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He did it in an incredibly efficient way, without saying a word about Soros. This is how Trump will operate, and this is GOLDEN. Trump announced he is going to run for President in 2020. What does that mean? It means that he's now a candidate for 2020, which is something that has never been done before - no incumbent President has ever announced candidacy this early before, EVER. What did this accomplish? SOROS, who does everything with NGO's has been shut up, because it is illegal for any NGO or foundation to speak or act against a candidate because that is interference with an election. So they can only do it against a president, who is not a candidate. If he'd done this before the marches that took place, Soros would be toast even now.
So by stating he's a candidate this early, he has shut up Soros for 4 full years! HA HA HA, that's a good one! The details are HERE and keep in mind, this also badly stifles a lawsuit Soros is trying to push through with one of his foundations, which claims Trump should be impeached because he is receiving money from foreigners via rents paid on properties he owns. That is an obvious mis-application of the law, which now cannot be done with a foundation, Soros has to do it directly.

President Trump NOT sucking up to Russia!

President Trump has announced the creation of safe zones in Syria, which was also something Obama tried to do, and something Russia disagrees with. Russia is upset that Trump did not consult them first. Trump's reason for the safe zones is to allow Syrians a place to live in safety so they don't have to become refugees in Europe or America. Let's see how well that works out.

A few good messages


Anonymous sent: The reason the arab states don't take them, is because America controls all the ones you mentioned....saudi, egypt, jordan, libya, iraq, afghanistan....and america and europe WANT a refugee crisis in the US, because they are scapegoats for "ISIS" to do false flags.

2nd reason...America should take them because AMERICA is behind EVERY war in the middle east....I personally have first hand account, and you can use your own research, that the CIA started Syria, and Libya, and obviously Afghan and Iraq.....all the oil countries who were anti-US, are always the ones in a civil war. Coincidence Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE dont have arab spring civil wars? Because the US already gets their oil and controls their governments. Trump is playing this "Muslims are terrorists" game because he is Zionist Elite bullshit like obama and bush. He knows they didn't do 9/11, or any attack."

My comment: A lot of this is true, and I am bothered by Trump not calling out the Jews on 911 yet. However, that may not necessarily mean he's dishonest or playing a game, because try discussing 911 in the break room at work. It might get you fired if you don't go along with the official lie. Many people are still so fooled you'll get canned for it and you can bet Trump has received some first class handling. This is why my main focus is specifically on what he is doing directly for America, which is perfect so far, and on whether or not he actually attacks a Muslim country. I doubt he will. Maybe he knows and is going along with that "first class handling" to avoid instant death or impeachment. That is another possibility.

Free energy

Anonymous sent: "FREE ENERGY TECH IS REAL, BUT VERY DANGEROUS.The man who invented the water fuel cell, and PATENTED IT, died of poisoning in a restaurant shortly after he tried to get funding for manufacturing. It's very probable that this was a form of assassinination by the zionists who didn't want the fuel cell on the market. His name is Stan Meyer, and his plans are readily available for those who search for them. In a nutshell, water fuel cells aim to generate H2O2 gas by the most efficient process, and at fast enough rate that you can run a tube into the air intake of a normal combustion engine, and it will run. 

(Basic Chem: H2O2 Burns back to water upon ignition, especially at the 2-1 ratio of H to O.)
The black-ops obviously are on continual lookout for those who try to not just build them, but especially for those who try to SELL THEM. Designing it is an engineering challenge, but not impossible. After a design is verified to work, then building it properly PER THE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS is not too difficult, but requires patience and a few thousand dollars in material and energy. The truly dangerous part is revealing it to the public and getting them mass produced, because the black ops WILL FOR SURE NAIL YOU UNLESS YOU OPERATE IN ABSOLUTE SECRECY. That's the real reason why free energy tech "does not exist", because if it were allowed, it would destroy the zionist's #2 prime resource they have absolute control over, with the #1 resource being the ability to conjure currency out of thin air by the central banks."

My response: That's a good recap of salient facts anyone who is alert should know about.

