Thursday, January 26, 2017

ALERT! Tesla Patents for free energy motors

Full  Disclosure  Now! - Reveal  and  declassify  100  year  old  classified  Tesla  Patents  for  free  energy  motors


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Created by F.B. on January 26, 2017

End Americas Oil dependence now! 

For the past 100 years the economy has been driven by oil. Declassifying Nikola Teslas work will lead to a clean and profitable alternative putting America at the forefront of energy technology. 

The American people deserve to research Free and Clean Energy to end the hold of Oil Dependence leading to discoveries that do not depend on finite resources. It would change the face of nation into becoming the world leader in innovation and technology propelling us into a new Era. 

Operation Paperclip has siphoned trillions if not quadrillions of dollars into secret access defense contract programs. 

The American People must know the truth about where their missing 2.3 Trillion+ Tax dollars are going, and the Military Industrial Complex. 

It is time for America First!

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Anonymous said...

It's a federal crime to have an overunity or free energy device in the USA, so is operating a car that runs on water without a $100,000 permit. We know, we have tried and were threatened with 10 years Federal time if we continued to pursue it. Pray that Trump puts a stop to this un American nonsense.

Seeker said...

Well I'll sign it but I know for a fact President Trump is miles ahead of this and planning to release all the patents to humanity to create new jobs and new industries. Still it's good to folks being proactive.

Anonymous said...

let's hope that you are right. I really hope that you do know that for a fact. What about GEOENGINEERING???? CAN YOU PLEASE GET THE TIMELINE ON THAT ISSUE????? marie