by PublicResourceOrg, 2008-07-05 .In testimony before the Committee on House Administration, Professor Edward W. Felten gives a hands-on demo of how Benedict Arnold stole the election from George Washington.View the full hearing on Google Video at or at InternetArchive at ****
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