Saturday, January 28, 2017

Proof the Obama Admin. Funded the Islamic State

Congresswoman Claims to Have Proof the Obama Admin. Funded the Islamic State


790 said...

Knowing this is basic stuff. Unless you watch tv for your news.

Anonymous said...

A very decent human being, hats of to Tulsi Gabbard for not just standing up for the truth but at personal cost thoroughly investigating the facts that had led to the insane destruction of Syria and terrible suffering its people endured and many now dead and dispersed. It would be interesting to follow the money and let those that profited from it return it to Syria as part of its war reparations.

President Assad is a well-educated and agreeable fellow. The MSM can continue its attempts to assassinate his character but will never succeed. NWO Obama and his administration has a lot of explaining to do especially as they had also targeted the US and partly succeeding with the same as they had done to Syria.

To understand who all had a stake in the war against Syria a summary report:
Top eight reasons why the NWO hates Syria