Thursday, January 26, 2017

The United States vs Cliven Bundy et al

The United States vs Cliven Bundy et al

Prosecutors in Las Vegas filed a Motion In Limine  late Tuesday in the case of The United States vs Cliven Bundy et al — in hopes that Nevada District Court Judge Gloria Navarro – will allow the Government to “cover-up” any wrong doing agents in the Bureau Of Land Management – who conducted the Bundy cattle impoundment in April of 2014 – may have committed.

“It’s a shocking blatant attempt by the Government to cover-up the brutal conduct of  BLM agents that caused a near catastrophe in Bunkerville, Nevada during the impoundment of rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle,” says a defense attorney representing one of the defendants in the case.
The motion is a draconian attempt at best to “protect” government agents from being exposed to further scrutiny during the upcoming Nevada trials in which they will be under-oath to tell the truth.
America:  Let your opinions be KNOWN to  Nevada District Court Judge Gloria Navarro.  Stand up for the Bundys, et al and let these criminal 'judges' and attorneys know that we are watching and will hold them accountable!

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Anonymous said...

People on the land are owed Common law/Natural law courts. These judges are committing "High Treason" they have all been warned . I want justice served to every single one of the imposters involved in this travesty. Luftkin case? In Texas/ there needs to be a sweep clear across this nation.