Franken food

Alarix sent: If Trump really want to make a positive difference, than he should ban all patents on genes. Corporations like Mosanto are gaining control on seeds via patents, and with those patents the firm could sue farmers that do not have any GMO crops. Ultimately, it could lead to starvation for many people. When some business men complain about loss of profit without patents, then we must remember them that no corporation a ever created a gene. Genes are only transferred from a specie to a other specie when someone is working on a new GMO. You see, if a corporation own the gene of an homo sapiens then it could eventually own him or her, you or me. Regards, Alarix"

My response: If I was Trump I'd skip the politics, raid Monsanto and the other GMO outfits, jail everyone including the janitor and then try to quickly, over the period of a couple weeks, sort out those who are involved in the actual genetics, separate them, and then let everyone else go. Under interrogation I'd then get the answers to why GMO corn is "not substantially equivalent" to real corn, and why it gives rats tumors and makes them sterile after a few generations. NO ONE would leave until every question was answered. Many would get life in prison for even thinking about screwing nature that way. If they were honest and benign, there is no way they'd have produced something that even a rat can't metabolize correctly. We won't even know what that garbage is doing to us for at least 100 years due to our longer life spans and I have no doubt delayed realization is part of the plan to destroy us. And every last seed produced would be destroyed and at a minimum the companies would be permanently disbanded. That would be the only correct and responsible move, considering what they have already done.

Infiltration of Islam

This message is long, but it is accurate, so I'll post it.

Anonymous sent: I will tell you why the Arab states are all a*holes. Crypto Jews have infil-TRAITORED Islam and leadership positions. Long ago the House of Saud originated from an imposter from London who masqueraded as a "Royal" family member. The first attempt failed. Later he tried again, and that is when the coup took place. The Rothschilds plan long term and are relentless.

London is also origin of Balfour letter, so Rothschilds illegitimate child Hitler could help bring them their Israel. They planned all these events centuries ago, knowing it would bring them their "greater" Israel, which is planned to span from the Tigris to the Nile. Rothschilds accomplish goals through multi-generations. They think they reincarnate into their own bloodlines. They practice Sabatean-Frank Typhonian sex magik and other dark occult rituals. But I digress.

Jews have a long history of by way of deception, infiltration, wearing false masks, posing as Christians (Maranos of 14th century Spain) the Crypto Sabatean-Frankist Jews who pretended to be Muslims, long before house of Saud came to be. ( Regarding the Sabateans, I doubt they "converted" by force however. True Islam and sincere Muslims KNOW there can be NO COMPULSION, otherwise faith has zero value. MY INSERT: That is confirmed fact, which is why the entire "they hate us for our freedoms terror memes are such PATENT B.S. IMO, this "historic" claim [His-story written by you know who] is just more Jewish projection. And of course there are the Donmeh- crypto jews, the Khaz-ARYANS or Ashke-NAZIs. And furthermore lets not leave out the Yezedi/Kurds who are not Muslims either, but are mistaken as such. In truth they are an occult group devoted to lucifer. That explains A LOT why they and Israel get along so well. It's all out there hidden in plain sight, if one does a little digging, the dots all connect. They do not practice the religions they invade, rather it is a mask. Wolves in sheeps wool to deceive the credulous.

As a Muslim I grow weary of the Jews, largely political Zionists who pull the wool over everyones eyes. I am weary of people not seeing ISIS praying in TWO SEPARATE DIRECTIONS, yet think these are Muslims? And the toyota truck from Texas, that reveals much. Served up to gullible people who take scripted "news" as gospel, who are conditioned like Pavlovian dogs to associate every false blame with Muslims as a group. Who runs hollywood anyway? Who spews scripted propaganda lies through all MSM? Who really was behind 911? Who has the Motto: By Deception Thou Shalt Do War? Who CELEBRATES The bombing of the King David Hotel ANNUALLY. ( NOT MUSLIMS) Who Shares the high holidays with nazis, satanists and witches? ( NOT MUSLIMS) There is one group that does all this. The same group that has influence in all high places. Who spy and get dirt on world leaders or threat with nukes. And I do not doubt some are part of the cousinhood which is the "royal" [IN-BRED] club of the PTSB.

Synagog of satan is the only real enemy. The strawman, boogy man, the FALSE enemy is true Islam. I know you know this Jim. But many of your readers may not. Pity still too many people fail to get to know Muslims. Not unlike judging books they have never read!
The assholes, asshole leaders in the M.E. are all on the sayanim team. (Not the regular citizens, I would never blame the little civilian guys. Their leaders are the ones with no compassion for Palestine.) The cousinhood factors into this big picture, as do the crypto Jews. And their damned sayanim/free masonic cult networks. THEY WEAR MASKS. COSTUMES. And they hire contracted mercenaries or actors, such as those at ISIS.HQ BTW- thanks for revealing that Jim! Too many proven examples of such. Too many failed false flags. And we ought not forget U.S.S. Liberty! Israel/ Rothschilds from London to the M.E. and beyond. There is much more from these quarters, but this should suffice for those curious enough to investigate and verify what I am saying.

