Friday, January 27, 2017

The End of the Lies

All People Need to See This!
The End of the Lies


Anonymous said...

People would be quite dismayed at all the times they've been swindled.

And it was done deviously so the public wouldn't ever realize the culprits.

For example, did you know that the Bush Senior family and also Oliver North got a lot of their support from Sean Penn?

That's right. Actor Sean Penn helped notorious Zionist crook Bush Senior out of jail more times than the public knows, because both Penn and Charlie Sheen were involved in their scam!

Those boys were all vocal supporters of the Iraq war and Gulf War. Sean Penn has been doing drugs and all sorts of things for decades, breaking out in a nervous breakdown.

He is a cocaine addict along with junior Bush and gets in tons of trouble. People shouldn't let the "Jewish" label fool them, because these cucks hide behind that while attending an Islamic temple and promoting Zionist occult sh*t.

Wherever they are, including even in the Vatican with that spanish Zionist "Francis" ....they are all on the same page of smearing the good names of jews everywhere. This pair of idiots also is friends with a bunch of Egyptian Zionists who find all of this quite funny, they openly laugh at the public. When Israel gets in a war or all their people get killed these people laugh.

They figure "hey I'm innocent...Don't I look innocent? I'm just a poor jewish guy." and presume nobody notices these circus freaks who worship satan. That's right, the Synagogue of Satan or *Zion's finest* has been openly operating in daylight for hundreds of years bowing to Goats because they figured people would always be too stupid to suspect them of crimes.

Well no longer since the globalist conspiracy has been all revealed to the public's eyes. The heavy breathing/drinking actor Sean Penn is a loser and a fraud as they all go down for these crimes that started with snorting cocaine. Politicians and actors belong to the same putrid Vatican cult.

David said...

The elites...whose behind them?? And behind them,and so on? Do the Matryoshka dolls come to mind when we are taking about who is who?

Anonymous said...

FOX Reports Obama's ID FORGED! (MSM Covers Fake Birth Certificate)!