Tuesday, January 24, 2017

'Women’s March on Washington' Should Be Ashamed - But They Are Not!

'Women’s  March  on  Washington'  Should  Be  Ashamed - But  They  Are  Not!  TRUMP  SUPPORTER  EMBARRASSES  WOMEN'S  MARCH!
It was one of the largest protests in the United States, and the size of Saturday’s “Women’s March on Washington” was dwarfed only by the tens of millions of women who voted for President Donald Trump.

But there’s one problem — once these so-called “environmentalists” were done, they left behind huge piles of trash and Starbucks cups and discarded their snarky signs wherever they pleased.

What EVER credibility (IF they even know what that is) that these 
      immature confused idiot women may have had, they lost ALL of it        
with the mess they left behind for OTHERS to clean up after them 
along with their total disrespect for the American people as a 
whole and  for the nation they live in

Footage begins at 1:08.  This video kind of says it all. If anyone has better footage without all the hype at the beginning of this one, send it in and we will publish it. Thanks.



Fostr said...

Sickening! What a bunch of ignorant, unread, selfish pigs..They should have arrested all of them for infringing on other's rights to be there. Add the lovely people who harassed Pence's residence. How embarrassing to have the whole world see this poor excuse for Americans. They blocked people who wanted to see our President from getting sworn in. Time to ban any of the Hollywood has-beens movies.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show The AMERICAN'S People What "Whores" Those People Are-(Total White Trash-The Lowest Form of Life) Worst Then Being Called a "NIGGER"

Anonymous said...

Talk about fake news, but the march was nothing but fake. Talk about deplorables? How about HYPOCRITES! Revolution of LOVE? What a joke!
Talk of love, but you trash the place, leaving tons of your trash? Unlike Trump's inauguration, they left it cleaner than they found it.
Talk of love, but you threaten to blow up the White House? That was real smart. You don't threaten the White House or the President and expect to get away with it!
Talk of love, but you drop f bombs and vulgar about other people's body parts?
Talk of love, but you attack anyone who DARES to have a viewpoint different than yours? And even if they happen to AGREE with what you are protesting about, you STILL attack them, because you change your viewpoint as you go along, and more times than you have underwear? And no matter what anybody does say, isn't it all wrong anyway?
Talk of love, but you talk about Hitler and the Nazis?
Talk of love, but you turned away the one large group of people who actually were willing and agree to support you in the very cause that you purport to be protesting in the first place? And you know what, you have very legitimate points I AGREE with. Are you going to attack me for them? You can't AGREE TO DISAGREE?? Is that too complicated?
Talk about love, but you think whatever applies to everybody else does not apply to you, and you exempt yourselves from it?
Talk of love, but you act like not only sore losers, but sour losers, and a bunch of Liberal, whiney ass crybabies? Why don't you take you and your little pussy hat blankies, go home, and stay there until you grow up and stop being childish?
Protesting is freedom of speech. It is just as much our right as our right to speak our minds. But those rights stop the instant you impose on the rights of others to do the same. Verbal attacks, physical attacks on both people and property, and blocking traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian. It doesn't matter what you protest about, legitimate or not. It is NOT freedom of anything! Of course, what good would it be to tell them anything, because you can't. It's a pitiful waste of time trying to tell them something they have no clue because it's not within their shallow, narrow minded way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are a bunch of fascists for the most part, with their counterparts the Establishment Republicans included.

The Democratic Party's platform was based on a "Global World" and I have to wonder if they will ever change the platform....Because it is pretty out in the open what it says in their charter. They will take over the globe and establish a new society of freedom for all.

If that stays as their party platform I see the Democrats going irrelevant. But I guess that wouldn't be a surprise given Maxwell, H.W. Bush, FDR, Johnson, Allen Dulles, Schumer and everyone else were basically Democrats in all except for title. Perhaps they really are just a party based in fascism.

If that is true then they need to be finished off. Discredit these creeps until they stop winning senate races, especially if their platform openly expouses Communist views.

I don't think Democrats will keep winning races before some new party replaces them.

Anonymous said...

Even the Democratic party has never given one legitimate example for why people need a larger government.

They say it's for safety or to regulate, regulate, regulate. Then these same people never give one logical example where it actually didn't make things worse.

People aren't stupid. If those are the only examples they have, then it's clear there is no legit purpose for a big government in control.

Out of control corporations cause problems? Well when there's no Justice Department or a very small one, people can go after those corps themselves and break them up.
Large conglomerate taking over all the businesses?
Well a big government sure doesn't slow them down does it. But a set of RICO suits in all the courts sure does, it also splits them up and tosses the untouchables in prison.

So what are you getting exactly in return for such a large government? Anything at all? Maybe people see this!

Anonymous said...

They did what they were paid to do. Collect your $2,500.00 each from George Sorrows. They stay the length of time they were paid for and then go home. He didn't pay them to pick up trash are you kidding me. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

I'm part "NIGGER" About 12 inches worth

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being 'dumped'. Here is the source of that video where sick Hillary gets dumped into the back of a van at the 9/11 Memorial. Never forget that she was too ill to be in the WH, and lied about that (too!) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-25/meet-legal-czech-immigrant-who-really-turned-election-around