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World Update on Persecution of Christians Jan 25 2017


Christianity Is So Hated In Somalia That If You Say You Are A Christian The Muslims Will Behead You On The Spot

2017-01-23 23:23:16-05


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All Muslim nations are dangerous to be a Christian in, but none like Somalia. The violence against Christians there is so bad that according to a recent report, merely being accused of associating at all with Christianity will get you beheaded on the spot by the Muslims: North Korea has long been recognized as a […]

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The Ottoman Empire Is Rising Up, It Will Impale Christians Alive, And Major Tyranny Is Going To Spread Throughout The World

2017-01-24 00:01:48-05


Posted in FeaturedGeneral   By Walid Shoebat  “Allah is greater than all tyrants” “Long live Erdogan” “Long live Turkey” “O Allah, Bismillah (in the name of Allah)” and “Allahu Akbar”. This was the chants this trained ‘police force’ where repeating in this video:   Türkiye’de eğitim gören Suriyeli polis güçleri, Fırat Kalkanı Harekatı ile kurtulan bölgelerde görev yapacak. — […]

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Muslim Terrorists Are Now Using Mothers Carrying Babies As Suicide Bombers In Nigeria

2017-01-24 15:35:29-05


Posted in Featured  (This is also done by the 'Palestinians' in Israel)    Nigeria is undergoing great change right now. Once a stronghold of Islam, Christianity is spreading like a fire throughout that nation. As a result, it has provoked the wrath of Muslim terrorists who have been committing horrible atrocities. In a recent and new low, Muslim terrorist are now starting to use mothers carrying babies as […]

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Donald Trump Is Starting A War With China. China Is Warning Trump With “Devastating confrontation” And That Trump Should “Prepare For A Military Clash.” So How Will This Confrontation Unfold? Find Out.

2017-01-24 16:37:41-05


Posted in FeaturedGeneral   By Walid Shoebat   Historically when it comes to newly elected U.S. presidents, be they democrat or republican, things rarely turn out the way the excited masses expect it to. Americans by large only care about domestic policy. But when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, dummies ignore a golden rule: when parties change foreign policy doesn’t. The same dummies ignore another […]

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There Is A Huge Rise In Muslims Terrorizing Christians And Attacking Churches Across France- Europe Is On The Edge Of A Massive And Horrible Persecution Of Christians

2017-01-24 16:56:53-05


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Europe and especially France was once one of the strongest bastions of Christianity in the world. But after centuries of attack, France is now anything but Christian and thanks to the growing Muslim presence, France is becoming as dangerous a place to be a Christian in as the Middle East. Christians in France experienced a […]

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Hindu Terrorists Abuse, Harrass Christian Man In India So Badly He Suffers A Brain Hemorrhage  

2017-01-25 12:55:17-05


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India has become a dangerous place to be a Christian in, especially if you are a convert from Hindu paganism. Many converts and missionaries are brutally attacked and killed each year. In a recent incident, a Christian man giving Bibles away was abused so badly by a group of Hindu terrorists that he suffered a […]

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Donald Trump Just Signed The Executive Order: The United States Is Going To Build The Wall On The Mexican Border 

2017-01-25 15:05:14-05

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By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump just signed the executed order that will have the United States build a wall on the Mexican border. According to one report: President Donald Trump has issued an executive order for a wall to be built along the southern US border with Mexico. He also signed an action to strip […]

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President Trump Prepares To Halt All Refugee Applications From Syria And Six Other Muslim Majority Nations But Makes Major Exception For Persecuted Christians 

2017-01-25 15:29:58-05

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President Trump is expected to sign an executive order blocking Syria plus six other Muslim majority nations from getting visas until the scrutiny process is changed. However, a huge exception is being made for “persecuted religious miniories,” which includes the persecuted Christians of these nations: Donald Trump is expected to block all refugees from Syria […]

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