I hope this helps answer the question regarding the assholes in the M.E., which are Zionists (Crypto) just like the assholes everywhere else. Inbreds all. God Bless you Jim!"

My response: Well said. I'll summarize detail on a few points: The Toyota truck that somehow landed in ISIS hands proved that the ISIS videos were not filmed in the middle east, instead they were filmed in Texas and a lie about an old truck making it from Texas to the middle east was hatched to cover for it when in fact The ISIS plumber truck never left Texas and was purchased at auction to be used in a psyop, filmed in the U.S.A. That fits perfect, since ISIS mercenary corporation has headquarters in El Paso, Texas, which has been posted on this site with clear proof many times.

I have no knowledge of who the Kurds really are, so I'll post what you said without comment.

It is a basic pillar of Islam that there is no compulsion in religion. This undermines the meme that "they want America dead because it is Christian" badly. FACT: Muslims in Palestine often held the keys to the Christian churches for centuries, and guarded the churches from vandals when they sat vacant for long periods of time, only to allow Christians to have the churches back when they wanted them. Most of these historic churches bit the dust after 1950, demolished by Israel, not Muslims.

All the rest of the stuff about the Jews false fronting as Muslims is so true it makes my blood boil. That is the heart of the issue. They do it to EVERYONE. And obviously the Jews infiltrated the house of Saud, when every Saudi university is now focused on ONE THING: Making sure Saudi Muslim women hate men absolutely, to destroy the family in Saudi Arabia. So what if they have to bundle up to go outside, every single one of them is a bloodletting feminazi, and it is a disaster that is wiping Saudi society completely off the map. They'll be gone by 2035. There is a DAMN GOOD reason why Trump did not put Saudi Arabia on the ban list. And if Saudi Arabia was involved in 911, it is only because the Jews own the place, lock stock and barrel. The type of "owned" that put a sex toy store 1 block away from the grand mosque in Mecca. Figure that! IMPOSSIBLE in an Islamic country, yet there it is, within sight of the Grand Mosque. Clear proof of who runs the place.


Anonymous said...

The globalists control the whole scam and Soros is right at the top.

What people don't understand and don't take the time to, is the constitutional law no longer exists in most jurisdictions. It was replaced and suspended because the existing LAW was suspended in 1999 and this is all a proven fact.

It is why there is so much injustice, torture and even death.
People should know they aren't living under a real constitution.

Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

" UNBELIEVABLE! Federal Law Enforcement defying a court order so as to defend the Constitution!! That is how it should be! Immigration and Customs is following Trump's orders and refusing to abide a judge's ruling ordering them NOT TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION! Compared to what the BLM and EPA did in Nevada, Oregon, and elsewhere, this is AMAZING! "

More on Roy's main page: www.youtube.com/user/roypotterqa

Anonymous said...

No Frickin' Way! There is a conspiracy to go cash-less which they are trying in India. Without cash option, you are a slave to the bank. They control if and when you can move fund and even deny you your funds. They can charge fees and interest on your accounts as to their whim. And if they or an emp or govn't officals trying to hide their crimes wipe out the internet you have no accounts. btw: always have paper documents for your accounts, home, etc should some a-ho or a solar event emp wipe out the internet.

Anonymous said...

Send the pink pu**y marchers down to the border and see what happens to them.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Trump, but he is the president that must be lived with.
Instead of putting energy to fight Trump use that same energy to be creative and ensure you are part of the solutions instead of part of the problems.
Trump is a problem solver and negotiator give him solutions you like and push him to act on them. He likes smart people so be smart!
Enough fear porn and hate porn, you don't have to like your boss or even respect you boss to do your own job to help a company achieve success ensuring your own future job security!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

WELL SAID; lived in Germany unbeknowned before world war II to 1947 being informed that I was born in the USA. Continued living in Germany until 1953 when I was drafted and served in the Korean war as an American and live west of Tahachapi as an 82 years of age man and veteran being 3 years younger then the Nazi George Sorors whose evil deeds are the worst in our contemporary times globally.