Saturday, January 28, 2017

Trump Transition Team Contacted personally by Lee Wanta

The ball is now in their court !

by  Preston James

High Speed rail corridor connections (Click to expand)
Lee Wanta just informed me that he has personally contacted President Donald Trump’s transition team with his standing offer to build a high tech coast-to-coast high speed state-of-the-art maglev railroad that would provide an immediate 2 million good paying American job opportunities.
Many VT readers know Ambassador Wanta’s colorful past serving as President Reagan’s personal secret agent under the Totten Doctrine, which was his part in bringing the Soviet Union down under Operation Stillpoint while helping the Russian people transition to their new non-tyrannical Russian Federation.
During Operation Stillpoint, Lee Wanta engaged in massive currency speculation and ended up making a personal profit of 27.5 Trillion dollars, which has now mushroomed into over 33 Trillion USD — an astounding fortune.
And many VT readers know that the Bush Crime Cabal attempted to assassinate President Reagan and then threw Lee Wanta in prison in Switzerland illegally, later transporting him back to place him in an American prison, also illegally on fake, trumped-up charges.

As many VT readers know this was also done to CIA Asset Susan Lindauer, and also to Scott Bennett, the top Army Psyops expert, who worked at the highest levels of the USG in secret capacities — both were illegally jailed over phony charges, which itself is a criminal abuse of process.
According to Lee Wanta, who is now living under special federal protection to insure his survival from ongoing threats, his money has been placed in trust and was promised to be released to him last year. He is still waiting.
He told me that his money was placed in Argo Trust, and it turns out the trustees are Hayden, Bush and Cheney. All that has to be paid is normal income taxes on it, which Lee Wanta says he is willing to do.
Lee Wanta personally contacted the Trump transition team and shared all necessary documents to show he is still ready to start construction anytime, and the funds are there to access if President Trump decides to do so.
It would seem that, if President Trump is as serious about creating new American jobs and a booming American economy as he claims, he would quickly respond to Lee Wanta’s offer and move to get this high speed cross-country railroad going.
Most other modern nations have them; certainly America should too, and the economic benefits would be astounding. Plus all the needed finds are there awaiting access by Presidential order.
This is an opportunity that should not be passed up by President Trump.


Anonymous said...

Why would we want such old technology as a high speed train? We have underground trains now that do 10,000 miles per hour used by government and tax payers paid for that.

There will soon be technology available that would get us from the US to Europe in 2 to 3 minutes. From N.Y. City to LA in a couple of minutes.

This new train would be taking land from people that own it because they want it and did not buy it to be replaced by old technology. Let's start moving forwards in this country not backwards. Ken T.

Freewill said...

I want to set something here straight.. I have read the documentation unlike most others. The high speed rail will run between expressways like the metro rail does in Chicago. The high speed rails will also run alongside existing rail systems. It will not be obtaining new land for passage unless absolutely necessary for avoiding dangers.

Yes there will be new technologies surfacing that will transport people like Star Trek transporters. Show me one today! If not today, then we will continue with the high speed rail today. You are not going to tell your neighbor that is walking out of his front door to by a new car because his old one is wore out and breaking down to not buy a new one because in a few years we will have the Jetson's cars that are free energy and will fly are you? He needs it today! Stop living like the Flintstones! We have millions of people not working today that need jobs today! This high speed rail is privately funded with zero tax money involved! Paid for out of one man's pocket! 2 million jobs involved here that will be a huge benefit to the people now! So what if the system is outdated in 10 years. More jobs created in dismantling and scrapping it! If works well for the next few years then that is good. So any complaints about tax payer dollars and any complaints about private lands taken hold no merit. Stop holding back progress and lets move forward.